Alluring Song

Warning: This content is intended for readers 18+

Chapter 1



Slender fingers reached out and caressed the surface of the water as it rushed over the bed of shimmering rocks. It was cool and refreshing as it cast a rejuvenating tingle over her skin. As soon as her touch left its soothing embrace she craved it again. Water had always been a sense of strength and comfort to her and she never strayed far from its call. Her long blonde hair that was almost as white as the wild flowers scattered upon the earth was loose and flowed over her shoulders, spilling down into the clear water of the small noisy river. The blonde tendrils wanted to be swept away in the current, a smile played on her full lips as a few small fish swarm toward her. They brushed against her skin as she gently stroked them. She always dreamed of letting the water carry her away, swimming away with the fish that passed by. When she touched their flesh she would sometimes get whispers and images of vast bodies of water, with endless depths and stretching out to where the sun meets the earth.


When she was a small girl she told her mother of her desires to swim away with the river to find waters so deep and wide and full of treasures to behold. Her mother feared her words and warned her of the dangers that would find her in the open waters, away from the shelter of their beloved home amidst the protection of the trees. She loved her mother and did as she asked like an obedient daughter but it did not stop the ache within her that grew as she did, desiring more than their secluded hideaway and the shallow waters that passed over their land. She wanted to dive into great depths and watch the sun sink into the water as night befell the sky. She was restless and craved a life she did not know.


“Lorelei!” Lorelei turned to her mother’s call in the distance, like a gentle song carried in the breeze.


“Coming Mother!” Lorelei retreated from the water with a sigh and watched the fish swim away with the pull of the water to a place that she could only dream about. She stood and straightened out her dress that was worn and faded with time. The material had become snug on her figure as she had changed and curved. She liked her new shape; it reminded her of her mother’s beautiful form. She always adored how her mother moved like and elegant dance that never ended.


Lorelei’s bare feet met the soft ground soundlessly as she skipped through the trees, her long hair floated behind her, clinging to the breeze. She had run through these grounds countless times. She would sometimes close her eyes and let her memory guide her through the obstacles that stood as familiar friends to her. Birds sang a new melody from the height of the trees and she listened and committed the tune to memory as she hummed along with it. Nature was always singing to her and when she listened, she could find the most beautiful music. The branches of the trees reached out to her as she passed, beckoned by her song. She reached up and brushed the soft leaves as she passed. Lorelei grinned as a small rabbit fell close behind her heels.


When she broke free of the tree line, their small house came into view. It blended in with the surroundings; the walls constructed of trees with the bark still adorned its surface. Smoke gently escaped the crumbling stone chimney and over the years it looked like the earth was slowly swallowing it as nature flourished around it and the structure aged. Lorelei stopped to grab her basket of ripe vegetables that she had gathered from the garden before continuing towards the house.


“Here little one.” She reached into her basket and pulled out a carrot and placed it in front of the almond colored rabbit. It nuzzled her hand before gathering her offering and retreating back into the cover of the trees. “Take care.”


The wooden front door complained loudly as she pushed it open. Her mother’s face smiled brightly in response to her arrival. “There you are…I always worry that something will happen to you when you are gone for so long, especially when you insist on wandering down the river.” Her mother’s relief was apparent in her voice as a relieved smile brightened her face.


Lorelei smiled reassuringly to calm her mother’s worries. “You worry too much mother. How can something so beautiful be dangerous?”


Her mother’s smile fell from her lips “Beautiful things are the most dangerous, my sweet Lorelei.”


“You are beautiful and there is nothing dangerous about you.” Lorelei smiled as she placed her basket upon the table. Her mother managed a weak smile but it did not carry to her eyes, she seemed lost in thought.


“You should come with me tomorrow. It might make you feel better to get out of the house.” Lorelei said encouragingly.


“You have no idea how wonderful that sounds darling but I must stay here. I am not well enough to venture outside these walls.” Her mother pushed her rocking chair gently. A constant rhythm that Lorelei had grown accustomed to hearing echoing through the small wooden house.


“You have been unwell for so long. Maybe it’s time to try something else, like lying in the sun or dipping your feet in the cool water. It might help?” Lorelei suggested with concern pulling at her heart. Her mother had been unable to leave the house for as long as she could remember, but she had always looked so beautiful to Lorelei. She didn’t understand what ailed her, robbing her of the pleasures of life. Her mother’s hair was as blonde as hers and fell in soft waves to her waist. Her fair skin was flawless and her eyes were a bright vibrant blue like the clearest waters but she was haunted with something Lorelei could not understand. It saddened Lorelei beyond measure that her mother suffered and she was powerless to help.


