Upgrade firmware tripmeter.

1. You will recieve a file named firmware.bin. Save it on a memory stick as recieved.

2. Disconnect power supply from the tripmeter.

3. Insert the memory stick with the program into the USB port in the tripmeter.

4. Switch the power on. You will hear two beeps to mark the start of the program and

    then 4 beeps when the newer version of the firmware is found. Wait until the tripmeter start to     operate before removing the memory stick.

5. The firmware is now updated.


After switching on the power with the inserted memory stick the tripmeter operates without signaling 4 beeps indicating new firmware.

  • wrong file name or missing firmware file on the memory stick.
  • faulty or unrecognizable memory stick
  • amend file name to firmware.bin or copy a new file.
  • use different memory stick

If you stil have problems, please contact our technical department at serwis@sparkelectronics.pl giving tripmeters type and serial number and brief desciption of the problem.

Firmware update does not affect the tripmeters function upgrades.