Chemistry Credit Recovery - Part A


COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course adheres closely to standards for the teaching of chemistry. It emphasizes the mathematical, theoretical, and experimental basis of modern chemistry. Emphasis is placed on the use of theoretical and mathematical concepts to explain and predict chemical behavior.



This course has been specifically built with the credit recovery student in mind. The course content has been appropriately grouped into smaller topics to increase retention and expand opportunities for assessment. Students engage in learning through multimedia activities, enhancing the information through contextual presentations. Post-topic quizzes are presented with each topic of content. Audio readings are included with every portion of content, allowing auditory learners the opportunity to engage with the course. Test pools and randomized test questions are utilized as well as unit exams, ensuring that students taking the course will not be presented with the same assessment content. The course included pre-topic vocabulary lists that introduce the content vocabulary in English and in Spanish.






REQUIRED TEXT:  No required textbook for this course


MATERIALS LIST: No required materials for this course.




Module I: An Introduction to Chemistry


·          Ethics and Pseudoscience

·          Scientific Research, Advances, Costs, and Benefits

·          Careers and Choices

·          Data and Measurement

·          Accuracy and Precision

·          Powers of Ten and Scientific Notation

·          Significant Figures

·          Safety in the Laboratory

·          Density Lab


Module II: Chemistry All Around Us


·          Classifying Matter

·          Physical Properties

·          Physical Changes

·          Chemical Properties

·          Chemical Changes

·          Chemical and Physical Changes Lab

·          Separating Mixtures

·          Separating Mixtures Lab


Module III: Atomic Structure


·          History of the Atom

·          The Changing View of the Atom

·          Quantum Theory

·          The Atom

·          Atomic Orbitals

·          Electron Configurations

·          Light and the Electromagnetic Spectrum

·          Atomic Spectra and Quantum Mechanics

·          Atomic Spectrum Lab


Module IV: The Periodic Table


·          History of the Periodic Table

·          The Modern Periodic Table

·          Elements

·          Isotopes

·          Valence Electrons and Ions

·          Naming Ions

·          Configuration Blocks

·          Periodic Trends


Module V: Elements Form Compounds


·          Bonds

·          Ionic Compounds

·          Covalent Compounds

·          Ionic and Covalent Bonds Lab

·          Resonance Structures

·          Molecular Shapes

·          Molecular Models Lab

·          Polar Bonds and Molecules

·          Intermolecular Forces

·          Hydrocarbons

·          Functional Groups and Polymers