Lorelei had never seen her own reflection other than the distorted image on the surface of the water but her mother had told her that she had one green eye and one blue. One like her mother and one like her father. Lorelei had never met her father, he was only in her mother’s life for a short period of time and it had left a hole in her mother’s heart so deep that she could still see the sadness lingering in her eyes. When Lorelei asked about him she could see her mother’s condition worsen as her heartache grew anew. Eventually Lorelei stopped asking because she hated seeing her mother suffer more than she already was.


“Don’t worry, Lorelei, I will be fine. I am not going to leave you if that is what you worry for. I will be here for as long as you need me.” Her mother stopped rocking and looked at her.


“Then I need you forever.” Lorelei smiled which in turn earned a smile from her mother.


“Come here.” Her mother reached out toward Lorelei, beckoning her closer. Lorelei closed the distance between them, dropping to her knees and laying her head upon her mother’s lap. Her mother stroked her hair softly. She always had a gentle touch that brought immeasurable comfort.


“The rain is coming. I can feel.” Lorelei whispered with a smile.


“You are right.” Her mother ran her fingers through Lorelei’s long hair and began to hum. Lorelei loved her mother’s voice, it was magical. The sound of it was as soothing as the sun on a warm afternoon, or a cold glass of water to quench thirst. Lorelei listened to her mother’s song as the day faded into night. When the first drops of rain began to fall Lorelei smiled, lifted her head and met her mother’s smiling face. Heavy drops fell upon the roof like tiny footsteps, calling to them.


Lorelei jumped up from the floor and pushed open the wooden window, throwing her arms out into the rain that fell. “Hello rain!” Lorelei called out into the darkened sky. Lorelei skipped out the front door to meet the open sky. Her mother’s laughter floated out the window as Lorelei threw her arms out and spun around as the rain fell upon her skin. She couldn’t stop the eruption of laughter that escaped her as she danced under the falling rain. She loved the feel of it upon her skin, the feeling of strength that seemed to collect at her core with every drop that touched her flesh.


Lorelei looked up at her mother leaning on the window sill with her head upon her arms. She watched Lorelei dance in the rain, her beautiful blue eyes followed looked on lovingly. “Is there anything better than the rain Mother?” Lorelei called to her mother happily.


“Only you.” Her mother smiled at her causing her beautiful eyes to shine.










Chapter 2



20 years ago…


A young man walked down the river bank, his bare feet tracing its edge as he walked along its length. He loved the feel of the cool mud upon the soles of his feet. He wasn’t sure how long he walked but his steps did not stop and he followed where they led. He traveled through the trees, listening to the peaceful songs of the birds conversing high in the branches. It was quiet and he welcomed the sound of the breeze rustling the leaves and the water rushing over the earth on its journey.


Every tree, every plant whispered their secrets to him as he passed and he listened to their silent language and took comfort in their company. A smile spread across his lips as he revelled in the lush greenery that surrounded him. Bending down he ran his fingers over the soil, sinking his fingers into the giving earth. The feel of it beneath him and the sounds that carried around him acted as his guide. He lacked the sense of sight since his birth and relied on his other senses to lead him. He hated being dependant on others but out here in the forest where it was quiet with the river to direct him he could enjoy his independence, his freedom. He knew that he would never lose his way surrounded by the lavish green of the forest, a place he felt at home.


The river was warm from the summer’s sun and the earth moist from the thunder showers that poured heavily from the sky the night before. The sun was reaching it high perch and was already drinking the wetness that saturated the ground. Soon the earth would be dry and thirsty again because of the greedy sun.


An alluring song carried to him from a distance. It was the most beautiful sound he had ever heard. He followed it; the captivating voice drew him in. His pursuit took him away from the river. He moved deeper into the forest then he had ever ventured before. He gripped his walking stick even though amid the trees he was always sure on his feet; it was a comfort he had grown accustomed to. All of the sounds that he had listened to as he had started his journey through the forest quieted as if listening like him, to the lovely song. He knew that he should be cautious, the silence was a warning to him but he could not bring his feet to stay. When he drew closer he noticed the song had given way to tears. Gentle sobs had found him, a whisper in the breeze.


The weeping stopped suddenly, indicating that his presence was detected by the owner of the beautiful voice. “Are you alright?” He questioned his now silent surroundings. He didn’t move to approach further; instead he lingered in the tree line. He could feel the openness before him, the break in the center forest to where the song originated.


“I am now. What is your name?” The sound of the woman’s voice was so delicate and playful. A smile found his lips and his heart raced with excitement. He could not see this woman but he knew without a doubt that she was beautiful like the voice she presented. He could sense her, like the warm sun when it shone down upon his skin. She had an enthralling energy about her that he could not ignore, she was bewitching.


“My name is Edward. I was just walking along the river when I heard you.”


“Come closer, dear Edward.” She responded smoothly.


Edward took a deep breath and stepped out into the clearing despite the dangers that he could sense deep within him. He was not afraid and he welcomed what lay before him.

Chapter 3



Lorelei woke early the next morning; the sun was shining in her window and covered her like a warm blanket upon her skin. The birds called to her from the open skies energizing her to rouse from the comfort of her bed. The shuffle of her feet was the only sound in the house as she made her way over the wooden floor boards that creaked under her step. “Mother?” Lorelei called when she didn’t notice her presence in their small home. She looked around, calling out to her but was only met with an eerie silence.


Panic swelled in Lorelei’s chest as she stood before a door to a room that she had never entered. She had looked everywhere else and her mother was nowhere to be found. The door had always been locked and her mother insisted on keeping it that way but Lorelei didn’t know where else to look. When Lorelei was a small girl she had asked her mother why she had kept the door locked and her mother only replied with the fact that it held too many memories. She reached for the knob and tried to turn it, the lock still firm in its hold. She knocked upon it with a sense of building urgency. “Mother? Are you in there?” Lorelei leaned down and peered through the key hole but could only see shadows in the darkened room beyond. A shadow shifted in the room causing Lorelei’s breath to catch. “Mother?” She was met with silence on the other side of the door.


The front door slammed, causing her to jump. Her nerves were wound tight with her mother’s strange absence. She could feel that something was not right, strangeness settled in the air around her. She worried her mother’s condition had worsened and she was in need of help, she just needed to find her first.


Lorelei walked over to the front door that led out to the covered porch. The locks upon the doors were all secure and Lorelei ran her fingers over them curiously before she released them and pushed. It was wedged closed and Lorelei had to throw her body weight against the door to jar it.  Lorelei walked out into the early heat of the new day. She turned around scanning her surroundings that led to a thick treeline circling the house. The forest was unusually quiet; the birds did not welcome her as she approached the trees. Not even the breeze rustled the leaves around her; it was as if everything could sense what she could, the change in the air.


Lorelei kept walking, at a loss to where her mother could be. She arrived before the rushing water of the stream; the cool liquid embraced her as she stepped into the running body. She spun in a circle taking in her surroundings but she was only enclosed with more unsettling silence. “Mother.” Lorelei called hesitant to raise her voice as she continued downstream with the flow of the water.


“Go back.”


Lorelei spun around searching for the origin of her Mother’s voice. It carried through the air around her and she could not focus on a direction. “Where are you?”


A flock of birds erupted from the tree line in the near distance, alerting Lorelei. Before she could form thought, her feet were propelling her in that direction, darting through the trees. The passing trees blurred as her feet moved purposely. The air took on a strange taste in her mouth as she swallowed it in deep breaths. Bringing her feet to a sudden stand she tried to quiet her heavy breath. Everything around her gave warning of danger, the heavy air, the desperate silence of the creatures, even the trees trembled.


“Lorelei!” Her mother’s voice rang out urgently in her ears. It was then that she realized it was not her mother that she gave chase to. It was only her mother’s warning of danger that was with her, echoing in her mind. Lorelei remained perfectly still, but she knew that she could not blend in with her surroundings; her hair glowed against the endless green that surrounded her. She tried to steady her breath, concentrating on stilling herself. If she was lucky whatever stalked the forest would pass her by if she did not draw attention to herself.


The sound of a dry branch snapping screamed out in the silence causing her to turn with a gasp. Panic seized her as her eyes fell upon an unexpected intruder. Lorelei had lived in isolation from other people her entire life because of the dangers her mother spoke of, as well as the illness her mother suffered that left her unable to leave their home. Now she stood before someone that was larger than she thought possible. He towered over her in height, causing her to stumble backwards. His hair was as dark as the rich soil of the earth and reached his broad shoulders. His eyes were dark and piercing as he studied her under his scowling brow. Lorelei felt her heart race in a frenzied pace, feeling as though it was rising in her throat.


Lorelei looked up at the impossibly large man, trying to keep her legs from trembling. His jaw was square and covered in shadow; he looked hard and coarse everywhere that she was soft and smooth. His chest and stomach was covered with a hard metal shell, carved into a pattern that was nothing like her own lines. His arms were bare and bulged in a strange but captivating way that spoke of power and danger. He radiated dominance that both terrified her and intrigued her. She was overwhelmed, having no ability to mask her panic. She had no idea what his intentions would be and she feared she could not outrun him.


“Who are you?” His voice was deep and vibrated through his heavy chest. Lorelei’s eyes widened and her breath faltered in a strangled gasp, when he moved to approach. He waited for a response but only a whimper escaped her lips. He began to circle her as she stood silently trying to concentrate on continuing to draw breath. “What are you?” He asked when he came to stand in front of her again. This time so close she had to lean back to look up into his dark imposing eyes.  


“I asked you a question.” He leaned in toward her and she took a step back. “What are you?” He commanded with narrowed accusing eyes.


“I don’t understand what you mean.” Lorelei surprised herself when she was able to formulate her words. She tried to hold her shoulders back, exude some mock confidence but her body shook when she tried to command it.


“Are you a sorceress?” He asked tightly, tilting his head to the side. The movement made his hair fall forward, brushing against cheek bone. Lorelei found herself momentarily distracted by the strange thought of what his hair would feel like. Would it feel soft, despite his outwardly indelicate nature?


“No.” Lorelei swallowed exaggeratedly, her voice but a whisper. She watched him as his eyes remained darkly set on her. His strong jaw clenched, his gaze refusing to waver. She could only stare back at him as he seemed to be deep in thought, an inner battle that she could not even begin figure out.


“Then what are you?” He continued to study her, raking his eyes up and down her body.


Lorelei’s flight response reeled. She turned quickly, pushing off at a hurried pace, attempting to gain as much distance as she could. She could feel the man behind her; no matter how fast she willed her feet to move, weaving through the trees, he was on her tail without falter. His large hand slipped around her waist and he pulled her back, lifting her feet from the ground as he held her against him. Lorelei’s scream rang out as she struggled against him. He wrapped his arms around her, restricting her arms so she couldn’t fight him.


“If you stop moving and promise not to run again, I will let you stand.” He spoke in a hot breath against her ear. Lorelei tried to ignore the heat that spread across her skin with the caress of his words. The feeling was completely at odds with the fear that fueled her blood. This man was too strong; her struggles were useless against his powerful hold. She was exhausting herself needlessly; she realized she should be conserving her energy for a more opportune time.


Lorelei stopped moving, nodding in response but remained silent. She knew that she was no match for him, regardless of his intentions. “I don’t want to hurt you but if you force my hand I have no choice.” He slipped his hand from around her waist quickly like it pained him to touch her, though he remained close. Once her feet were firmly upon the ground, she turned around facing him, stepping back slightly.


“What are you doing here…” He waved his arm at their surroundings. “Wandering in these woods?”


“I live here.” Lorelei’s voice was pitiful to her own ears. She took a deep breath and tried to gather strength.


“What do we have here?” Lorelei turned at the arrival of a new man, a chill assaulting her when her eyes fell upon him. As much as the first man before her was large and imposing, this one was beyond terrifying. He had a dark energy that caused the small hairs upon her skin to rise. Though he was not as tall as the first, he was no less imposing. His dark eyes whispered evil intent as they drank her in. His hair hung straight and lifeless around his hallowed sharp face, shadowed with a dark cast of growth upon his chin. Lorelei shrunk back from his approaching form.


“Not so fast.” Her founder reached out and grabbed her arm, stopping her retreat.

“What did you find, Ajax?” The new man drew out his words like a slithering snake. He reached out for her, a sinister smile upon his face. All of her mother’s warnings, of men and people flooded her mind. She wasn’t prepared for this; she wished desperately that she had asked her mother more questions about how to defend herself against others. She had no clue what these men could be capable of or how to stop them. She stood before them now, defenseless. “She’s spectacular.” He studied her face with a devious glint in his eye.


“Let go of me!” Lorelei struggled against Ajax’s hold. He refused to give her any slack to retreat from the dark man surveying her.


