3 Ways To Get More Donors From Your Website

The Worksheet by AssetLab.us

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The four personas you want to optimize for are:

This worksheet is your planning guide for helping potential donors be more successful at becoming donors via the website

On Your Website

Here is a checklist of items that help the personas above achieve their goals quickly and easily.

Pro Tip: Think of your foundation page as a sales page. This page will help you turn potential donors into donors, potential sponsors in to sponsors, and potential partners into partners.

On Your Donation Page

The donation page is like a checkout page at an online store. You want to help visitors focus on completing the action they already committed to with as little effort and distraction as possible.

When someone clicks a DONATE button they should be taken to the donation page directly. Visitors who want to give you in-kind donations, large donations, and donations by check are all willing to contact you directly. This page is for the credit card donors.


Bonus Items:

Bonus: Collecting Contact Information

If a potential donor contacts you through email, phone, or chat be sure to ask for an email address that you can use to follow up with.

It gives you the opportunity to:

That’s it, you’re on your way to a website that helps your potential donors become donors more effectively. Make the changes you can right now and the rest, put them on your action plan.

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Jeffrey Kelly

Guru @ AssetLab

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