Parents' and Guardians'

 Intro to TroopTrack

Welcome to Cub Scouts for the 2017-2018 school year! This year we are using a software called TroopTrack to manage Pack records and communicate with members.

If you were involved in Pack 196 last year, you should already have a username and password to TroopTrack, as that info was sent along previously. If you can't find yours, you can always go to this page to retrieve your username and password. ( Just select "I forgot my password" or "I forgot my username."

One tip: Most people's logins follow the convention FirstnameLastname or FirstnameLastname1 (like JohnSmith or JohnSmith1), in case you want to try that. Once you log in for the first time, you can change your username and password to something you'll remember more easily. You do that by clicking on your name at the top of the screen and then selecting "Username & Password" in the dropdown menu. (In the red rectangle in the screenshot below.)

Speaking of which, as we start the new Scouting year, we need you to check over the contact information we have for you and your household and correct it (or provide it) as needed. To do that, you go to your name at the top middle of the screen and select "Your Profile" in the dropdown menu.  That's also in the red rectangle in the screenshot above.


The Household is the main organizing structure that TroopTrack uses for your family's info, and you should, by default, have access to view and edit all of your household's information. For the most part, you can do this by going to the Household member's profile (click on the names of other Household members to see their profiles), then selecting the "Edit" link above the relevant information. For your address and the name of the Household, you need to click on the little pencil to the left of your Household name. You'll then see a popup where you can change the address.

Once you're in your profile, you'll also see your main page "Member Details," and you'll see several tabs like "Achievements," "Participation," "Settings," "Leadership," "Training," "Vehicles," "Privileges," and "Files." Some of those are used primarily for Scouts, and other areas are for Parents and Leaders.

Achievements is where you'll see what awards your Scout has earned thus far, and see all of the steps for the achievements he's progressing on, organized by Rank level. Note that things your Scout hasn't started don't appear in Achievements unless your Den Leader puts it in there as an achievement in progress. If you see something that appears to be incorrect as the year goes in, please communicate with your Den Leader. (All Leadership positions and contact info are listed here:

Participation is where Den and Pack leaders will track whether you and your child attended a particular event.

Settings lets you decide whether you receive emails and newsletters from TroopTrack.

Leadership lists the role(s) you've volunteered for within the Pack organization -- such as Den Leader, Cubmaster, etc.

Training is where records of Youth Protection Training and other Leadership training are kept -- for Adults.

Vehicles is where you can enter info about your Vehicles to make it easier for us to make a Travel Plan -- an official record of the Pack's plan for traveling to a particular event like a campout.

Privileges shows you what you have access to on TroopTrack. By default, all parents/guardians have Household access, so they can see only the contact info of their own family.

Files is where you can upload and download documents that are relevant to your Cub Scout membership.

Other site areas you may find interesting and useful. Each of these is accessed by the menu at the top right that looks like badges, and selecting something in the dropdown menu.

That covers most of the critical information, but you can check out the TroopTrack User guide for additional info and answers to any questions you may have. You can find it here: (no login or password needed to view)