Suggestions for helping your child succeed in 6th Grade

Mrs. Kathy Glass:   

Ms. Sandra McFarland:

Mrs. Mary Scheidegger:

Ms. Kolette Hammer:

*  Have a quiet well-lit place for your child to do homework and establish a daily routine with a regular time for homework each night.  Remove distractions (phone, iPod, television).


*  Help your child with time management and organization.


*  When your child does homework, you could do your “own” homework.


*  When your child asks for help, provide guidance, not answers.


*  If the homework is meant to be done by your child, please stay away. Homework is a great way for children to develop independent, lifelong learning skills.


*  Check your child’s planner sheet nightly.  It is the student’s responsibility to fill out at the beginning of every class period.  You should be able to read it and see what has been assigned throughout the day.  Teachers post their lesson plans on the KAOL website: 

Check Parent Vue:


  * Help your child determine what method works best for them to study (rewriting Voc. Definitions five times, flashcards, drawing pictures, inventing rhymes, etc.).


*  Encourage your child to use Study Island—it is a great resource with immediate feedback and problem solving assistance.


*  Practice math facts (if your child does not have them memorized) just 10 minutes each night.  Race them—they love competition.


*  Familiarize yourself with the quiz/test schedule of each subject area:


Math-Voc. words to define every Thursday and they are quizzed the following Wednesday and a Problem Set daily.  Study Island assignment-as assigned.


Language Arts-Once a month an AR (Accelerated Reader) book test.  Study Island assignments-as assigned.


Social Studies-When assigned

Science-When assigned.

* Check ParentVue: