Day 2 E-Learning Second Grade

date assigned: 11/15/18                                                                      date due: 11/19/18

Do all activities in each column and return all work to your teacher.

Language Arts



Write a letter to your teacher pretending to be Farmer Brown on why the ducks should or shouldn’t get a diving board.

30 min.

Rewrite the problems vertically and solve:

67 + 54

23 + 17

Joe says 36 + 45 = 711.

Abby says 36 + 45 = 81.

Who is correct? Show your work to prove it, then explain what the other person did wrong.

30 min.


For Day 2, you should go to this webpage:   then click on "practice round".  Please click on the first dot of Woodwind Pond which is flute & piccolo.  You should play everything in Woodwind Pond and in String Savanna.

Remember that this assignment is shared with siblings in your house who are in grades 1-5.

Independent Reading - 20 minutes

Read a picture book two times, emphasizing expression. The first time you can read to a stuffed animal, or a younger sibling, and the second read to an older sibling or an adult.  

30 min.

Rewrite these problems vertically and solve:

48 + 33 =

26 + 28 =

38 + 19 =

Larry says he can find the sum of 30+67 without rewriting it. Explain how you can solve this problem using mental math.

30 min.


 Warm up: -Jog in place for 2 minutes -Complete our class stretches

Activity: 1. Count the number of door knobs in your house. Do that many jumping jacks. 2. Count the number of mirrors in your house- multiply that number by 5. Do that many right leg jumps (hop on right leg). Do that many left leg jumps (hop on left leg). 3. Count the number of chairs in your house. Do that many sit ups or crunches. Do that many push-ups.

 Cool Down: -March in place at a slow pace for 1 minute.

If you have questions about the assignment, email your teacher.

Teacher email: Mrs. Hensler ; Mrs. McClure ; Mrs. Zarse 

If you have questions about technology, email the tech department.