Book Print Video Competition

Instructions to Compete

Individual Event

Limit 1 entry per chapter


Students will create a video sharing their “Book Print” of the five most impactful books in the student’s life.

Anchor Standards:

Method of creation:

Any video program can be used.  The finished product will need to be in a format that can be linked to a public URL link (i.e. Youtube or animoto)

Product should:

  1. be between 2 and 3 minutes in length.
  2. For each of the 5 books selected by the student:
  1. include book cover
  2. include title and author of book
  3. briefly explain why this book was impactful in the student’s life
  4. include when the student first read this book
  1. follow all copyright laws
  2. engage the viewer
  3. strive to have seamless, engaging, and professional quality
  4. include any other artistic or promotional elements the student wants to add for creativity

Submission limitations:

The book trailer entry is an individual competition.

Each chapter is allowed to submit 1 entry.

Method of Submission:

Advisers will submit entries through the online Spring Adviser Competition Entry Form. Directions will be emailed to paid chapter advisers prior to the deadline.

All entries must be submitted by: 

No later than February 7 - Entries must be submitted by the Chapter Advisor -- only 1 entry per chapter/level (3-5), (6-8) and (9-12).


Book Print Video Rubric

Competition Rubric

Student submissions will include the following and will be judged on the quality of each category.


Exemplary (5)

Proficient (3)

Unsatisfactory (0)


Book Print incorporates anchor standards

Video incorporates all three anchor standards.

Video includes some, but not all, of the three anchor standards or they are not clearly visible.

Video does not incorporate any of the anchor standards.


Book Print includes 6 required activities

Video includes all 6 required activities (see description for list of 6 activities).

Video has more than half of the 6 required activities but is missing a few elements.

Video lists less than half or none of the 7 required activities.



Video advertises the book in a unique and creative way.

Video has creative elements but includes too many generic aspects.

Video is not creative and unique.


Spelling and Grammar

Video includes text that has no spelling or grammar errors

Video includes text that has less than 4 spelling or grammar errors

Video includes text that has 5 or more spelling or grammar errors





Book Print Video Competition

Classroom Lesson Plan

Unit: Tome Society

Subject Area: English/Language Arts

Grade Level: 6th-12th

Time: At least three class periods to create and edit the book print as well as time outside of class as necessary



By applying visual learning techniques and reading comprehension, students will be able to better understand and describe central ideas or themes and summarize key ideas in the form of a video presentation.


  1. Explain the definition of a Book Print
  1. A Bookprint is the list of five books that leave an indelible mark on our lives, shaping who we are and who we become. (Scholastic)
  1. Begin by allowing students to view several different basic book prints at 
  1. NOTE: these are just in flat format, for this competition we would like the student’s book print to be a video.
  1. Show the students the different aspects of the video including the Rubric.
  2. Allow students the rest of the class period to begin the initial work on their videos and inform students to work on their videos outside of class as necessary.
  3. Optional: Have students present their videos to the class or include the videos in the school news broadcast.  
  4. Advisors should submit up to two videos for competition.

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