2017 Theme: “Better Together”

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El Centro Elementary

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Yountville Elementary

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 Inclusion Award Recipients and Nominators:s 


  1. Nancy Booth            Northwood Elementary                

Nancy is a special education teacher in Northwood’s TLC for students with emotional and behavioral challenges.  For over a decade she has mainstreamed her students into general education settings including having them participate in Ag. day through Napa County Farm Bureau.  Nancy engages families, colleagues and multiple community agencies in an endless effort to enrich the lives of her students in the least restrictive environment. (Nominator: Mike Coughlin)

  1. Jennifer Can            Silverado Middle School                

Jennifer in addition to holding her students accountable in the classroom, Ms Can has cheered her students on in community sporting events.  Ms. Can know, understands and creates opportunities to cultivate deeper relationships. (Nominator: Jen Strommen)

  1. Liz Corey                Canyon Oaks                                

Liz has embraced one of the students from our special day class at Canyon Oaks and made him one of her own in her classroom community.  He currently visits her for language arts where Liz is firm, but kind and accepting of who is and what he brings to her classroom.  This student was able to visit the Marin Mammal Center with her class. (Nominator: Jodi Andino)

  1. Susan Dawson        Canyon Oaks                                

Susan is an amazing speech/language pathologist who leads social communication groups so our friends with special needs can interact appropriately with typical age peers.  She helps many friends with autism to get past their meltdowns in order to have a successful school day.  She is the queen of visual supports and helps many students regulate themselves with these tools.  Sometimes she is seen at resource supporting a student in need.  She is at the heart of successful inclusion. (Nominator: Jodi Andino)

  1. Teresa Durham          Donaldson Way                        

Teresa has dedicated early mornings every day this year dedicating hours assisting special needs students with reading.  This reading practice along with the resource program reading intervention and other supports she has given has made it possible for students to succeed in general education classes.  She is a remarkable teacher, advocate, support system and case manager.  Teresa is highly regarded and deserving of the inclusion recognition and love she has given. (Nominator: Diane Messner)

  1. Karen Ferreira        West Park Elementary                        

Karen was nominated for many wonderful things for a particular student in her 2nd grade class including treating him like every other child in her class.  She offer support and understanding and her love even on student’s bad days.  She nevers sees the special in the child; she just sees the child.  In a school that is already exceptional and values inclusion, Karen stands out. (Nominator: Melissa Zewe)

  1. Lisa Gibson        Snow                                                

Lisa goes out of her way to find activities and modify them so students with special needs can participate.  She treats students with special needs exactly like the other kids in the class and in turn the children treat their peers with this same respect.  Lisa is loving, patient and kind.  Her creativity and inspiration is so inclusive.  In fact the whole kindergarten class could be nominated for this award because all support and include students with special needs. (Nominator: Olivia Querner)

  1. Ashley Griegg        Harvest                                

Ashley supported a student with special needs in 8th grade with the completion of the student’s International Baccalaureate Community Project.  Ashley helped our student pick a topic and guided the student in the steps necessary to be successful.  From this a new club at Harvest Middle School was created advertised and weekly meetings are held.  She empowered this young student with special needs to be a leader. (Nominator: Jenny Banta)

  1. Jill Johnson        NVUSD                                        

Jill is a truly the woman behind the curtain supporting teachers throughout the district to make so many things possible.  Jill has taken a more hands on role throughout the district supporting not only inclusion schedules for students but also the relationship building between our general education programs and functional skills staff.  NVUSD is fortunate to have Jill as an asset for our students and teachers. (Nominator: Terri Lynne Ricetti)

  1.      Erik Mitchell        Vichy Elementary                                

Erik was nominated by 3 individuals who have said he is a positive influence to all students in the class.  Through his work with children with special needs he demonstrates to others control, kindness and respect.  His tremendous ability to include all kids at recess by adapting games to accommodate each student’s needs in seen each day.  He encourages students to try to new activities to overcome their fears and challenges.  Because of Erik’s positive influence students are more confident. (Nominators: Andrea Wong, Katherine Falace, Shari Costanzo)

11.   Jackie Moore        Phillips                                                

Jackie works with several students with special needs in her general education class.  She make all children feel welcome.  She is patient and kind.  Students love her.  She does a stellar job of differentiating instruction so that students can be successful. (Nominator: Ann Brown)

12.   Jeff Page                El Centro                                        

Jeff is a PE teacher and is also referred to as “Coach Fun”.  Coach Jeff makes PE a fun experience for all students each and every week.  He is supportive and modifies lessons so every child succeeds and feels joyful.  Jeff is successful in including kids of all abilities and is amazing. (Nominator: Jenny Berg)

13.   Liz Prado                Snow                                                

Liz is a champion for the students with special needs.  She goes above and beyond to assist these students as they are included in the general education curriculum.  Liz always has great up to date ideas which help students, teachers and parents.  She is very patient but always challenges her students to do more and be successful. (Nominator: Margo Slack)

14.   Tracy Roeber        Snow                                                

Tracy was nominated by two individuals.  She teaches students with autism in grades 3-5.  She looks for opportunities for students to part of the general school community on every opportunity.  She collaborates with general education teachers and juggles schedules to ensure that the assignments are modified and the students are supported so they be successful in mainstream situations both academically and socially.  Tracy is passionate about helping students build self esteem as well as peer relationships which fosters inclusion at school. (Nominator: Margo Slack, Kimberly Crane)

15. Kathy Mathe                West Park                                 \

The kids love, love, love Kathy Mathe!  Kathy runs an after school program and is said to be the best!  Kathy welcomes all students.  She has gone out of her way to make all students feel at home in her classroom.  She works with them on homework which for parents is worth more than gold.  She knows how to reach students, help them understand and how to include them in everything.  She modifies whatever activity is needed to encourage participation.  She loves them and they love her.  She sees them that “just kids” and as the perfect little ones that they are.  She is truly a gift! (Nominator: Melissa Zewe)

16. & 17.   Steve Hatton & Richard Souza      Napa High                \

Steve & Richard are co-teachers at Napa High.  They are a true team as they work to integrate students with special needs into two separate college prep sophomore World History classes.  Co teaching isn’t for everyone and requires a special trust, respect and aim towards a common goal to create a successful partnership.  It also requires a genuine caring for all kids- those who learn easily and those who need extra support.  Steve and Richard in their goal to see all students succeed in class have become a unit, a team with a laser sharp focus on student success.  All student are comfortable listening, speaking, reading and writing in their classes.  Annie writes, “I believe that co-teaching when done well, is good for kids….Steve and Richard together are GOOD FOR KIDS.” (Nominator: Annie Petrie)