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Q-1. How many times you prefer to visit Lodhi Garden in a year?

a)          Everyday                                                              c) Monthly

b)          Weekly                                                                 d) Annually

Q-2. Why do you prefer Lodhi Garden for travelling?

a)          Environment and biodiversity                              c) Cultural aspect

b)          Recreational activities                                              d) Yoga and morning walk

Q-3. Do you consider Lodhi Garden as green lung of Delhi?

a)          Yes                                                                             b)  No        

Q-4.  What is your understanding about the term “Ecotourism”?

a)          Responsible travel                                                 c) Travel to natural and cultural sites

b)          Aims to conserve biodiversity                                   d) All of the above

Q-5. Does Lodhi Garden have enough dustbins to throw the garbage?

a)          Yes                                                                               b) No        

Q-6. Do you see people around you throwing garbage in the dustbins provided?

a)          Yes                                                                               b) No        

Q-7. Do you consider Lodhi Garden as a heritage to Delhi?

a)          Yes                                                                                b) No    

Q-8. Can you give the name of most common species you see in Lodhi Garden?


Q-9. How will you rate Lodhi Garden on the chart?

                 1                     2                   3                   4                >5

Q-10. Do you think Lodhi Garden can be stated as ecotourism spot?

a)          Yes                                                                                b) No