Clayton Duncan

Lake County, CA

Clayton Duncan is a leader in the Pomo tribal community of Lake County. He is the great-grandson of Lucy Moore, who famously survived the 1850 Bloody Island Massacre by hiding in the water and breathing through a tule straw. He holds a yearly forgiveness ceremony every May at the Bloody Island Memorial near Lucerne. “Many of the women and children were bayoneted. The memorial is about forgiveness to America for what they’ve done, and about sharing the history no one wants to talk about,” he said. Duncan also participates in the yearly Hands Around Clear Lake sunrise ceremony to heal the waters of the ancient lake ( He hosts a weekly program, “The Voice of White Plume,” Saturdays at 1pm on KPFZ 88.1FM, Lake County Community Radio ( He is a powerful community voice, fighting against corruption and the disenrollment of tribal members, and standing up for honor, integrity and the haling of the nations. For more information on his work, visit the Bloody Island Memorial’s Facebook page at

Toby Hemenway

Sebastopol, CA

Toby Hemenway is the author of Gaia's Garden, the best-selling permaculture book in the world, and The Permaculture City. He is one of the best-known permaculture teachers in the world, and his current work focuses on large-scale patterns, critiques of civilization, and other philosophical issues in ecological design. He lives in Sebastopol, California with his wife, Kiel.

Jason Bayless 

Jason is the U.S. Community Development Specialist with Pachamama Alliance. He is a diverse activist with a wide range of experience. Jason worked at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) in a number of positions including Senior Youth Outreach Specialist, Circus Monitor, and Senior Projects Specialist. He has traveled the country documenting and reporting animal abuse and neglect within the entertainment industry, including Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus and the NYC horse drawn carriage industry. Jason was on the Advisory Board of Food Empowerment Project (, a vegan food justice organization. He currently is on the board of Center for Farmworker Families (, non-profit organization dedicated to education, advocacy, and support for farmworker families.  His focus with Pachamama Alliance is to support volunteers and co-develop resources and trainings that strike at the root of systems and structures that keep us separated from each other and earth.  

Robert Kourik

Robert Kourik started his organic maintenance and landscape design company in 1974—long before the word sustainable "existed". Since that time his designs, consulting and books have focused on organic and sustainable gardens, water management, drip irrigation and edible landscaping. He is the author and publisher (Metamorphic Press) of Designing and Maintaining Your Edible Landscape - Naturally, Drip Irrigation for Every Landscape and All Climates, Roots Demystified: Change Your Gardening Habits To Help Roots Thrive, No-Dig Gardening, The Lavender Garden, his most recent book - Understanding Roots: Discover How to Make Your Garden Flourish and nine more horticultural books.

Michael Pilarski

Michael Pilarski founded Friends of the Trees Society in 1978 to double the world's forest cover. He has been studying, writing, teaching and doing hands-on earth repair activities ever since. He has been active in the permaculture movement since 1982 at the local, regional, national and international levels.  He has been farming and gardening since 1972.


Dan Antonioli

Founder of the Laytonville Ecovillage in Laytonville and the 611 Ecovillage in Oakland, Dan Antonioli is seasoned green builder, social justice activist, general contractor, and green developer. With a background in permaculture, transpersonal psychology, and extensive hands-on experience developing the technical skills involved in implementing sustainable designs, Dan offers an eclectic perspective bridging social policy to boots-on-the-ground practicality.

Melanie Mindlin

Melanie Mindlin is a permaculture designer and teacher, and has worked in home design, land use planning and intentional communities for many years.  She was the founder, designer and project manager of Ashland Cohousing Community, a community of 13 passive solar homes completed in 2007.  Melanie chairs the Board of Directors of Recode, an Oregon nonprofit working to legalize sustainability, and is the chair of the Ashland Planning Commission.


Warren Brush

Santa Barbara, California

Warren Brush is a global permaculture design consultant, educator, lecturer and storyteller. He has worked for over 25 years in sustainable systems design for communities, private and public organizations, households, small holder farms, and conservation properties worldwide.  He is co-founder of Quail Springs Permaculture, Regenerative Earth Enterprises, Sustainable Vocations, Wilderness Youth Project, Casitas Valley Farm and Creamery and his Permaculture design company, True Nature Design.  He is also an advising founder of the Permaculture Research Institute of Kenya.

