Isna Wica Owayawa/Loneman School does not attempt to address every situation that may arise in this handbook. Unique situations will be dealt with in a just manner by the administration when deemed necessary. Isna Wica Owayawa reserves the right to change, modify and/or update this handbook without prior notice as necessary.

Athletics and Extracurricular Activities

Athletics and extracurricular activities offer students the opportunity to increase physical activity, develop coordination and skills, build team relationships, enhance social and personal integrity, and deepen cultural understanding. Students who are involved in extracurricular and/or athletic activities can become well rounded individuals. They may experience scenarios and circumstances which will prepare them for the future.

Students can choose to participate in athletic activities, including football, volleyball, soccer, softball, track, and basketball. Extra-curricular activities include Drum Group, Dance Club, Hand Games, Cheerleading, Lakota Language, and Archery. Information about athletics and extracurricular activities is announced and posted. For further information about athletics contact the Athletic Director, Ms. Katie Bauder at 605-867-6875. For further information about extracurricular activities contact Ms. Melissa Blacksmith at 605-867-6903.

Athletic Director

The Athletic Director (A.D.) is responsible for scheduling all athletic practices, competitions, and required transportation to and from such competitions. The A.D. communicates closely with the Principal, Dean of Students, Coaches, Business Office Manager, and Faculty concerning eligibility requirements and funding  for all students participating in athletics. The A.D. reports directly to the Principal. The A.D. assists all coaching staff members to adhere to the BigFoot Conference rules and regulations regarding athletic competitions.

Director of Extracurricular Activities

The Director of Extracurricular Activities is responsible for scheduling all practices, competitions, travel arrangements.The Director of Extracurricular Activities is required to keep the Faculty and Staff informed of upcoming activities in a timely manner. The Director of Extracurricular Activities develops  historical events, cultural education, and social activities. The Director of Extracurricular Activities communicates closely with Faculty, the School Receptionist, Dean of Students, Business Office Manager, and Principal. The Director of Extracurricular Activities reports directly to the Business Office Manager and the Principal.

Athletic Coaches

Athletic Coaches are responsible for organized practices, attending scheduled contests, equipment assignments, implementing and enforcing team and school rules, instilling pride, enhancing skills, and empowering athletes to exhibit positive behaviors. Coaches will enforce the Code of Conduct, team rules, and all school policies; before, during, and after all athletic competitions. Coaches will implement team goals and rules with the cooperation of the A.D. and enforce those goals and rules to provide a positive experience for all athletes. The Athletic Coaches report directly to the A.D. Team rosters will be prepared and circulated appropriately, by the coaches and A.D.

Good Sportsmanship

Students, athletes, and competitors are required to abstain from profane language, vulgar comments, vulgar hand gestures, gang signs, physical assaults, targeting competitors with premeditated intent to injure, and/or any other negative behavior that the A.D., Principal, Dean of Students, Coaches, opponents, and/or Officials deem inappropriate. Any behavior that presents the team, school, community, mascot, cheerleaders, athletes, coaches, faculty, and or staff, in a negative manner, will be addressed by the Administration. Athletes who display such behavior can lose the privilege to participate in athletics and/or activities.

Requirements for Participation

To participate in extracurricular activities and/or athletics, the student must:        

  1. Turn in all required assignments by 2:00 P.M. on the last regular school day of the week prior to  the scheduled activity/activities.
  2. Maintain a cumulative grade of “C” (70%) or higher in Math, Language Arts, Reading, Science, Social Studies, Computers and Physical Education.
  3. Attend mandatory tutoring ( if any grade is lower than the minimum to participate) until grades meet the minimum requirement.
  4. Refrain from having any “Major” behavioral incident reports on file in the office during the previous 7 calendar days.
  5. Be in school at or before 9:00 a.m. the day before the scheduled activity, the day of the scheduled activity, AND the regularly scheduled school day after the activity, to be eligible for the next scheduled activity. (Prior arrangements, major injury, or any other unexpected acts of nature may be excused, as determined by the Principal, A.D. and/or the Coaching Staff.)
  6. Abstain from using alcohol, tobacco, synthetic and/or illegal drugs, and performance enhancing drugs.
  7. Athletes must submit a favorable physical examination by a licensed health care provider prior to the first practice for any sport.

Faculty Responsibility

Faculty are required to submit all grades by 8:00 a.m. every Monday to be tabulated and posted. Once grades are submitted, there will be NO changes made until the following week. (Prior arrangements are to be made by faculty members)

Athletic Equipment

All uniforms, athletic equipment, and event equipment, is provided for student participants by the School. Participants will sign a check-out form when they are assigned uniforms and equipment. It is the responsibility of the student and/or parents/guardians to care for school owned uniforms and equipment. Athletic equipment will be turned into the A.D. after the season for inspection. Items that are lost and/or damaged will be assessed a fee. Further participation in athletics and/ or extracurricular activities may be suspended due to outstanding fees for lost or damaged athletic equipment.

