Oakfield-Alabama Elementary School Homework Expectations

2nd grade

Oakfield-Alabama Elementary School Homework Policy:

The Oakfield-Alabama Elementary School allows our students to shine by making efficient use of time during the school day. Our goal is for families and children to spend time together by participating in a variety of activities, in addition to scholastic ones, in order to develop the total child. Weekly practice will be assigned for students to continue their learning at home. Students are encouraged to set weekly goals for themselves to promote intrinsic motivation. Through the habits of Beginning with the End in Mind and Putting First Things First, students are able to manage time and take responsibility for their own learning.

When appropriate, each teacher will send home homework ideas that work best for each child, by using our data as a determinator of what students need extra work on. Again, these materials are not expected to be returned the next day, but a resource that you can use to support your child at home.

In addition to specific student work being sent home, you will notice that our daily math practice is not completely done from that day’s work. Please attempt the extra problems at home with your child, by using the models of the problems already done during class time. These sheets can come back (or a note), if you would like to communicate that your child struggled with the material...or if you noticed that your child did extremely well.

Last, readers in 2nd grade are expected to read 30 minutes every day in order to grow in reading. I understand that not every home has access to “Just Right” books for your child. I will be sending home “Book Bags” for each student. You can keep these bags for one night, and return them the next day, or you may hold on to the book(s) if you would like to continue practicing the book(s) across the week. Rereading is a wonderful practice for our 2nd graders! I would strongly encourage you to read the same books together across many nights. I will plan on sending home 1 book each time another is returned, unless a different request has been made.