 He consults for the USAID’s TOPS (Technical, Operations, Performance Support) program where he trains technical field staff, for their African Food for Peace programs, in a Resilience Design Framework.   He works extensively in North America, Africa, Middle East, Europe, and Australia.  He has taught the following courses: Permaculture Design Certification, Earthworks for Resiliency, Resilient Smallholder Farm Design, Permaculture for International Development, Rainwater Harvesting Systems, Ferro-

Cement Tank Building, Community Design Using Permaculture, Permaculture Investing, Spring Rejuvenation and Watershed Restoration, Compost Toilet Systems, Water for Every Farm, Drought Proofing Landscapes, and Ecological Restoration. Contact- or write:



Wes Roe & Margie Bushman

Wes Roe & Margie Bushman are co-founders of the Santa Barbara Permaculture Network, an educational non-profit founded in 2000 that has sponsored hundreds of workshops and events about permaculture and sustainability to Santa Barbara region.  Until recently, Margie was the Program Coordinator for the Santa Barbara City College Center for Sustainability, and Wes Roe served as board member & President of the Permaculture Credit Union.  They have served as volunteer coordinators for the International Permaculture Convergence Support Group since its inception in 2005, which has evolved into the Friends of the International Permaculture Convergences (FIPC) & the International Permaculture Convergence Council (IPCC).

Jude Hobbs

Jude Hobbs is an internationally recognized land consultant, designer, educator, and co-founder of the Cascadia Permaculture Institute and Permaculture Institute of North America (PINA). With over 30 years’ experience, she utilizes whole-system techniques in urban and rural settings to co-design environmentally sound solutions that inspire sustainable actions.  Through her business Agro-Ecology Northwest, she specializes in optimizing resource conservation, biodiversity, watershed enhancement and income diversification for large and small-scale acreage. As an educator she brings her passion for permaculture to her teaching, which is adapted for audiences throughout the U.S. and Canada. Jude tends Wilson Creek Gardens, a 7-acre homestead and demonstration site located outside Cottage Grove, Oregon.

Dr. Elizabeth Dougherty

Elizabeth Dougherty has steeped herself in sustainable technologies and practices of green building, organic agriculture, fair trade, and permaculture in Latin America, Africa, and the United States. Upon finishing her PhD in Ethnography Highlighting from the University of Pennsylvania, Elizabeth coordinated the first International Fair Trade Fair, organized specifically for WTO meetings in Cancun. Elizabeth moved on to project managing for Flex Your Power, helping cities and industries become more energy efficient. Heading towards water, Elizabeth leveraged sustainable sanitation and water filtration in an earthquake disaster relief zone in Peru, at the same time establishing the thriving Permacultura Peru, a growing group of Peruvian Permaculturists.

In 2009, she established Wholly H2O, a statewide nonprofit that is making localized water conservation and reuse the hip and sexy thing to do in California. Wholly H2O currently organizes art-based interactive educational events, exhibits and programs.Her work in water spans policy, practice and art. She is frequently found in her American Steel art studio in West Oakland, building free standing rainwater harvesting sculptures and recirculating fountains. Elizabeth is an active participant in the policy groups Bay Area Water Stewards (SFPUC watchdog group), Green California, and the California Decentralized Water Policy Council.

Brock Dolman co-directs the WATER Institute, Permaculture Design Program and Wildlands Program for Occidental Arts and Ecology Center in Northern California. He has taught Permaculture and consulted on regenerative project design and implementation internationally in Costa Rica, Ecuador, U.S. Virgin Islands, Spain, Brazil, China, Canada, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cuba and widely in the U.S. He has been the keynote presenter at numerous conferences and was featured in the award-winning films The 11th Hour by Leonardo DiCaprio, The Call of Life by Species Alliance, and Permaculture: A Quiet Revolution by Vanessa Shultz. Brock completed his BA in the Biology and Environmental Studies departments at the University of California Santa Cruz in 1992, graduating with honors. For over a decade, he has served as an appointed commissioner on the Sonoma County Fish & Wildlife Commission.

