EPICS Version 4 Telecon, 27-Oct-2015


- pvtools status

- Next year’s activities and consequential APS meeting preparation

        - hotel and gate access

- Melbourne EPICS meeting comments

Present: AJ, DH, GW, BD, GS, SH, KK, RL, MK

Scribe: GW & others

Chair: GW


TOPIC: Melbourne EPICS meeting comments

KK’s comments:


People still thinking records going away

Nick suggested we include v4 in Base quickly

DH: If we package v4 with base, people won’t use it unless it works with “3.14.12.*” - their installation.

KK: Tango have set up a WG basis (like Eclipse) where members commit money, and from that they do things that nobody specifically needs (common web site, build server, virtual machine w/ example setup, ...).

GW: we made the decision some time ago that work would be done on the basis of what the individual labs needed, rather than being directed by labs giving money and we distribute it. Now maybe we can move more towards that.

KK: Many people talking about “flyscans” for beamline work - many people now doing that w/ hardware and software. AJ: Tim Mooney doing that at APS

TOPIC: Next year’s activities and consequential APS meeting preparation

Charter roadmap

Discuss merge with Base “just the next epics”

General talk time. Suggested an hour or 2 every day

gateway: MD is now funded for the prototype. Also funded for dbGroup. Please confirm MD is going.

CS-studio integration

IOC database links talking to pvAccess channels

Streaming. KK to give talk from EPICS meeting.

  DH: What are the pipelining extensions.

  GW: Exactly - I’d like to know what these two systems are, and see how these words are being used

  Arman is not going to be able to go he said.

Can we get Matej on hangout?

TOPIC: pvAccess Tools status

AJ: It was resolved by Arman. No trouble found.

TOPIC: Other business

AJ: The Java modules, and some C++ modules, do NOT have documentation on the web for 4.5.0. Can RL look at why?

AI on RL - check documentation production