Power-On Procedure for Chico (12”x16”x4” CNC router):

Make sure machine’s orange cord is plugged into a grounded outlet. It needs 7A @ 120VAC when running. Turn the circuit breaker on.

Turn on all the white switches (lamp optional).
Mist/Flood can be used to turn on optional accessories via G-code commands. There are relays inside the control box that (along with these switches) control outlets below.

Turn OFF the spindle speed control.  This is how you should adjust the speed and operation of the spindle.

Set top switch to center, between the I and II positions.

Turn knob to red range (to start) if using variable speed.

Turn the spindle motor ON (pull up red switch on top).  This should be left ON at all times.  Use the speed control to turn the spindle on/off.

Even with both switches ON, the spindle will not power up until commanded to do so by your G-Code - see Spindle Automation, below.

PC and monitor should turn on with the master switch.
If PC is not on, press PC power button. Also turn monitor on, if needed.

Spindle & Dust Collection Automation:

Your GCode must start with:



G4 P1

M3 S20000

Your GCode must end with:




  1. Click the “Launch Belt-drive”
  2. Test Emergency Stop button
  3. Press F2
  4. Home All & Load your GCode
  5. Mount and Clamp workpiece
  6. Turn router power and speed control on.
  7. Cut air, and if OK...
  8. Cut workpiece.

Power off procedure:

  1. Jog machine near (not at) home position.
  2. Remove bit, tighten collet nut finger-tight.
  3. Return clamps and tools to proper locations.
  4. Click red power button in upper-right corner.
  5. After PC powers down, turn breaker off.
  6. Clean up machine!  Thank you!


Something went wrong?  Tell Peter Gamache: chico-cnc@peter.duonet.net or 612-208-2550.