Nils Palsson

A Communications and Special Projects Coordinator at Transition US, and a founding member of Transition Lake County. He is a father, author, teacher, radio host, and former candidate for U.S. Congress, with a passion for building bridges from the world of Transition and Permaculture to our mainstream brothers and sisters, scaling up our movement and creating a world of thriving resilience -- with social, environmental, and economic justice for all. He lives in the North Bay Area, and is completing his Master of Fine Arts at the California Institute of Integral Studies. Read more at

William Faith

Upon encountering permaculture for the first time in 2005, the nature of William's artistry and activism changed for the better, both finding a confluence in permaculture. Shortly after completing a permaculture design course at the Ecovillage Training Center at The Farm in Summertown, TN in 2006, William co-founded Ars Terra, a sustainable homestead project in Palmdale, CA, where he taught several permaculture courses and workshops before moving to Chicago, where he co-founded the Chicagoland Permaculture Guild in 2012, and completed an advanced permaculture design course at Kinstone Academy of Applied Permaculture in Fountain City, WI in 2014. In 2015, he completed an advanced permaculture teacher training at Kinstone, became board president of the Great Rivers and Lakes Permaculture Institute, co-facilitated the first ever vegan PDC in the U.S. at Wild Earth Farm & Sanctuary in Irvine, KY and also launched Genius Loci Permaculture, a full-service Design, Build and Education firm.

Christina Bertea

Christina is an eco-artist, a water activist teaching folks to re-use greywater, capture rainwater, and rethink the flush, a plumbing contractor, and a natural builder.  She has several design certificates and loves to play in her experimental garden. She is also a longtime student of shamanism and has been trained in shamanic counseling.

Joshua Burman Thayer

Combining the fields of Organic Farm Management, Urban Farm Management and Ecological Landscape Design, Joshua's gardens are productive, bountiful and yet still attractive.  This aestetic element is an important calling card to invite those nearby the permission to become involved.  Each One Teach One!  Joshua has designed over 50 Edible Estates throughout California and writes for Acres U.S.A, Edible East Bay and Adbusters Magazines

Veronica Ramirez

Born to Chilean immigrant parents, she grew up in Redwood City, CA. She currently runs an organization she co-founded called: PLACE for Sustainable Living in North Oakland. She is an art activist for peace and healing, a community organizer and neighborhood placemaker. Her art activism began with making healing earth altars at public events. Not long after, The Earth Peace Mandala Project was born and today it spans 18 years of co-creations with community for connection and healing. The project stems from the Spirit in each of us that gives rise to our own ability to bring beauty, joy, and healing to our own lives. The collaboration through this art form with people of all walks of life brings about peace. This, she believes, is the highest form of art we can be doing today.  

Keith Morris

Keith has been applying his lifelong love of nature and culture and experience as an activist to permaculture and ecological design since 1996 and has worked professionally as a designer, builder, and grower of ecologically regenerative, socially just, and culturally appropriate whole-systems in cities and countrysides around the world.  He is the founder of Prospect Rock Permaculture, Willow Crossing Farm, and a co-founding board member of the Permaculture Institute of the NorthEast (P.I.N.E.).   Keith teaches Ecological Design,  Farm Infrastructure Design/ Build, and Permaculture Design Certification course at the University of Vermont, Sterling College, Paul Smiths College, the Yestermorrow Design/ Build School, and with other community organizations.  He works to regenerate ecosystems and resilient communities by siting and designing integrated farm infrastructure, appropriate high-performance shelter, water managing and food-producing earthworks, and diverse, profitable tree crops.  While his expertise is in cold temperate and arctic applications, he works regularly in New York City and has designed and implemented systems in New Zealand, Colorado, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Quebec, California, New Mexico, Arizona, Nigeria, Ghana, Denmark, and the Netherlands.

Neil Bertrando

Based in Reno, NV, Neil Bertrando runs RT Permaculture, a Permaculture consulting, design, and education business.  He manages a 1.3 acre homestead with his wife Katie and the help of many in the community.  His passion is enriching bioregions by building community and broadening the local genetic resources of practical plants and animals.  In his teaching and design he applies Keyline Design, Permaculture and Holistic Management as interconnected systems approaches to managing the complexities of social-ecological systems.  While he lives in a temperate arid climate, over the past 12 years, he has gained experience working in wide range of climate and cultural contexts such as Hawaii, Haiti, Minnesota, Maine, Montana, and Southern California.  