“She’s a fighter too.” A smile curled his lips as he stood too close before her. “This must be my lucky day.” The unsettling stranger reached up and touched her hair curiously, then his fingers began trailing down the length of her neck to her chest, grazed the opening of her dress before pulling the fabric down to reveal more flesh.


“Don’t touch me!” Lorelei reached up to knock his hand away, the same time Ajax stepped between her and the man’s unwanted touch.


“That’s enough Marcus!” Ajax voice commanded, forcing Lorelei behind him, his hand still firm upon her arm. The two men confronted each other with loaded gazes before Marcus stepped away, his arms raised in surrender despite the sneer upon his lips.


“You want a turn first?” Marcus raised a brow. “Go ahead… but I will have mine.” He added with heavy warning.


“No. We are taking her back to camp.” Ajax’s tone left no room for negotiation as he faced off with Marcus. Lorelei feared her fate should things become physical between the two men.


“You cannot take me anywhere.” Lorelei tried to pull away but Ajax’s hold on her tightened, no amount of struggling seemed to lessen it. A silent agreement came to pass between the two men, causing the tension in the air to discharge noticeably.


“Sorry sweetheart. You are coming with us.” Marcus stepped forward with a cloth he pulled from his belt and pulled it down over her head. The last thing she saw before the cloth blinded her was Marcus’ sinister sneer. “I make no promises for your well-being.” He chuckled close to Lorelei. His nearness made a cold chill spread over the surface of her skin despite the heat of the sun.


“Please don’t.” Lorelei tried to resist. Rough hands grabbed her wrists and began tying her hands behind her back. She knew it was Marcus by the way he leaned in close to her so she could hear his disturbing breath. His touch was harsh and invasive as he bound her and guided her feet to an unknown destination. He insisted on nudging her with excessive force, causing her to stumble on unsure feet.  


“Marcus.” Ajax warned.


The next time that someone placed their hands on her was only when necessary to guide her steps. His touch was gentle and never strayed from her shoulder, she knew it was Ajax. She could smell him, his woodsy musk that somehow was more appealing than blooming flowers on a spring day. “Please let me go. I will disappear and you will never see me again.” Lorelei whispered desperately beneath the stifling cloth.


“You will no longer be able to hide in this forest.” Ajax spoke low. “You cannot be forgotten.”


“What do you plan to do with me?” Lorelei asked, her voice laced with her panic but she was awarded no answer, only the encouragement to continue moving.











Chapter 4


Arthur sat in his chamber, leaning back in his exquisite armchair he had commissioned by the finest furniture maker in the land. He ran his fingers over the plush fabric of the arm rests; it was lush and the stitching flawless. He had to pay a small fortune for it, like most of his possessions he cherished and that now occupied his chambers. The fabricator of this very piece stood before him, awaiting his approval. Leofrick Chaucer had a reputation of excellence with his ability to create the finest furniture but even with his well acclaimed skill the man practically shook before him. A glistening sheen of sweat covered his skin as he awaited Arthur’s comments. Arthur revelled in his power and how he could wield it over others. He enjoyed the man’s discomfort before him, the way his hands nervously gripped each other.


The chair was worthy of praise but Arthur would not give it, not even hint of his satisfaction he let be known of Chaucer’s work. He was above making others feel good; after all, even with Chaucer’s fame among the people for his craftsmanship he was beneath him and always would be.


“It will do.” Arthur breathed nonchalantly. He reached into his breast pocket of his vest and presented a leather pouch of coin. Holding it out, Chaucer accepted it with trembling hands. Chaucer opened the pouch and a slight scowl presented upon his features.


“Excuse me, Your Highness, but I thought we had agreed on the amount…” Chaucer’s voice faded and his sudden rise of confidence left him as soon as his words passed his lips.


Arthur tilted his head with an irritated expression. “You were commissioned by the royal family and bestowed a great honor and yet you find words to complain?”


“No Your Highness, I am honored.” He bowed before the Prince.


“You are dismissed.” With much relief in his voice Chaucer’s feet were quick to guide him from the room.


Servants awaited outside Arthur’s door to assist him. The shadow upon his chin grew quickly in recent times. His youthful face had made the transition. It was not the only changes that were brought about by the arrival of his manhood. He craved supremacy like he craved the pleasures of a woman. It was an appetite he could not satisfy, a duty he had been molded toward since he was a child. He was the heir to the throne.


