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Road Wars FAQ
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Road Wars - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Road Wars?

    Road Wars is the first iPhone game you play while driving your car. It is designed to promote safe driving. This sounds crazy, right? We will do our best to explain it here, but the best way for you to understand this insane proposition is to
    download this free app for your iPhone and try it out!

  1. How do I capture roads?

    To win Road Wars, you must capture more roads than your friends. The way you capture roads is simply to drive your car while running Road Wars, and avoid any unsafe driving. Your friends can unseat you by driving more safe minutes than you have on any road you own. The most important thing is to avoid excessive speeding, and to avoid touching your phone while your car is moving.

  1. What do you mean by unsafe driving?

    Excessive speeding, or touching your phone while your car is moving. Additionally, we reward smooth driving every ten minutes.

  1. How do you indicate speeding?

  1. White speed text on black background when you are more than 10mph below the current speed limit. This is often OK, but we show the subtle difference just as FYI.
  2. Green speed text means you are driving at or just above the speed limit.
  3. Yellow/orange background when you are above the speed limit. Think of this as driving at a speed where if you encounter a cop on a bad day, you are going to get a ticket.
  4. Red background - this means you are definitely speeding, and in most cases, if you encounter a cop, you are going to get a ticket. You are also endangering people.
  5. Red/blue flashing background - what are you doing driving this fast? Please slow down. If you encounter a cop when driving this fast, you are definitely getting a ticket, and maybe more. And worse than that, you are putting yourself, your passengers, and other people at risk!

  1. What if speed limits are wrong?

    Our current speed limit database has many errors. When you encounter an incorrectly reported speed limit, your
    passenger can now double-click the Road Wars speed limit sign (on the Capture screen while your car is moving) to report the new limit. Please have your passengers do this on your daily routes, reporting each actual speed limit sign on the road. We are recording all these reports and will soon detect “cheaters” who incorrectly report higher speed limits. Please do not report speed limits as the driver. We are looking into licensing more accurate speed limit database -- if you want to help, send email to

  1. How do I attack?

    When you are
    not driving your car, Road Wars brings you to a drive status screen, showing you your overall stats and stats for the day. From here you can click on the “Attack” button at the bottom of this screen.

    From this Attack screen, you will first see the list of your friends, sorted by the number of roads (and coin) owned by each. Click on the Attack button for any friend who has more roads than you. (We don’t let you attack friends who are “weaker” than you.)

    From here you can play a series of dice games (ala the Risk board game) to win roads from your friends, one at a time. Each attack costs you an increasing amount of coin. (This is to discourage you from spending hours a day attacking. If you are feeling overly aggressive one day, go for a run.)

    To see roads you have won or lost, click on your own name on the Attack screen, then click on the Activity button.

  1. The speed limits are sometimes wrong.

    We are currently using a free database of speed limits, and it often has mistakes. We will license a more accurate, paid database of speed limits at some point, but first we’re focused on improving all the other game elements. Want to help? Please research speed limits and send us email -

  1. What’s up with coin?

    We use coin as our virtual currency. Right now, you earn coin by safe driving. For example, you get a progressive bonus every 10 minutes of safe driving. You lose 30 minutes of bonus time each time you excessively speed, or if you press the Home button on your iPhone while your car is moving (and RoadWars is running).

    You use coin to attack roads when you are in your living room or other favorite gaming area.

  1. What is missing from this app?

    A lot. Right now, we are focused on the basics, trying to see if we can make this app appeal to the mass market. For example, we need to make the goals of the game more obvious. Once when/if this game catches, we’ll then do stuff like building an Android client, making this work for non-English languages, making it work in countries other than U.S., and finding ways to commercialize the app. But for now, we’re focused on simplicity and utility.

  1. Where should I position my iPhone while driving?

    iPhone car mount, and have your iPhone connected to power while using it. (You should do this with any iPhone app which uses GPS.) We like the Kenu Airframe ($25) or the high-end customized ProClip ($100 or so).

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