Coach's Corner - Issue 6

A message from the Coach

With Nathan Bush

Bits and Pieces

This week’s Coach's corner is a little different with not one focus but different areas that need to be addressed. Firstly I must add Coach's corner isn't designed to make any individual feel they are being singled out. This is a just a small snapshot into the game on lawn bowls at the top level.


First of all I have added a file(website) to the coach's corner- which is the stats used when I was playing in the premier league in Sydney, the manager Richard Pomana was actually a paid to record the stats for an NRL coach (Brian Smith). He was an outstanding manager to which I got the saying "Pressure cooks Ham". As you can you see we had stats for home games, away games, game broken down into thirds etc. As you can see the rink I started in was unbelievable Mark Casey skipping with Aaron Sherrif playing third- please. I understand that we are playing div 3 and that stats may not be necessary but I thought I would give you an insight into the Sydney Premier League professionalism. I suppose I get the whiteboard aspect into our game because I feel it adds focus and team unity into what we want to achieve and how to get there.

Link to Statistics Table

Close finishes

On the weekend I was able to witness the finish of the Div 5 game, unfortunately for the rink left on the green the situation wasn’t clear for them. The overall scoreboard was updated (95 ends). This should never happen in any level of the game. If you find yourself last on the green, do the sums- take your time, pause the game if you have to. I like to communicate with the rink as skip into what we will be trying to do on the last end, with trying to get a big number (usually go- extreme lengths, short or long), then it’s up to the skip to direct his team to group the bowls and of course execute. The main point of this is take your time and assess the situation.

Quick Greens

I have seen a lot of players recently just struggle with adapting the quicker greens or artificial surfaces. The advice is to take everything slow, slow it down, the way you walk on the mat, time on the mat, even on the cross over- walking. The quick greens will really test your delivery. More compact the better- Lower stance, smaller step, smaller backswing.


Probably the most difficult shot to execute because of the no room for error factor, obviously the quicker you go the less room for error you have because of lack of turn of course. Yes some people can’t deliver the bowl that quick and therefore it’s a swinger (more room for error- some hold some turn etc.) The main aspect of the drive is that middle finger running down the middle of the bowl- when you let it go quick the last point of impact is that middle finger. If you need help, just ask.

Go Parkers!

Coach Out

Nathan Bush