Lockers & Locker Room

Locker rooms provide student athletes with private shower stalls, changing areas, toilets, sinks, and private lockers. Locks must be provided by the student athlete. Shower gel and shampoo are available upon request from the A.D. Student athletes must supply their own towels. Lockers are assigned to each student athlete. It is the responsibility of the student athlete to lock their personal belongings in the locker to avoid theft and/or damage. The Coach(es), A.D. and/or the School is NOT responsible for personal items that are lost, stolen, or damaged if not locked in assigned lockers.

Student athletes are responsible for keeping the locker rooms clean. Jerseys, shorts, pants and other items that are laundered daily by the school, must be put in the laundry room. Any items left in the locker room will be removed and the student athlete may be assessed a fee before it is returned.

Sanitary/Safety Measures

The probability of blood-borne infectious diseases, such as HIV/Hepatitis B remains low in sports, however, it is recommended that all necessary precautions are taken. Skin infections due to contact with competitors, equipment, and teammates will be addressed.


All participating athletes will shower immediately after every practice and competition, if possible. All work out clothing and uniforms will be washed after every practice and/or competition. All personal gear, (athletic supporters, sports bras, etc.) will be laundered after every practice and/or competition. Student athletes will not share towels or personal hygiene products.

First Aid

The Coach(es) and A.D. furnish a first aid kit at every scheduled practice and/or competition. Minor injuries are cared for under the supervision of the Coach(es) and/or A.D. Injuries deemed major will be reported to the parents/guardians to be evaluated by a licensed health care provider.

Skin Irritations

In the event a student athlete presents a skin irritation, the athlete will notify the Coach and A.D. immediately. The Coach and the A.D. will assess the irritation and may require an evaluation of a licensed health care provider before the student athlete can continue to practice and/or compete.


Student athletes who suffer an injury that requires medical attention from a licensed health care professional during athletic participation, must present a release from a licensed health care provider before the student athlete can resume practice and/or competition.

Game Officials/Event Judges

Game officials will be appointed by the A.D. and/or the Big Foote Conference.

Event judges will be appointed by the event coordinator and/or the sponsors of the event.

Game officials will be treated with respect at all times.

Penalty for Ejection

Any student, athlete, coach, team manager, or school official who is ejected from an athletic competition will be penalized as follows:

1st Offense: Written reprimand and suspension for the next game.

2nd Offense: Probation and suspension for the next two (2) games.

3rd Offense: Suspension for one (1) calendar year from all athletic participation. (Penalties are cumulative)

Required Travel

Some athletic and extracurricular events will require travel. In such instances, all participants will follow the rules set forth by the school concerning riding the bus. All participants will ride to the scheduled event and back to the school from the scheduled event, unless they present a written request form to the coach prior to departure to the scheduled contest. Participants will behave in a manner that is becoming to a student representing our school while they are participating in a school sponsored activity. Misconduct during required travel will be recorded and sent to the Dean of Students for behavior modification.

By signing this document I understand the following:

Athlete Signature______________________________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature______________________________________________________________

Coaches Signature_____________________________________________________________________

Athletic Director______________________________________________________________________


Equipment check-out list:




Informal Grievance Process

Parents and/or legal guardians who have informal grievances will follow these steps.

  1. Use sound judgement before contacting the head coach.
  2. Be sure that grievances, questions and/or concerns are based on facts.
  3. Avoid voicing opinions on social media.
  4. Contact the Head Coach first no more than 24 hours (1 day) after an incident.
  5. Contact the A.D, after visiting with the Head Coach, if you feel there has been no attempt to work toward a resolution within 24 hours (1 day) after contacting the Head Coach.
  6. Contact the Principal, after you have visited with the Head Coach and the A.D. if you feel there has been no resolution within 24 hours (1 day) after contacting the A.D..

Following these simple steps, in a positive manner, will assist in avoiding conflicts and misunderstanding.

Parents & Guardians:

Thank you for supporting your student, athletics, and extracurricular events. Isna Wica Owayawa encourages you to be a positive role model, a mature spectator, and a cheerleader for your team. We ask that your behavior be honorable and your encouragement be compassionate! We are confident that you will display good sportsmanship at games and competitions as well in your private time. In victory and defeat, your influence is important and vital to the success of your athlete, competitor, and team. You are always welcome to positively support the Eagles!

(This page given to the parents/guardians for reference.)