#103 - Into the Nexus: “Kael’Thas Finds a Way”

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At Least we have a balance patch.

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Match Making Hot-Fix 4/28/16

Following the release of our most recent major patch, we’ve seen a slight widening of the skill gap between players in Hero League matches, most noticeably affecting players on the upper end of the matchmaking rating (MMR) spectrum.

After investigating and identifying the issue, we’ve just released a fix that should help to reduce MMR differences across players who are matched together in Hero League games. Thank you for your continued feedback on the matchmaking system! We hope you’ll keep sharing your thoughts and experiences with us as we make additional improvements in the future.


New Patch

These are all adjustments. Lets avoid reading the changes and talk about how they feel.


Developer Comments: Fel Infusion is doing a little bit too much... slight nerf and buffing the others. Mana Addict should feel more consistently achievable in an average game, and Convection’s reward is now more worth the risk. Uncomfortable with how much single-target burst with Sun King’s Fury.


Developer Comments: Too many ways to shut him down. Wanted to give him more opportunities to engage enemies by reducing the cd of Ruthless Onslaught, which we feel is appropriate since he puts himself at risk when diving opponents. While taking a look, we saw an opportunity to buff up some of his weaker Talents, which should make him feel more compelling to play.


Developer Comments: Streamlined Gargantuan’s damage a few patches ago to no longer deal bonus damage to non-player targets. In the process, he ended up clobbering enemy Heroes a bit harder than we liked. We’re lowering his base attack damage to bring it more in line, and buffing Stomp damage to make activating this ability more impactful.


Developer Comments: We’re currently looking at doing a larger pass on Rexxar in the future, but wanted to give him some love in the meantime to help make him more rewarding to play.

Easier to stick Misha to targets with her increased Leash range, and Rexxar should be able to both zone and survive against enemies better with increases to his Health and to his Basic Attack range.


Na’Vi Dispands

The main reason of such decision was the poor achievements of the team. The hot five had both ups and downs. However, after the end of BlizzCon 2015 the team has been going through numerous reshuffles and lost its power. The team began 2016 quite well. The Born to Win won ETS #4, but didn't manage to keep the successful pace and failed to get to spring championship.


The team also failed at summer European championship and didn't get to playoff. We can't name exact reason of such performance and results, but the series of losses affected the organization, the team and the fans. That is why Natus Vincere made decision to bid farewell to Heroes of the Storm roster.


Dustin Tweets

Preseason rewards are being worked on now

It takes 150 matches to enter the pool of experienced players

Greymane has talent diversity now, might get a small buff.

Fenix talked about often

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Garrett and Kyle,

Have you guys ever noticed that there tend to be good and bad times to play? Personally, I've made it a rule to never visit ranked play on Friday evenings and to be prepared for a less than optimal time if I still decide to play qm. It seems like Friday after work or school is when Douche Bag Karl, Salty Sheamus, Tilted Tim, and I-Just-Bought-Abathur-And-Will-Play-Him-No-Matter-The-Comp-Or-Meta all turn out to play and get matched with me in solo queue.

It also seems like skill level can swing dramatically across a ranking based on time of day and day of the week (at least down in the low to mid ranks). If that's the case, days like Fridays and holidays where these populations come together may just inherently tend to have lower quality match-ups that inspire otherwise nice people to find a dark bridge to sit under with their troll hat on.

Interested to see what you guys think. Maybe it's just my own play that varies by day. My personal tolerance for stupid could just be lower at the end of the week.


I was just wondering what hero each of think you think is the most under-appreciated hero?


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