SnowCon GM Handbook

This document outlines the responsibilities for Game Masters hosting games or events. By choosing to run a game or organize an event at SnowCon you have agreed to abide by these guidelines and by the convention Rules & Policies listed on the SnowCon website.

Before Your Event*

Check in with the game staff table 15 minutes before your event begins so that we know you are there for your event. This allows you to pick up your event form and check your table and contact any SnowCon staff if there are any problems.

You should be at your assigned table at least 5 minutes before the beginning of your game to welcome players.

If you have any questions or problems with your event (e.g. someone is in your space or your tables are not set up how you need, etc.) contact the SnowCon staff. Do not move your event or relocate tables, as this may impact other event scheduled in the area.

If you cannot run your event due to an insufficient number of players (or for some other reason beyond your control), notify SnowCon staff to cancel your event. See the Canceling Events section below.

Player Arrival

Players have 15 minutes to show up to the table after the scheduled start of the game.

Any player that is later than this forfeits their spot in the game and the GM can fill the slot with any alternates from the registration form. If there are no alternates, the GM may fill empty places with any registered con attendee that they wish.

If an attendee on the game list shows up after the 15-minute limit the GM may let them enter the game if there is still space, if they choose. If the spaces have already been filled with alternates then the GM should inform the late players that they’re late and their space has been given to someone else.

If the late player has any questions about this policy then the GM should send them to speak to SnowCon staff so that GMs may run their game uninterrupted.

During Your Event*

You are required to wear a badge while running your event and you are required to check that your players are wearing valid badges during all of your events.

If you have a player not wearing a badge please send them to a member of the SnowCon staff.

Events must be run as they are represented in the event schedule and on the game registration form. Changes to the table number, game length, or time slot cannot be made without prior SnowCon staff approval. Do not move your event from its assigned location or occupy more space than allocated without SnowCon Staff approval.

Your event must begin and end on time, as designated by the event listing. If you need to make any changes to your event, or have any problems please notify SnowCon staff and they will assist you.

If you have any problematic players or security issues, immediately notify the nearest SnowCon staff member.

If you have a medical emergency, immediately contact SnowCon or Cross Center staff.

You are responsible for the security of all items you bring to your event. SnowCon does not assume responsibility for any lost or stolen articles.

Noise Level

Our game area is very open and tables may be in close proximity to each other. Please respect everyone’s game time by making sure your game is not distracting to others who are there to enjoy games as much as you are.

The SnowCon staff will inform any GM if they feel a game table is getting too loud, and reserves the right to disband a game that is getting too noisy for the venue.

After Your Event

GMs are responsible for the cleanliness of their table. Please be respectful of the site and of other convention attendees by making sure that any game materials are picked up and that any trash or mess is cleaned before leaving your table.

Canceling & Changing Events*

If you need to cancel or change an event for any reason at any time, the GM must immediately notify the SnowCon staff.

Before the convention, you can cancel or change an event by emailing the event coordinator with your game info and any changes that you have (

During the convention, notify SnowCon staff as soon as possible if you need to cancel or change an event.


* Sections marked with an asterisk are taken from Gen Con’s Event Host Policy document and are © 2007-2010, Gen Con LLC. These policies have been modified as needed for SnowCon’s format, size, and staffing. Special thanks to Gen Con for permission to use their document.