★Welcome to WCMA’s Sunday School★

Thank you for trusting your children to us on Sunday afternoons at the WCMA Masjid. We will have our class every Sunday from 3:00-5:30pm. Our session is mainly for school aged children ranging from 6-11 years old. Our sessions will begin September 15th and end April 21st.

Our goal is for your children to become confident, knowledgeable and strong Muslims in our community. We want to plant the seeds of Islam in a positive and enjoyable way so that they love the deen, the Masjid, their families and most importantly, Allah (SWT) and His Messenger (SAW).  

During our sessions each week, you can expect your child to learn the following:

  • short suras from the Quran (mostly from Juz ‘Amma) & basic tafseer
  • common DUA for their everyday lives
  • stories of the prophets & how we use these stories as lesson for us
  • Basics of salah, wudu, & Islamic manners
  • formulate friendships with other kids their age

Our tuition is $275 for one child for the entire year. There is a $25 discount for any additional siblings who would like to join (ex. $250 for the second child, $225 for the third child and so on.) Cash or check is accepted (checks payable to WCMA). Make the niya for you to do something beneficial for your child in this world and the hereafter.

The full effect of what your child learns is more powerful when it’s reinforced by you at home the other six days of the week. Please ask your child what they learned and have them practice any of the Quranic ayas or phrases they learn.

  • There is a WhatsApp group that you will be able to join for important weekly updates and messages regarding our school. Please let one of the people listed below know to add you to this group.
  • Sandy Hassan 216-650-5884
  • Lamia Ibrahim 216-571-0453
  • Ebaa Shanaboo 419-554-8005
  • Amal Mustafa 440-396-5173

We are open to feedback.  This is one of the ways we know how to improve.

Thank you again for joining us on Sundays. Jazakum Allah Kul Khair.