Mera, a curvaceous brunette sauntered into the room carrying a tray of grooming products. “Your Highness.” Mera awaited his nod of approval before she continued her approach. A petite redhead followed closely on Mera’s heels. She was a new servant added to his staff and Arthur had yet to appreciate her upon closer view. He was pleased to see that she was accompanying Mera this morning and he could now see what she had to offer. The redhead’s eyes stayed lowered in obedience but an innocent smile graced her lips. He could feel her captivation of him, feel her awe being in the presence of royalty. Women were drawn to his power, position and wealth, always so willing to please him. A smirk found his lips as he observed her figure under her plain gown. Her skin was pale and smooth in youth and it was something he appreciated.


The redhead stepped forward with the cream awaiting his permission to apply it to his face. He nodded, setting her in motion while Mera waited with a sharpened blade. Her small unsure hands shook nervously as she applied the lather. Her lashes fluttered up meeting Arthur in the eyes briefly before they skirted down, a vibrant pink colored her cheeks. His eyes stayed trained on the redhead’s petite physique as Mera slid the blade along his chin. The shy girl stood aside, her eyes remained downcast as she twisted her fingers in the material of her skirt. Arthur felt he rightfully deserved what he wanted and right now he craved flesh anew.


“Come closer.” He waved the redhead closer. “What is your name?”


“Anne, Your Highness.” She offered with a sweetness that made his groin respond. He appraised her with a lingering look.


“Take off your dress Anne.” He asked as casually as he would for a cup of tea. He basked in her surprise as her bright green eyes flickered up towards his for a moment with a widened expression.


Mera set the blade down, attending the back of Anne’s dress without falter. Anne’s hands shook as she reached up to grasp the material that slackened around her neck. Mera had been in Arthur’s personal service for a little over a year now and she was used to his requests, undaunted by his hunger for flesh. Being a servant to the royal family brought ones family great honour and Arthur learned early that this meant that they were very willing to please, while remaining tight lipped about the goings-on of the castle to secure their positions. Mera had always been a favorite of his, she had curves that could bring a man to tears and she could work her body like a seasoned whore. Although it did not stop his wandering eye from seeking out all pleasures that were available to him, like the fair beauty that now stood before him. He would not deny himself.


The fabric fell from Anne’s shoulders revealing more of her lovely pale flesh. His eyes took in the swell of her breasts and the curve of her hips. He enjoyed gazing upon raw female beauty, making his body react with need. “Tell me Anne. Have you known a man?” The subtle gasp that escaped her lips excited Arthur, increased his appetite.


“No…No Your Highness.” She stumbled. Her innocence famished him and she looked delectable.


“Then it is about time you have.” He smiled. “On your knees and please me until I tell you to stop.” He instructed her. He watched Anne with an impatient glare as she fought through her hesitation.


“Is there a problem?” He raised his brows at her.


“No Your Highness.” Anne slowly lowered in front of him.


“Shall I finish your shave, Your Highness?” Mera asked with her usual sultry, sensual voice.


“Very well.” Arthur leaned back and unbuckled his pants in front of the trembling Anne who awaited him with an unsure expression.  Mera moved the blade in sure even strokes across his chin. “All done, Your Highness.” Mera smiled, wiping the remaining cream from his face with a cloth.


Arthur grew impatient with Anne’s tentative touch. He reached out, threading his fingers through Anne’s tightly braided hair, pulling her down harder upon him until she gagged around his pulsing erection. “I am a man who does not like a gentle touch.” He pulled Anne’s head back and looked into her eyes, she gasped from the pain his grip bestowed her. “Mera.” Arthur called the brunette’s attention while his eyes bore into Anne’s.


“Yes, Your Highness?” Mera wiped the blade and set it upon the tray before she turned to him.


“Show our innocent Anne how to please me.” He released Anne with a rough hand, causing her to whimper and lean back on her heels.


Mera dropped to her knees beside Anne, taking the girls hands she instructed her how to touch him in the way that Mera had learned he preferred long ago. He throbbed with pleasure seeing their small feminine hands on him; it took all his energy not to thrust his hips against their workings. Mera confidently showed Anne how to grip him, how to stroke him. Arthur took notice of the redness that took over Anne’s face, stretching down her chest to her full exposed breasts. How it excited him to see such color on her pale skin. It was the color of lust, pain and rage, all of the emotions that he embraced. He was aroused and his appetite clawed from his insides, his hands grasped the arms of his chair until the wood groaned in protest.


