Coach's Corner - Issue 11

A message from the Coach

With Nathan Bush

The wonderful game of Lawn bowls

This episode of coaches’ corner talks about the weird, fascinating and technical game of lawn bowls. On Sunday I played in the men’s Geelong pairs and was beaten by our very own Ken P and Troy T who completely out bowled us and listening to everyone’s comments was a surprise. In the past five years I have become use to being the hunted and not the hunter due to the expectation of winning every game I participate in, I don’t beat myself up when i lose, i just know it’s the law of averages.

In this game (lawn bowls) there so many different factors to include in a single game that upsets in this game will occur all the time. If we compare sports with lawn bowls and match the world’s number one player matched against an unknown good local- and they played each other 100 times. The majority of sports the world number one will win every time. In bowls, the underdog will win a few matches off the world’s number 1 in lawn bowls because of so many different factors within the game.

The different factors in the game

Green Speed- Usually saying the slower the green the more the underdog will be improved because the touch and delivery isn’t as important as a quick touch green. The rakers will win most times!

The surface- Different types of grass, carpet and synthetic all have a bearing on the player’s strength and weaknesses. Also a big one with the surface is was it prepared and true to play? Obviously if the green isn’t true and is running around a bit it, takes the skill out of the game.

Wind- On a windy day if you get a gust it can affect your bowl up to four-six foot, basically you have to trust a line and hope you get a consistent breeze.

Results- In this wonderful game, how many times does the game change with wicks or results from array bowls. It cost Australia in the commonwealth games by a bowl missing its target by 4 foot and getting a rub off a bowl to get shot.

In summary if you’re coming up against good players or good teams just remember this article about the many different factors in the game of bowls. Work hard and apply yourself, anyone can beat anyone. The perfect example is the season I played at Taren Point, we had 9 International players out of the 12 players. We played a team who we beat convincingly during the year. We played the final on synthetic surface howling winds; we were beaten by 24 shots. Mark Casey skipping with Aaron Sheriff playing third lost 23-6, this game just throws up upsets all the time because of the thousands of variables involved.

Team First

On Saturday I witnessed a fair bit of individual first instead of team first. The first occasion is when players are asked how they went. They answer them before team. Yeah we lost but the team won, or yeah we won but the team lost. Wrong! Terrible, don’t do it! I was always brought up by my dad and grandpa of answering the team result before the rink, because at the end of the day who cares about the rink score. We also witnessed a few individuals who feel the effects of a rink loss and lose focus on the team’s victory (especially with so many missing this week). It’s ok to be disappointed but think about the team and get yourself feeling positive about the victory, if uncomfortable with loss address in selection (Monday).


I can smell a rat! I don’t want to put the curse on us but I feel our practise has dropped off in the last month and maybe because of the weather but it’s time to ramp it up again before Christmas then we have the break. Looking at the div 5 team and discounting Wednesday bowls, not many in the team practise at all. Div 3 team unfortunately it’s the regular customers that put the time in and you can see the performances on Saturday’s.

Go Parkers!

Coach Out

Nathan Bush