206. Dangerous potions[1]

 In order to give the string phone made with twin magic stone to Lyle Gewalt, we went to the Royal Capital.

 When I showed the letter from Lela, the gatekeeper of Lyle Gewalt's mansion let us through.

「What business do you have here, Seiji?」

「Didn't the gatekeeper inform you that I came here to deliver a letter from Lela?」

「Hmph, at best, you deceived Lela and make her write a letter!」

「What kind of human being am I to you?」

 I ignored the conversation and put the string phone made with twin magic stone on the table.

「What is this?」

「I'll just use show it to you since explaining is troublesome.」

 After putting a little magic power on the string phone―

『Hello, this is Seiji.

 Can you hear me, Lela?』

「S-, Seiji!?

 I-, I can hear you!!

 You're slow!

 I'm tired of waiting, I......

 No, it's nothing!!』

『I've come to Lyle Gewalt's place.

 I'll switch with Lyle Gewalt now.』

『I-, I understand.』

「Alright, the other party is Lela. Try to speak.」

「I-, I certainly heard Lela's voice but......

 is this a magic tool?」

「Aa, that's right.

 Don't worry about that, just speak quickly.」

「I-, I see.」

『L-, Lela?』

『I can hear you, otou-sama!』

『How did this come about?

 Why can I hear your voice, Lela?』

『It seems to be the magic tool made by Seiji.

 With this, I can talk to you anytime even if I'm far apart with you, otou-sama.』

『I see, this is convenient.』

『And, reporting to otou-sama,

 according to the information I got from Seiji, there's a possibility that the devil-kin is setting up a scheme towards our country.

 Do we need to contact each town and devise a countermeasure......』

『Umu, devil-kin, huh......

 Is the information credible?』

 Saying that without shame even though I'm next to you.

『I've sent a messenger to the demonkind country.

 I will obtain the full story some other time.』

『Is that so, let's discuss the countermeasure later on.

 Let's wait for a while.』

『I understand, otou-sama.

 Then, later.』

 After putting down the string phone,

 Lyle Gewalt suddenly turned this way and glared.

「Is this information true?」

「There's no advantage for me to tell a lie.

 Besides, didn't you send a messenger to the demonkind country?」

「Well, that's right but......」

「How about you warn each town first?」

「Y-, Yeah.

 However, the problem is whether the messenger will make it in time......

 since it will take six days to go to Ikebu town and Ebisu town from here~.」

「Uh, tell Lela to send a messenger from Shinju town.」

「Oh, that's right!」

 In a world where there is no communication network development, have they not thought of such ideas?

「Then, the most time-consuming are the Suga town and Shinaga town......[2]


 Sorry, but can you take a messenger to Suga town?」

「No way, it's troublesome.」


 It's a serious affair of the country, you know?」

「I'm not a human of this country, right?

 Or, are you going to give me a reward?」

「You bastard, you're taking advantage of the hopeless situation.

 How much do you want!?」

「It's not money,

 Do you have any more stuff like『Elixir's recipe』you have shown me before?」

「T-, There is but......」

「Then, that will do.」

「Well, alright.

 I will only show it to you again!」


 The recipe that Lyle Gewalt brought

 was unthinkable.


│【Hair loss treatment potion】


│ 【Burn healing potion】100ml

│ 【Curse dispelling potion】100ml

│ 【Mandrake root】10g

│Skills required:

│ 【Pill concoction】Level 5



│【Fat reduction potion】


│ 【Strength recovery potion】200ml

│ 【Curse dispelling potion】100ml

│ 【Purple nettle】10g

│Skills required:

│ 【Pill concoction】Level 5



│【Huge breast potion】


│ 【Wound healing pill】100ml

│ 【Curse dispelling potion】100ml

│ 【Philosophere's stone】10g

│Skills required:

│ 【Pill concoction】Level 5


 If bald, fat, flat-ches-......

 it's a...cure!!!?

 Dangerous, it's too dangerous!!!

 However, why is there three【curse dispelling potions】included in the ingredients?

 Or does it mean that these are『curses』?

 No, let's stop thinking about it......

「What's wrong? Are you dissatisfied even with this?」

「No, no! It's plenty enough.

 Since I'll also send the letters to Nippo and Ikebu as bonus, write three copies.」

「Is that so, that saved me the trouble.」

 Umu, I wonder if it's really alright to learn such a recipe?

「Are you going to make this potion, onii-chan?」

 Aya asked me with a big smile.

「Are you planning to use it?」

「Haha, what are you talking about, onii-chan.

 I-, I-, I

 don't need to rely on p-, p-, potion~.」

 Aya doesn't seem to be able to hide her excitement.

 Umu, the potion management will be firmly established!!

[1] Lit. medicine/drug, changed it to potion for consistency.

[2] Suga and Shinaga town are located at the north and south of Fujiyama Mountain respectively.