AISB Lunch Menu.

A clipboard sign-up sheet is available at the entrance near the Bagami/ supply store bulletin board for Secondary classes to order meals starting from the day before (after-school) until 7:30am then is available on bulletin board near the kitchen area until 9:30 (after recess) the following day. Students have the option of signing up daily and/or for the entire week.

***  Vegetarian meals are available ( upon demand in advance min 24 hours)***

N.B: Specific number of plates per menu option will be served daily, please pre-order a specific option ( #1 or #2) to avoid missing out on your favorite  meal of the day.

N.B: Students may return for extra portions of food after the first serving.

A variety of healthy snacks and sandwiches  are available ( ask Chef and/ or servers).

It’s important that students write their names on every ticket so we can return lost and missing tickets. Students should immediately inform Mrs. Amina about missing tickets.


  • Ticket format and color coding
  • 250 FCFA snack tickets are printed on yellow paper
  • 500 FCFA snack tickets are printed on white paper
  • 2000 FCFA lunch tickets are printed on green paper

Snack Ticket Prices- for booklet of 20 tickets (250F) or booklet of 10 (500F): 5,000 CFA

Lunch Prices (for booklet of 10 tickets): 20,000 CFA 

*** Tickets are ALWAYS available for purchase at the kitchen throughout the ENTIRE  day. (Ask for Chef Basile and/or Mrs. Amina).


Meal pass badges are available for parents wishing to pay for their child’s meal only once per quarter, per semester or per year. A meal pass includes 1 lunch and 2 snacks ( value of 500 FCFA) every day and gives the parents a nice discount:

  • Per quarter-      105.000 FCFA     (save 7,500 FCFA)
  • Per semester-   210.000 FCFA     (save 15,000 FCFA)
  • Per year-           425.000 FCFA     (save 25,000 FCFA)

Personalised badges with child’s name, grade and photo ( please send information & colored ID photo ASAP to school kitchen sealed)  are offered and will be presented daily to one of the East of Eden staff for their meals. Quarter, semester and/or year lunch- snack combo badges can also be requested by sending an email to