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Posted June 5th, 2017

Western Youth Nationals

We need people for helping at the Western Youth Nationals at Tucker Ranch, June 8, 9, and 10.  It looks like we're good for getting it set, but will need people to help run the admin and score sections.  It's getting crunched a bit due to the reschedule of the LaPorte trials, so please try to set aside some time to help out with it.  There will be appropriate lines for all RMTA riders, and if you score a day you can ride a day for free.  Helping just to help is welcomed as well.

The youth nationals will be followed by our RMTA series #5 at Tuckers on Sunday June 11th.

Ute Cup

Kevin Busch reports that we are very close to finishing all the permit process and the location should be a go.  Remember that club members need to fulfill the scoring requirement for one day of the Ute Cup (either scoring yourself or arranging to have another do it in your place).  Please contact Tony Keady at our scoring coordinator for the event.


RE: Kevin and Michelle

We were able to help out Kevin and Michelle Busch at the Turkey Rock event by eating lots of real good food that they made for us, the funding helped them quite a bit.  The Baja Rally is over and they did great with a 6th overall and 2nd in their class.  Here's what she posted on her FB page...


“Great banquet last night got second in class sixth overall Iron Man challenge coin from from Mark stall and also $1000 from Mag 7 for our tenacity fireworks were incredible need lots of rest now


We did it again. What a ride. Blew the motor at 16 miles out Got a tow from bike 111 Bing hit the sand whoops crashed hard push the bike had a local load the bike in his truck and helped us get as close to the finish line as he could we push the bike for a mile to cross the finish.  Finished sixth overall and second in our class amazing.”

Whenever you think you are tough, consider doing what they've been doing while riding 2 up!

OHV Registration

There is a new rule for OHV registration that requires some proof of ownership to be submitted with a new OHV tag application.  As I understand it, you are fine if you are renewing, but if it's a new one you'll need to prove it's yours.

If you do not have a bill of sale or some other form of proof, you can go to a CPW office and have them verify the VIN and you can sign a form saying that it's yours.  This is new for CPW folks, so they are working through how to get it done and may be a bit confused for a bit.  I'll keep you posted as anything more comes out about it.

I've attached a notice about it that lists acceptable proof, as well as a bill of sale that you can use if you buy or sell anything that needs an OHV tag.

OHV Bill of Sale Template

OHV Registration Rule