AISB Lunch Menu

Feb 13th – Feb 24th 

Monday (02/13)

Quiches; beans; fruit

Tuesday (02/14)

Meatballs; spaghetti; garlic bread; fruit

Wednesday (02/15)

Chicken Yassa with rice; fruit

Thursday (02/16)

Beef steak with green beans and carrots; fruit

Friday (02/17)

Pizza; salad; fruit

Monday (02/20)

No school

Tuesday (02/21)

No school

Wednesday (02/22)

Chicken fingers with couscous salad; fruit

Thursday (02/23)

Macaroni and cheese; salad; fruit

Friday (02/24)

Beef brochettes with mixed rice; fruit

Snack Ticket Price (for booklet of 20 tickets): 5,000 CFA

Lunch Portion Sizes & Prices (for booklet of 10 tickets)

Three (3) lunch portion sizes are available. Lunch tickets are sold in booklets of 10.

  • Small (Elementary & light eaters)

= 15,000 CFA

  • Medium (Secondary & adults)

= 20,000 CFA

  • Large

= 25,000 CFA

When students buy their tickets they should write their name on each ticket  so that lost tickets can be returned.