Going Google

Here’s a list of task that ensures all our students get the minimum Google training to be effective edtech users. Feel free to copy and paste their tasks directly into your Classroom. Feel free to modify the tasks per class/students to allow for differentiation. I have written it for students. Any document created should have the link in their journal and reflections slide.

The Do Now for every lesson in this module is for students to log into their Chromebook and Classroom.

Lesson 1 & 2: Chromebooks, Chrome


  1. Log into the Chromebook using YOUR school email and YOUR password.Go to the Chrome store and add the following extensions:

Awesome Screenshot



  1. Take a screenshot of your favourite food using Awesome Screenshot and save it to Google Drive.
  2. Make a 30 second Screencastify video using the webcam featuring you and save it to Google Drive.
  3. Make your own bitmoj and share one to Classroom. You must save ach bitmoji first!!!!!!!
  4. Open up the Reflections assignment and update. Use pictures, links etc.

Lesson 3 & 4: Google Drive & Docs

  1. Go into your school Google Drive.
  2. Open up the folders that are already there. NEVER delete them.
  3. In this folder, create a new document and name it “Introducing “Your Name”. Copy the link to this document to your Reflections Journal Slides. In this doc you are to have:
  1. Your name.
  2. A pic of you or your family and favourite celebrity.
  3. A bitmoji of you.
  4. A picture of your house (Google Street View).
  5. The location of your house (Google Maps).
  6. A link to your favourite song (Youtube).
  7. Change the Page set-up to “Landscape” and make sure you change the type of fonts (lettering, colour, location).
  1. Extra for experts- email or share the link of this doc to someone in the class and ask for feedback via email. Make sure sharing settings are set to “Comment only”!

Lessons 5 & 6: Google Slides.


  1. Go into your 9DTP folder.
  2. Create a new Slide called “This is me”.
  3. You have five Slides to tell us all about you Each slide must be about something different. Each slide must have different font and at least one image and one link. One slide must be on your favourite music and if possible have at least two videos embedded in the slide. Go to video options once the video is in your Slide and make it only 30 seconds long.
  4. You are to share this Presentation with one other person by sending them the link and asking them to comment on your presentation. This can be done in the slides.
  5. You are to view your presentation on the internet by publishing the link.
  6. Insert the link to this Presentation into your Reflections Journal.

Lesson 7: Google Forms


  1. Complete this survey. 
  2. Create your own Google Form. Your Google Form must have:
  1. A customised header.
  2. 5 questions (at least one short answer, one multiple choice question, one question with a photo and one with an embedded video.
  3. In settings, change it so students don’t need to log in.
  1. Get three students in the class to complete the form.
  2. Link the summary to your Reflections Journal as a PDF.

Lessons 8 & 9: Google Sites

  1. You are to be logged in with your school Chrome Profile. You have two periods to complete a Google Site based on your time in tjhis subject. You must select New Google Sites and name your site with your first and last name.
  2. Your website must contain:
  1. Your Reflections Slides (embedded).
  2. A distinctive header.
  3. A map of your favourite place in the world (embedded).
  4. A new page with your three favourite music videos.
  5. Another new page with four of your favourite bitmojis.
  6. One final page with your Introducing doc completed in Lessons 3 & 4.
  1. Publish your site by naming it with your first and last name.
  2. Share the link to your Classroom.

Stuart Kelly                                                                                @stuartkellynz