Africa in the 21st Century:

Prospects for Secure Sustainable Development

Educational Divide Reform, 6 Manassas Ave. Cambridge, MA, USA

Friday April 8, 2016

Cosponsored by EDR, Academy of International Business (USA North East Chapter), and the PhD Program in Global Governance and Human Security at UMass Boston


9:00         Arrival & Registration

9:30         Opening Remarks:

Dr. David Cash, Dean of McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies, University of Massachusetts Boston

Prof. Stephan Manning, Associate Professor of Management University of Massachusetts Boston

10:00         Security        

        Chair: Prof. Jane Parpart, UMass Boston


Abigail Kabandula, The African Union: An Emerging Institution of Global Human Security Governance? UMass Boston

Jeremiah Asaka, Transformations in Conservation Governance and Implications for Human Security. UMass Boston

Tapang Ivo Tanku, Growing Closer:  Media, Positive Peace and Conflict Transformation in sub-Saharan Africa. State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo

Sarah Katz-Lavigne, Peace, Conflict, and the Governance of Mining on the Congolese Copperbelt, 2000-present. Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada

Sudeshna Chatterjee, Regional Cooperation to Combat Trafficking in Persons in Africa: Institutional structures and initiative. UMass Boston

Elly Rostoum, Dissecting Chinese Investment in Africa: Opportunities, Challenges and Above-Ground Risks. UMass Boston

11:30        Coffee Break        

11: 45         Environment and Natural resources

        Chair: Prof. Maria Ivanova, UMass Boston


Timothy Adivilah, Exploring the Sustainable Natural Resource Governance Imperative: A Tale of Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining in Ghana. UMass Boston

Debra Butler, Environmental IDPS (Internally Displaced Persons): Comparative State Mitigations in Africa and the United States. UMass Boston

Jason McSparren, Questioning the Resource Curse in the West African Sahara-Sahel: A Case Study of Mali before and after Gold Exploitation. UMass Boston

Nichole Wissman Weber, Michael Roy, and Miranda Chase, Barriers and Pathways to Climate Adaptation in Djibouti and Ethiopia: Coordinating the Social, Economic, and Ecological. UMass Boston

Shingirai L. Taodzera, A Critical Analysis of Decentralisation and Participation in Extractive Natural Resource Governance. University of Ottawa

Natalia Escobar-Pemberthy and Maria Ivanova, Africa’s Path in Global Environmental Governance: How African Countries are Implementing Global Environmental Conventions. UMass Boston

1:00         Lunch

2:00         Shifting Trends in Development Partnerships

Chair: Prof. Adugna Lemi, UMass Boston


Samuel Urkato, Emerging Economies’ Industrial Firms’ Self-Induced Environmental Innovation Decision Processes: A Response to Porter Hypothesis. Addis Abba University 

Melanie Jansen, South Africa’s Participation in the Fuel Cell Industry – Moving Beyond its Platinum Deposits. Queen’s University

Rose Nyaondo, Women’s Political Leadership and Development. UMass Boston

James Muchira, A Mixed-methods Evaluation of Outcomes, Facilitators and Barriers in Providing a Nurse-led Cardio-metabolic Group Medical Visit in a Community Health Center in Central Kenya. UMass Boston

John Wambui, The Tale of Two Slums. University of Delaware

Alvine Sangang, Is The African Youth An Asset Or A Social Threat to the Continent? Perspectives on Addressing Youth Employment In Sub-Saharan Africa. UMass Boston

3:30         Coffee Break

3:45         Round Table 1: Africas’ Futures and the Role of International Business

         Chair: Prof. Timothy Shaw, UMass Boston

Prof. Stephan Manning, UMass Boston

Prof. Craig Murphy, UMass Boston and Wellesley College

Prof. Mei Li, Hunan University and Wellesley College

Michael Keating, UMass Boston

Dr. Maria Petrova, UMass Boston

4:30         Round Table 2: Africas’ Futures: Global Governance and Human Security

Chair: Prof. Courtenay Sprague, UMass Boston

Prof. Peter Jeranyama, UMass Amherst

Dr. Geren Stone, UMass Hospital

Prof. Heidi Gengenbach, UMass Boston

Prof. Jane Parpart, UMass Boston

Prof. Anna Agathangelou, UMass Boston

Michael Denney, UMass Boston and University of New Hampshire

5:15        Closing Remarks: Next steps

Prof. Timothy Shaw, UMass Boston

               Jay Jinseop Jang, Director, Educational Divide Reform

5: 30        Reception with South African wines


Dr. Tom Cushman (Wellesley College)

Dr. Rita Abrahamsen (University of Ottawa)

Roni Lipton, Department of CRHS&GG at UMass Boston

Leigh Murphy, Department of CRHS&GG at UMass Boston

Kelly Ward, Department of CRHS&GG at UMass Boston

Prof. Samuel Barkin, Graduate Program Director, GGHS, UMass Boston

Prof. Daren Kew, Chair, Department of CRHS&GG, UMass Boston

Azure Parker, Africana Studies Department, UMass Boston

Prof. Marc Prou, Africana Studies Department, UMass Boston

Prof. Robert Johnson Jr., Chair, Africana Studies Department, UMass Boston

Dr. David Cash & Decanal office at McCormack Graduate School at UMass Boston

Provost Winston E. Langley, UMass Boston

Graduate Dean Zong-Guo, UMass Boston

Prof. Stephan Manning, UMass Boston College of Management & AIB North East Chapter

Jinseop Jang, Yuliya Rashchupkina, Pa Kim, Go Eun Cho & EDR staff

Prof. Tim Shaw, visiting adjunct research professor, UMass Boston and University of Ottawa

Prof. Jane Parpart, visiting adjunct research professor, UMass Boston and University of Ottawa

Workshop co-conveners

Abigail Kabandula

Jeremiah O. Asaka

Timothy Adivilah – Educational Divide Reform – Academy of International Business (AIB) USA North East Chapter - Global Governance and Human Security PhD Program