THUNDER & LIGHTNING policy from the Dix Memorial Pool Emergency Action Plan

The Head Guard on duty will monitor the weather conditions at the beginning of every shift. If there is weather advisory or storm watch the Head Guard will put all guards on alert. If thunder is heard or lightning is seen, whoever sees or hears it will immediately:


  1. Clear everyone from the water with one (1) long whistle blast.
  2. Lifeguards in stands should get down immediately from their stands.
  3. Move everyone to the locker rooms. Patrons may also wait in their vehicles. Do not allow patrons to take showers.
  4. Refrain from using a telephone connected to a landline except in an emergency.
  5. Keep everyone away from windows and metal objects (lockers, door frames etc.).
  6. Keep watching for more storms and monitor weather reports on a broadcast radio or weather network.
  7. Wait thirty (30) minutes after the last sound of thunder before resuming activities.
  8. The Head Guard on duty will be the one to determine when it is safe to reopen to the public.
  9. If it is necessary to close due to weather, there will be no refund given.