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The CampHERO Mentor Network is a group of women that work or volunteer in protective services who are committed to connecting with girls/young women to help them discover themselves and their values; connect with others; and take action to make the world a better place.  Mentors will offer guidance in reaching the goal of becoming a police officer, firefighter, EMT/paramedic or dispatcher.  

The CampHERO Mentor Network is a Girl Scout group, designed as such to assure high quality programming and to protect volunteers and girls.  All members agree to abide by Girl Scout policies and procedures, Safety Checkpoints and the CampHERO Mentor Network guidelines, in order to assure the safety of all members.

Mentors and mentees may connect with each other in a formal (meetings, classes, etc.) and/or informal (facebook, skype, email, etc.) manner.

To become a member of the CampHERO Mentor Network and maintain membership

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Resigning from CampHERO Mentor Network

CampHERO Mentor Network Guidelines

The CampHERO Mentor Network is a new group and as such may

change these proposed guidelines as appropriate.