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New Canvas User Interface Dashboard & Global Navigation

New Canvas User Interface Dashboard Image

1. Global Navigation has moved from the top of the page to the left side.

2. A Course Card/Activity Stream Toggle changes the dashboard view between the new Course Cards and the Global Activity Stream--a list of recent course activity.

3. Quick access Course Cards display for all favorited courses.

4. Course Card Settings can be used to change the color for each Course Card as well as create a course nickname. These are specific preferences for the user display only. The color selected for the cards also corresponds to the course calendar default color.

5. Course Activity Tabs are direct-access links for Announcements, Assignments, Discussions and Files for a course. These tabs are available only if they are enabled within the course. A blue line indicates new activity in the course area.

6. Account Menu options including the Profile, Files, Settings and Notifications have been moved to the Global Navigation.

7. The Task Stream has remained the same with the exception of the Global Grades Button that has been added to the bottom of the side-bar.

8. Inbox, Library, Logout & Help have moved to the left-side Global Navigation.

New Canvas User Interface Course View

New Canvas User Interface Course View Image

Course View - Responsive Design

1. On smaller screens, browser windows or devices the Course Menu will be collapsed (context specific/responsive design navigation). Click on the icon of three, stacked horizontal lines to collapse or to restore the navigation. On larger screens, browser windows or devices the user has the option to collapse/restore navigation.

2. On very small screens, browser windows or devices the course right-sidebar options will drop below the center panel.

Additional Resources

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All the Canvas Guides have already been changed to reflect the new interface. Be sure you provide links to the new Canvas User Guides.