Day 3 E-Learning Second Grade

date assigned: February 21, 2018                        date due: February 23, 2018

Choose two activities from each column.

Language Arts



(technology based activity)

Raz Kids

Spelling City

(15 minutes each)

Raz-Kids Teacher names:




30 min.

(technology based activity)

IXL-Money (P standards) (20 min)

Moby Max Fact Fluency(10 min)

Username: 28lastnamefirstinitial@tricounty

Password: lunch number

Ex: 28mcclurel@tricounty

Password: 2875

30 min.

Make a list of 6 things around your house that are nouns (remember they can be people, places, things, or animals).  Think of 6 action verbs (run, write, swim, jump) that could go with the nouns.  Write 4 sentences using the nouns and verbs that you wrote on your list.  Be sure you begin and end each sentence correctly.  Turn in your paper when you return to school.

                      30 min.

Solve this problem:  Jack picks 4 apples from his tree each day.  If Jack picks apples for 5 days, how many apples will he have?   Choose a different strategy to solve the problem. (draw a picture, make a table, look for a pattern, use a number sentence, etc.)  Solve the problem again and compare your answers.  Show your work and answers on a sheet of paper. Turn in your paper when you return to school.

                       30 min.


Carnegie Hall “Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra”

Listen to the story of Violet & her Uncle Ollie.  Can YOU open the garage door?  You will have to find all the instruments for each family.  Stop here!

Orchestra Guide

Non-Internet:  Color by Note Worksheet

15 min.

20 minutes of independent reading.  Be sure you choose a good fit book.

When you are done, on a piece of notebook paper, retell the story.

 Be sure to include who the characters are, the setting, and the plot of the story. Turn in your paper when you return to school.

                        30 min.

 On a piece of paper make a  list of 4 numbers using the digits 6, 8, and 5.  (for example 6,835; 8,356)

After you have the possible numbers, put the numbers in order from least to greatest.

Add 2 of them together. Subtract the other two. Write down your answers on the same sheet of paper, and turn in your paper when you return to school.

                          30 min.

If you have questions about the assignment, email your teacher.

Teacher email: Mrs. Hensler ; Mrs. McClure ; Mrs. Zarse 

If you have questions about technology, email the tech department.