Rico Zook

For the past 20 years Mr. Zook has been a Permaculture designer, consultant and educator working with private individuals, farmers, villagers and local organizations in India, Cambodia, northern New Mexico, the middle-east and other parts of the world. This work focuses on assisting all levels of our global community to create culturally and environmentally appropriate life systems that are resilient and regenerative. He has also worked with local and indigenous cultures to help preserve traditional knowledge and technologies while adapting to and becoming active members of our rapidly globalizing world. With work in different climates and cultures, Rico has established himself as one of the new leaders and innovators in Permaculture worldwide. This is further supported by his work with global Permaculture organizations organizing the International Permaculture Convergence.

Trathen Heckman

The founder of Daily Acts and Board Chair of Transition U.S, he also serves on the board of the California Urban Water Conservation Council and the steering committee of the NorCal Community Resilience Network. Trathen works to harness the wisdom of nature and power of community to grow more nourishing and resilient people and places. He lives with his family in the Petaluma River Watershed in Northern California where he grows food, medicine and wonder while working to compost apathy and lack. (,

Kerry Brady, MA, SEP, supports others in awakening to an embodied recognition of our essential nature and inherent place within the larger unfolding web of life. She is the co-founder and director of Ecology of Awakening, which offers programs focused on collectively Re-Storying ourselves into the living Earth community to support the shift in consciousness needed to create a truly regenerative culture. Kerry has more than 25 years of experience in transformational modalities including non-dual wisdom approaches, psychotherapy, Somatic Experiencing trauma work, permaculture, nature-based retreats and vision quests.

She serves as guest instructor on the Occidental Arts and Ecology Center’s permaculture design courses and on the Permaculture Skills Center’s Ecological Landscaper Immersion and Farm School. She has served as faculty at Animas Valley Institute and the California Institute of Integral Studies, where she and mathematical cosmologist Brian Swimme co-teach courses on living in participatory engagement within a living universe. (

Corrine Van Hook-Turner is the Co-Director for Bay Localize co-leading organizational management, strategy and development. She also manages communications and outreach. As a former IDEAL Scholar, she witnessed and continues to witness the compelling impact of investing in youth and disenfranchised communities so that leadership can reflect the real diversity it seeks to serve. She has developed her talents working with the Rockwood Leadership Institute, Greater New Beginnings Youth Services, and through contracting with various organizations. Corrine holds a B.A. in Political Science from the University of California, Berkeley. She hopes to learn, educate, and urge communities to be more proactive in functioning within their environment so we can create and maintain sustainable futures.

Alejandra Liora Adler has been active in developing community since her studies in Psychology and Education in the 1960’s.  Her hands-on experience led her to participate in a traveling theatre community (The Illuminated Elephants) that left California, USA for a two year tour in Mexico ending with her co-initiating Huehuecoyotl Ecovillage (Mexico) in 1982.  She is also the co-founder of la Caravana Arcoiris por la Paz, a mobile ecovillage which traveled in caravan from Mexico to Brazil overland over 13 years beginning in 1996.  Liora was an integral part of this project for seven years and was a lead organizer for an 800 person gathering, Call of the Condor, which took place in 2003.  She was instrumental in the creation of the Ecovillage Network of the Americas, the Ecovillage networks in Jamaica and Cuba, and served on the Board of the Global Ecovillage Network from 2000-2004.  Having lived in ecovillages and intentional communities for most of her adult life, she has a first hand knowledge of the joys and challenges and has offered talks and workshops on Ecovillages as well as Community Participation and Decision Making among others. Together with Andrew Langford, she founded Gaia University, a non-conventional university dedicated to supporting peoples’ self-initiated action learning pathways in the fields guided by Permaculture ethics (transition and pluriversity).

Ivan Sawyer Garcia 

Ivan is an event producer, environmental and social entrepreneur and facilitator of Art of Hosting and collective intelligence work; Dragon Dreaming ( collaborative project design ) and Nonviolent Communication. He is certified as Sustainable Human Settlements Designer by Gaia Education.
Among other things Ivan has been participating in the development of different cultural exchange and indigenous knowledge preservation initiatives in different parts of North and South America for almost a decade. He currently serves as an independent consultant for various organizations such as the Innovation Factory Mexico, Four Worlds International Institute, and the Council of Sustainable Settlements Latin American or C.A.S.A. He is founder and director of Dragon Dreaming Mexico dedicated to expanding this methodology in this country.

