Write in what week/date you started and when you finished




Task One: Fill in the ‘Who are we?’ form and submit

Task Two: Add Wonder post it to Wonder Wall

Task Three (a): Go to Science Centre, read instructions, start Learning Presentation

Task Three (b): Go to Writing Centre, read instructions. Pick a writing challenge

Task Four: Start filling in this Management Chart

Task Five: Start the Digital Citizenship tasks (these are ongoing all year)

Task Six: Attend Device Workshop and complete tasks

Task Seven: Requirements for Book Standards are…

  • Full Date i.e Monday 10 February 2014
  • Miss a line under the date
  • Start writing next to the margin, legibly and clearly
  • Using a ruler, rule off finished work.
  • Receive Teacher Digital Sticker of approval

Task Eight: App Challenge, how many of these things can you do

Task Nine: Fill in evaluation below

What did you learn after completing all of these tasks?

Was there anything you didn’t like to do?

What do you think  you could have done better?