Reading Journal Assignments


Letter from a Character: Write a letter in the voice of one of the main characters from the novel. Your letter must include descriptions of at least two events that are going on in the story. Use specific detail and interesting vocabulary. Don't forget a proper greeting and closing signature! (Minimum of two paragraphs)


Diary Entry: Choose an event from the story and describe it in as much detail as possible. You should write in the style and voice of the character, but be sure to use your own words. Then, get creative! Using the text to guide you, imagine how the character experienced the event you've described. What was she/he thinking and feeling before/during/after the event? Remember, diary entries are more personal than letters, so your writing should include emotion and feeling. (Hint: Imagine the character's personality and ask yourself if her writing would be formal or casual? Funny or serious?) (Minimum of two paragraphs)

Dialogue: Write a short conversation between two characters from the novel. Use what you know from the story to inspire you, but be creative and original! Remember to punctuate your dialogue correctly (See example below)! (Minimum of 10 sentences)


Cinderella: Oh, Fairy Godmother, how can I ever thank you?

Fairy Godmother: No need, my darling. Just enjoy yourself tonight at the ball.

Cinderella: Thank you! I can’t wait to show off my beautiful new gown!


Personal Narrative: Did something you read in the novel remind you of a personal experience? Maybe the main character had an interaction with a friend or family member that feels familiar to you, or perhaps she/he is expressing emotions you often feel yourself? Use the familiar selection from the novel as a starting point and write a short personal narrative describing your own similar experience. (Minimum of two paragraphs)


News Article: Pick a main event from the story and write a news article giving the Who/What/Where/When/Why of the event. Articles must include at least one properly punctuated quotation (see below for examples). Don't forget to include a clever headline and descriptive language. (Minimum of 10 sentences)


·          “It was amazing! The pumpkin magically transformed into a carriage,” said one witness.

·          When asked about the upcoming party, Cinderella commented, “I just wish I had something beautiful to wear to the Prince’s ball. I don’t know what I’ll do!”


Opinion Piece: Think about a conflict from the story or a hard decision one of the characters has made and decide whether you agree or disagree with how the author handled this. Write an explanation of how you feel, including at least 3 pieces of specific evidence to support your point of view. (Minimum of 2 paragraphs)


Requirements and Expectations

·      Remember to read the directions carefully and be sure you are meeting the minimum length requirement for the assignment.

·      Work must be TYPED or handwritten in CURSIVE.


·      Work must include a proper heading. See below for an example:











Each journal entry will be worth 15 points and graded according to the following rubric:

A) Grammar and COPS: 5 points

B) Follows assignment carefully and includes all required details: 5 points

C) Shows creativity, originality and authenticity (Ex: Is your journal entry written in the character's true voice? Did you use interesting ideas and vocabulary?): 5 points