News & RMTA Announcements

Posted October 12th, 2017

Howdy all,

What a difference a day makes, I'm sure glad that we didn't have Monday's weather for the event!  What a fine weekend to finish the season up with, I hope everyone else had as much fun as I did.  Thanks to the Dominic, Ethan and Dillon Gorra, Chris and Aaron Desforges, and Mark Berry for getting it all together.  We had some very interesting lines in the upper classes, with Ethan showing some definite bicycle influence to his sections. Intermediate looked to be the tough class, but I saw many riders really make improvements in riding my section although it didn't always show up on the scorecard!

I would like to mention that Chris and Aaron Desforges ended the season with being part of the trialsmaster crew, and at our club event at Stock Ranch to start this year they were just checking trials out.  Aaron rode his first event that day on a borrowed bike, and they got the trials bug.  Good to have you guys out riding with us.

If you want a bit more trials, come on out to a bike trials comp at Granite on Saturday, Oct 21st.  We'll sign up at 9 am, and start riding at 10 am for most riders.  A mountain bike is fine if you don't have a trials bicycle, there will be classes for everyone.  $20 entry, $15 for riders 15 yrs and younger.  Let me know if you have any questions.

Already planning next year, but more on that later...


The official October 22nd RMTA Fun Trial has been CANCELLED.  This does not, however, prevent any riders showing up at Turkey Rock that day, in an unorganized way, to ride their trials bikes and have fun!


OHV Registration

There is a new rule for OHV registration that requires some proof of ownership to be submitted with a new OHV tag application.  As I understand it, you are fine if you are renewing, but if it's a new one you'll need to prove it's yours.

If you do not have a bill of sale or some other form of proof, you can go to a CPW office and have them verify the VIN and you can sign a form saying that it's yours.  This is new for CPW folks, so they are working through how to get it done and may be a bit confused for a bit.  I'll keep you posted as anything more comes out about it.

I've attached a notice about it that lists acceptable proof, as well as a bill of sale that you can use if you buy or sell anything that needs an OHV tag.

OHV Bill of Sale Template

OHV Registration Rule