Phone Script for finding a volunteer’s passion

Hi, my name is (first name only).  I am with Community Link.  We got your information from the survey monkey through UNM (or where info was located).  I wanted to talk with you for just a minute about what your volunteer passions are.  I’m working on getting you placed and I would like to place you with an organization that suits your preferences.  If you could tell me what you enjoy doing, hobbies, or what your passion might be.

(at the end of the call, thank them for their time and inform them that you will be looking into volunteer opportunities for them and will be in touch within a couple of days.)

Phone script for placing volunteers


Hi, my name is (first name only). I am from Community Link and I wanted to let you know that I have found a couple of volunteer opportunities for you. (Give the information on the organizations you have found  for them.)  If you are not completely happy with the opportunity of your choice, feel free to give us a call and we can find another organization that you can check into.

Thank you so much for your time.

Phone script for calling organizations

Hello, my name is (first name only).  I am calling from Community Link.  We are a non-profit organization.  Our main focus is educating the public on the importance of volunteerism as well as placing volunteers in volunteer opportunities that best fit their passions.  I have a volunteer who is interested in volunteering and may be a fit for your organization but I would like some information on volunteer opportunities with your organization.  To begin with, do you accept volunteers and do you have space for a volunteer at this moment?  What are some of the jobs that prospective volunteers do with your organization?  Do you have any requirements for volunteers before they may begin?

(If they do accept volunteers, let them know that you’ll send their information along and they may be receiving a call.  Thank them for their time.  If they do not accept volunteers,  no need to continue on with questions.  Update database that they do not accept volunteers.)

2/16/2017- version 1