12th UUU IRC Meeting

  1. [Quick note] about Bank account status
  2. [Quick note] Website stuff - Gavin has resigned, forum has closed. Dan is temporary webmaster (currently has access to nothing)
  3. [Quick note] Streep Rep (Jason Auld has resigned)
  4. State of the UUU, where are we going?
  5. Vote to remove select discipline rep posts (muni, trials, street, road, freestyle) if they aren’t effective.
  6. Abby Williams recently got in touch offering to help out with the UUU. What can she do/ should she be a committee member? Perhaps we should have a “social networking” position which would involve posting about events on Twitter/Facebook and adding them to our calendar because we don’t do this enough.
  7. More website stuff Our events page isn’t very good. What can we do to fix this?
  8. Adding clubs isn’t great under doku wiki, there’s no login sign up page. What can we do to fix this?
  9. Holding BUC at BJC in 2015