An abrupt knock on the door caused a growl of frustration to erupt from him. He had every intention of ignoring the request but the door swung open regardless. The lack of protests from his guards gave immediate awareness to who entered without allowance. His mother promenaded into his room with her usual air of power, expecting all the pieces to fall how she demanded.


Both girls tending to him shrunk back with lowered heads. “Your Majesty.” The girls proclaimed in unison, unable to mask their surprise and unease as to how they were discovered by their gracious Queen.


A look of disgust marred his mother’s perfect face. “Arthur Dear, why must you consort as such with the servants?” Her voice was lacking of emotion as her eyes took in the two girls kneeling before him.


“Mother.” He returned the same cold water tone of his mother. “You will get wrinkles if you scowl as such.”


His mother smoothed her features and took a slow deep breath. She was truly exquisite for a woman of her age. The entire kingdom was in wonderment of their ageless Queen. Her long golden hair, like his own, hung to her waist. Her eyes were emerald blue and her skin was flawless. The people loved her purely for her beauty. “There are so many noble women vying for your attentions and you insist on spending time with whores and servants.” His mother continued into the room, not a care to her son’s current state of undress or the women huddled before him saliva wet upon their lips.


Arthur waved the girls away. Anne quickly collected her dress as Mera guided her toward the other side of the room. “Those women bore me. They speak of nonsense and will only open their legs if I promise to make them royalty.” Arthur buttoned his pants, unashamed that his mother had spied his manhood or the actions in which he sought release.


His mother sighed as she considered his words. “Men are such insatiable creatures.” She smiled thoughtfully before brushing the hair from his face. Arthur looked like his mother with the same intense blue eyes. She leaned forward and caressed his cheek with the back of her fingers. “We are hosting the Waltham’s for dinner this evening. You will do well to be in attendance.” His mother glanced over toward the soundless women in the room. “Finish up dear, your training awaits.” She leaned in and kissed him upon his lips before she swept from the room leaving her scent to fill the air. Her lavender perfume almost felt suffocating as it lingered around him, invading his senses.


Arthur stood abruptly, his chair grated against the floor in a horrific sound that echoed throughout the room. Anger boiled inside him, his mother thought to control him like she did his father. He would not be her puppet; he would not be a pawn for her to play in her game. He swiped the contents of the table with his arm causing them to crash upon the floor. Water and cream sloshed upon the floor and the bowl clattered loudly causing a gasp from the terrified Anne. In his moment of rage he had forgot about the women awaiting him. His appetite came back with vengeance when his eyes fell upon the undressed Anne, graspping her dress tightly to her bosom. Mera, on the other hand looked hungrily back at him.


Arthur pulled open his shirt causing the buttons to spray across the wooden floor and roll in every direction. He stalked across the room toward the women. A familiar light flared in Mera’s eyes before he claimed her mouth savagely, pulling the dress from her body while pushing her back against the dresser roughly. Her nails pulled at his flesh leaving angry red trails that excited him; made him hard with lust. He pulled back from her, and watched as she reached up to touch her swollen lips as a smile curled upon them.


Arthur turned his attention toward Anne, looking terrified from the rough display of affection. He reached up with his hand and curled his fingers around Anne’s neck. Her eyes widened desperately as she whimpered against his hold. She dropped her dress and frantically clawed at his hand that squeezed tightly around her slender neck. “You will please me.” He breathed in her face, biting the soft flesh of her cheek. A tear slipped from her eye and over her cheek, red from the assault of his teeth.

With substantial force he pushed her towards the bed causing her to tumble; she steadied herself with her hands as Arthur came up behind her pinning her to the bed with his body weight. “I want to hear your screams, Anne.” He breathed hotly against the back of her neck.


Mera unfastened his pants and pulled them from his hips, freeing him. Mera climbed upon the bed completely naked, leaning back upon the pillows, exposing herself and letting her fingers explore her own flesh. Arthur forced Anne’s hands behind her back, causing her to sob louder as she was forced to lean over the foot of the bed, pinned by his unrelenting weight. Anne was terrified; he could feel her body tremble beneath his. His eyes remained on Mera as he brought his hand down forcefully against Anne’s round smooth bottom. The sound of slapping flesh was thrilling to his ears as well as Anne’s scream that rang out in the room, her protests continuing as he claimed her without holding back. Raw and savage, he took her innocence.