Chairman:  Mr T May  Tel:  01752 851031

Clerk:  Mrs Vicki White Tel:  01503 232771 Email:

Website –

A meeting of St Germans Parish Council will be held at the

Bethany Methodist Chapel on 18 August 2014 at 7.30pm

(Planning Applications will be available from 7.00 pm)


Public participation for a maximum of 10 minutes

Mr John Elwell may attend regarding his proposals for Penmadown House

The Chairman, Cllr May cannot attend and the meeting will be chaired by the Vice Chairman, Cllr Barnes

1.        Police Report         

2.        Apologies for absence

            Apologies had been received from Cllr May who is unable to attend as he is

            on holiday and from Cornwall Councillor Daniel Pugh who has a conflicting


3.        Approval of Minutes of Meeting held on 28 July 2014

4.        Matters arising from the previous minutes/correspondence

4.1        Highways – ongoing issues

4.1.1    Highways – new items


4.2        Website address

4.3       Treland Park

            The owner of 38 Lower Fairfield requested that trees from the park be cut

            back from her garden. Cllr May agreed this and the clerk has asked Quercus to

            carry out the works            

4.4       Revised Agenda Layout

4.5       Chapel Garden, St Germans

            Area needs tidying up – weeds removed from paving – ivy removed from wall

            - flower planters need attention etc


5.        Playparks

5.1        St Germans

            Roger Prowse has repaired the rotten timber in the play park fence

5.2        Tideford

        Rapid Fencing started the fencing works on 4.8.14 and this is now complete


6.        Burial Ground

            Cllr May and Cllr Barnes met with another contractor who will quote for

            improvements to the shelter which had been agreed by the Burial Ground


            Quercus has been asked to level and re-turf 6 plots – B13, H3, H11, I1, I5, I6

7.        Finance

7.1       Dave’s Sheds invoice for the fencing and shelter at the burial ground - £2795

7.2       Quercus invoice for grass cutting, weeding Tideford Play Park and 1 hedge at

            burial ground - £870

7.3       Southen Electric invoice for the Tideford lighting from 2.7.14 to 1.8.14 –

            £5.22 to be paid by DD on 18.8.14

            Confirmation of the 2 year contract from 1.10.14

7.4       Rapid Fencing invoice for the works at the Tideford Play Park - £11,520

            including VAT

7.5       Clerks expenses for August 2014 - £115.98

7.6       BT invoice for the Nut Tree printing for April and May 2014 - £ 346.68 including VAT

7.7       BT invoice for the Nut Tree printing for July, August, September, October, November, December 2013 and for January and March 2014 - £1386.72 including VAT. The clerk has queried July and August 2013 as this has already been paid to Cornwall Council. The VAT is also being queried as we have never been charged it before.

7.8       Douglas Tonks invoice for the clerks August salary plus their admin fee - £543.54

7.9       Roger Prowse invoice for the works to the play park - £220


8.        Planning Applications

            The following application has been received by Cornwall Council:

8.1       PA14/6766

            Pohellik, Quay Road, St Germans                               Mr R Kilbride

            Proposed conversion of existing outbuilding to form independent dwelling  

9.        Planning Decisions

            The following decision has been made by Cornwall Council:  

9.1       PA14/05216

            Land Adjoining A38 St Germans                                 Mrs S Lennox-Boyd

            Application for display of 1 No. free standing non illuminated advertisement

            sign (pole mounted, free standing in field adjoining highway A38 – south of)

10.        Planning Correspondence and Reports

10.1     Forthcoming Planning Conferences for Local Councils – each delegate can

            select 4 workshops. Emailed to all Cllrs

10.2     Agenda for East Sub-Area Planning Committee on 18.8.14 at Liskeard

11.        Correspondence Received

11.1     Thanks from the St Germans Youth Project for the donation

11.2     Cornwall Gateway CNA Panel notes and presentations – future dates 7.10.14

            at Torpoint Town Council Offices at 6.30pm (AGM & Budget Consultation

            for 2014/15) – 22.10.14 at Saltash Town Council Offices at 3.00pm (Special

            Meeting on budget consultation for 2014-15)

11.3     Places available to meet with the Chief Executive on 5.9.14 – emailed all Cllrs

11.4     Temporary Prohibition of Traffic – 118.14 to 15.8.14 (24 hours) at Tredinnick

            Lane, Landrake for drainage works

11.5     Public Sector Executive e-newsletter

11.6     Rural Services Network weekly email news digest

11.7     Fire Service Updates - strike action for 8 days from 9.8.14 to 16.8.14 between

            noon and 2.00pm and between 22.59pm and 23.59pm – on all notice boards

            and emailed to all Cllrs

11.8     Cornwall Council Leisure Options Consultation.

11.9     Cornwall Council – Christmas Lights and Cornwall Council Trees

11.10   Rural Services Network – funding package to fight rural crime

11.11   HAGS SMP – childrens play in rural communities

11.12   Wicksteed invites you to Saltex 2014 at Royal Windsor

11.13   Nut Tree – August 2014 edition

11.14   Saltash Policing Team Monthly Bulletin – August 2014 – on all notice boards

11.15   Eco Furniture – innovative, imaginative outdoor equipment

11.16   Rural Services Network – Rural Opportunities Bulletin

11.17   A resident asks if notices can be put up along the Causeway, St Germans

            reminding dog walkers to clean up after their dogs – the clerk has put up


11.18   Coastline Chronicles

11.19   Parish Online news

11.20   Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 – Temporary Prohibition of Traffic from

            30.9.14 to 3.10.14 (24 hours) for new water supply works – road from Axford

            Hill to Tideford Cross Lane, Blunts

11.21   World War 1 Centenary Commemoration

11.22   Broxap – leading supplier of street furniture

11.23   Cornwall Council – Your Budget – event on 30.9.145 at County Hall, Truro at

            6.30pm to discuss budget challenges and priorities

11.24   SGS – world’s leading inspection, verification, testing & certification


11.25   Rural Services Network – rural vulnerability service – rural transport

12.        Informal Correspondence