Brandi Mack is a mother, holistic health educator, therapeutic massage therapist, and permaculture designer. She holds a bachelor's degree in Human Service Management, and a certification from Star hawk's Earth Activist Training. Brandi has worked and trained  in the youth development sector for 15 years. Brandi currently is the national director of The Butterfly Movement  where we are committed to

support healing the wounds of our Soul (through Rebuilding and Re Framing our emotional selves), planting a Seed of Hope as we Regenerate and Reconnect our hearts and our hands to the earth, leading ultimately to manifestation in the soil of our reactivated lives!  Brandi uses  permaculture principles to support individuals’ and communities’ connection back to the land.  Brandi offers a Farmers Market basket full of workshops and trainings to help your rural or urban garden grow.

Susan Silber 

Susan is the founder of the NorCal Community Resilience Network and co-producer of the North American Permaculture Convergence/Building Resilient Communities Convergence.

David Shaw,

A Permaculture and whole systems designer, facilitator, and educator, he founded Santa Cruz Permaculture and the UCSC Common Ground Center. He has taught agroecology at UCSC since 2004. David works with people worldwide to build healthy, resilient connections with themselves, each other, and the natural world.

Koreen Brennan

Koreen has been involved in people care, earth care and fair share since she was a teenager through activism, community organizing, and education. She has founded two edible plant nurseries, co-estabished several non-profit groups, and founded Grow Permaculture, a permaculture design and education business. She has organized permaculture projects in Haiti, Pine Ridge reservation, Los Angeles and Florida, co-organizes the North American Permaculture Convergence, is a partner in Permaculture Design International, and on the Board of Permaculture Institute of North America. One of her favorite things to do is to manage her 10 acre permaculture farm on Florida’s West Coast.  

Andrew Langford

Andrew combines strong practical experience with academic skills. He developed this blend by interspersing periods of work in manufacturing, farming and professional practice with post experience Diploma and Graduate studies.  Andrew pioneered permaculture in England in the 1980’s becoming the first UK Permaculture Teacher. Since then he has worked to embed permaculture in the conventional academic world and, simultaneously,created the independent UK Diploma of Applied Permaculture Design system, now in it’s 22nd year. Andrew has since expanded this tried and tested action learning approach as the basis of the Gaia University, now used to support resilience practitioners around the world in their efforts to create sustainable farms, ranches and associated community projects.

Jan Spencer

Jan has been a strong advocate for creating a green and resilient economy and culture for years. He has a degree in Geography and has traveled to over 35 countries on four continents. Jan has been transforming his 1/4 acre suburban property for 16 years where he grows food, produces passive solar energy, collects rainwater and has hosted close to 2000 visitors.  He has presented on the East and West Coasts and at many universities and conferences along with numerous radio interviews.  Jan designed and coordinated the 2015 Northwest Permaculture Convergence in Eugene which was held in a suburban neighborhood recreation center.  Jan is vegetarian and seldom drives, preferring a 20 year old Linear recumbent bike.

Jillian Hovey

As an experienced practitioner of regenerative systems living, Jillian works creatively and collaboratively with others, applying whole systems design principles to a wide range of projects: from urban balconies, to entire ecovillages. The founder and Executive Director of the Sustainable Living Network in Canada, Jillian has taught and consulted in 30 countires in North & Central America, the UK & Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Ravi Logan

Ravi is the Executive Director of the PROUT Institute ( and the author of PROUT: A New Paradigm of Development. In 1993, he authored the Plan for the Economic Development of Khabarovsk Krai, undertaken at the invitation of the Governor of Khabarovsk Krai in Far East Russia. He is also the founder of the Dharmalaya Center, which has the mission “to promote dharma holistically in personal, social and ecological spheres of life.”

Cathe’ Fish is director of the Practical Permaculture Teaching Farm in Rough and Ready, California. She has been teaching permaculture since 1987, specializing in water harvesting and tree systems. She is a permaculture land consultant and has designed ranches, 40 acre farms to small suburban plots and apartments. Cathe’ has also been a Master Gardener since 1988. She is a chapter leader of the Weston Price Foundation, and is a co-organizer of the Sustainable Food and Farm Conference each January in Grass Valley, CA.