Mrs. Irish’s Math Class Expectation

All assignments, assessments, and projects will be clearly linked to standards for all of the units.  Students will be able to move through the unit at a pace that is appropriate for them with guidance from the teacher for an appropriate pace.  Students will work on standards until they can demonstrate that they are proficient, meaning that they will have opportunities to retake assessments and quizzes as necessary.  All work is graded with rubrics that outline what skills need to be demonstrated to earn a 1, 2, 3, or 4.  The goal for each standard is to earn a 3.  If a 3 is not earned then reteaching and working will be done until the student can demonstrate a 3 or higher.  Earning a 4 on something is the exception rather than the rule.  A 4 represents making connections beyond what was taught in class.  

Contract: For each unit that we cover there will be a contract outlining all of the assignments and assessments that students must accomplish.  At the start of the unit a due date for all work will be announced with a calendar that outlines a suggested pace.  All of the tasks on the contract need to be completed by the end of the unit due date.  Students may work through the contract at their own pace, but it is recommended that they keep up with the suggested pace on the calendar or faster.  The contract is divided into three main sections:

Learn It!  The learn it section of the contract gives students an introduction to the standard.  There will usually be a video where students can learn or view a skill.  In class there will be an opportunity for a mini lesson with the teacher to go over the standard in more depth with the teacher.

Practice It!  Not all people need to do the same amount of practice in order to understand a skill.  There are always several choices in a variety of formats for students to choose from in the practice it section.  Students are to work on as many activities, or pieces of evidence that they need to until they feel comfortable with the skill.  Some students will do one, while others may do two or three.  

Prove It!  The prove it section is a chance for the student to demonstrate that they are proficient with the standard.  Usually it is a 3-5 question assessment called a formative assessment.  The assessment is divided into two sections, questions to be answered to demonstrate that they have earned a 3 (the minimum requirement to move on), and additional questions that go beyond the requirements to earn a 4.  If a student earns less than a 3 on the formative assessment then they will need to additional practice from the practice it section, see the teacher for additional guidance, and then take the formative assessment again.

At the end of the contract students have a usually have a choice to either take a summative assessment or to do a project to demonstrate that they are proficient with all of the standards in the unit.

Grades:  Practice (worked on until can demonstrate mastery, not graded but marked complete), formative assessments (weighted 1), and summative assessments/summative projects (weighted 3) will be factored into the final grade for each trimester.

Nightly Work:  Students are expected to work on math outside of class for at least 20 minutes a night.  This could include working on an assignment, watching a video lesson, or working on the project assessment for the unit.  If a student does not have any classwork to do they can always work on their math facts with Reflex on their laptop.  Reflex takes about 20 minutes to earn a green light.  


Binder:  Students will be working on keeping their work to refer to as they work through a unit this year.  The binder that they create will be a resource to help them when they are stuck on a particular skill.  All formative assessments, the unit contract, vocabulary charts, practice work, and summative assessments need to be kept organized in their binder.  We will be working as a class on this throughout the year.  

Class: During some classes students will have the opportunity to work independently on their contract, other classes we will be working in stations to practice the standards in a variety of ways including hands on and with technology, other classes we mayb we working as an entire class together on a common goal.  

Website: is the website for this class.  It includes all of the resources for each unit, including handouts, links, and videos for each lesson.

Make-Up Work:  Students will have three days for every one absent day to make-up work.  It is the student's responsibility to find out what work they need to make-up.  All makeup work is to be passed in at the end of the three days. If all makeup work is not all passed in it will then be considered late.  

Extra Help: If a student needs help I am available before school, during Common Period, as well as after school if the student has made prior arrangements with me.  

Supplies: Students are expected to have the following for each class: