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Press Release: Photo Exhibit - July 12, 2016
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Powerful photos displayed at the #BangaloreIsBurning photo exhibit hosted a photo exhibit showcasing stories of how people from all across Bangalore, at all levels of society, are affected by open garbage burning. The exhibit was held at the Rangoli Metro Art Centre from 8-10 July, 2016. Hari Adivarekar, a seasoned photojournalist helped document these stories.’s #BangaloreIsBurning campaign was launched last month in order to put a spotlight on the issue of open garbage burning and urge the BBMP to end this dangerous practice. The online petition can be found at

“On July 9, Jhatkaa campaigners and volunteers were present at the venue, sharing stories and statistics, and engaging with the public. We also projected photos from our crowdsourcing campaign onto the exhibit walls. Residents from across Bangalore have been sending us images of garbage burning in their neighborhoods and from their daily commutes.” says Divya, campaigner at

Here are some of Hari’s photos that were on display at the exhibit:

A raging fire on a main road in Malleswaram burns for hours releasing toxic fumes inhaled by commuters in the area.

Unsegregated waste is burned. Different types of plastic, of various composition and thickness along with other material is set on fire releasing toxic fumes, such as polyvinyl chloride which can cause cancer and growth defects in children.

Unsegregated waste set on fire near Benson Town.

A sofa is set ablaze as part of a larger roadside fire in Malleswaram.

“The exhibit opened many Bangalorean eyes to the chronic garbage burning issue and the larger problems of air pollution and solid waste management. The democratic space in which is was held ensured it was accessible to all segments of society, all of whom comprise both the problem and solution to the garbage crisis.” says Hari, the photojournalist who documented the issue.

An effective and intelligent way to inspire participation and advocacy. Hari’s pictures are stimulating and suitably confrontational; they challenge the audience to reflect on their roles in society.” says Angad Choudhry, one of the many citizens who visited the exhibition.

Hundreds of people from all over Bangalore visited the exhibit and supported the campaign by giving a missed call to 9590-46-1100.

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For more information and high resolution photographs, please contact:

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