TK/K Assessment



Who takes the TK/K?


  • All TK students
  • Kindergarten students who do not take the i-Ready

Who administers the TK/K?

Your TF will schedule a time to proctor the TK/K Assessment for your student

What topics are covered on the TK/K Assessment?

The TK/K covers letters/sounds, word recognition, number sense, and basic math concepts.

Is the TK/K done with paper and pencil or on the computer?

The TK/K Assessment is a paper and pencil based test.

How long does the test take?

Approximately 20-30 minutes depending on the student

When is the TK/K given?

The TK/K is given as a pre-test within 40 days of enrollment and as a post test after winter break.  (The exact testing window will be provided by your TF)

What is the purpose of the TK/K and other local assessments?

Local assessments are used to:

  • Provide a tool for TFs/parents to measure student growth
  • Pre and Post tests provide valid comparisons to assess student achievement levels
  • Provide Sage Oak with multiple measures for assessing our students’ achievement levels
  • Provide students with an assessment very closely aligned to state testing, which familiarizes students with testing formats, etc.
  • Demonstrate overall academic growth to our sponsoring districts
  • Provide quantitative data for WASC accreditation