Country Assignment Best Practices

Often times you find yourself in a situation where you have less students sign up for a conference than you expected. This is not a problem, but there is a certain way to deal with this that will be better for everyone’s conference experience.

Let’s start with an example of what NOT to do!

In this example you are filling 4 of the 14 spots you were assigned. However, you have completely filled all of your assignments in 2 committees while not filling any assignments in 5 committees! What would the conference look like if everyone did this? It would be 2 huge committees and 5 empty committees, not the best scenario.

This is an example of what your grid SHOULD look like.

How do you make sure delegates  sign up this was and not the other way? What you could do is limit the initial sign ups to only one country and only “reveal” the other assignment once you have filled all of the spots for your first country.

This way if you only have those four students sign up you can “return” the country of Mexico. This will allow schools that need more spots to be assigned the country you no longer need.

Other schools do a wish list. Students indicate their choices for committee placement and the advisor assigns them the country and committees.

(Thank you to Tustin HS MUN for providing this example)

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what system you use to place your delegates as long as you do your best to assure that you are not overloading certain committees. We appreciate your support and look forward to your participation at our conference.

For schools that have filled all of your spots and need additional country assignments hopefully this system will allow us to provide you with the additional spots you may need.