What is AppPack?

AppPack uses modern technology to make sharing information simple.

Professionals hand out business cards, distribute brochures, print business directories, send people to websites or use a variety of advertising systems that land people on a page only to have them leave and seldom return.

The problem isn't that it's done this way, the problem is these methods don't take into account how technology has evolved, nor how people use their mobile devices as a primary point of reference today. These other methods required the person on the receiving end to take the extra steps necessary to transfer the information from the business card, read through a printed directory, pull out brochures or re-visit websites.

AppPack is designed to accommodate the changing technological landscape and be a solution that could solve the fundamental problem. People need an simple and convenient way to keep information so it can be re-used later. AppPack achieves the same goal as all these paper and online methods, but handles it in such a way that the experience is simple and painless for consumers.

How AppPack works:

A professional shares their profile and service information for consumers to collect.

A Professional creates their profile with usual contact information found on their business card, company directory, brochure and website. They also can include separate contact information for their company. This makes it convenient for consumers to have all contact information in one place.

A Professional can enhance their profile with some modern things, such as a video introduction plus a second video for their product or service. The first video is more to introduce a person, while the second introduces, or educates a consumer on their product or service.  There is even a dedicated third video to introduce the company.

A Professional can add marketing materials such as digital literature, articles, presentations, product demonstrations, testimonials, audio files, offers and anything else a new customer should have.

A Professional shares their profile out through a variety of ways using a link or QR code on things like business cards, email signatures and existing marketing material. This enables consumers to collect their profile information, easier from everywhere, even events, conferences and client meetings.  

Consumers can pick up the information either online or in a free mobile app.

Method 1: online in computers

A consumer can click a link and instantly see a person's profile. A profile link never changes, so it can be used over and over again in nearly every place you can imagine. It can even be turned into a QR code for online and offline marketing.

Method 2: in an smartphone app

A consumer uses the iOS or Android mobile app, and scans a QR (or type a persons code) and has a person's profile saved to their phone automatically in seconds. 

The benefit of both a mobile app and a website means there is no restriction how or where consumers see the information, and consumers can use any device they have. The smartphone app stores the information for long term use, while automatically synchronizing any changes the professionals make.

Organizations can leverage the AppPack system in multiple ways

AppPack is also a platform that allows organizations to use it for their own needs and incorporate revenue streams.

The AppPack directory tool can be used for your members and their profiles, as well as to include sponsors and affiliates, plus category keyword sales.

The AppPack event tool allows for registrations, check-ins, name tag printing, statistics, bulk emailing, and provides your audience a simple way to take away information on exhibitors and speakers.

There are always increasing possibilities with the AppPack platform.

Member benefits of AppPack

Being accessible is the best place to start. Start by adding to your AppPack profile.

Make it easy for prospects to get to know you. Include whatever contact information people should contact you by, including Phone, Email, Professional Website, Office Address, LinkedIn, Facebook, GooglePlus, Twitter, your biography, your photo, and even make a 20-40 second video or voice recording introducing yourself telling any viewer why and when they need to reach out to you.

Setting your profile once, saves you time with each client and get you new referrals.

Recording a video of yourself can be done in less than a couple minutes with just a smartphone!

   - If you need something to say, we have sample scripts available (no charge)

   - If you need some tips on how to record a video of yourself, we have a tip sheet available (no charge)

   - If you need somewhere to upload your video, we suggest YouTube (no charge)

   - If you want your video to have some extra flair, we can do video editing! (additional charge)

Use AppPack as a way to include information you normally send new prospects. Things like do's & don'ts, product information, articles on benefits, and even make a short video to really make an impression.

Create your own member network and reach more people

Link profiles of other members to your mobile profile, creating your own preferred network of professionals. Consumers can now quickly reach anyone you've recommended vs. searching on their own. Encourage your network to link you to them. As you each refer yourself out through marketing, the entire team gets seen together, and offers each of you an opportunity to work with the consumer to determine their needs and refer them back to someone in your network instead of an outside competitor moving the consumer into their own network of people.

As you speak to clients, let them know that your profile includes a network of professionals who can  answer other questions that come up. Also, inform your professional network that referrals have their contact information and will start contacting them directly as a result of you.

Also, your profile has information about your services that can be used by other people, so tell customers it's ok to share your profile with friends through email, text messaging and scanning phone-to-phone.

Integrate AppPack with your existing marketing methods. Add your AppPack profile link and QR code to your marketing materials, business card, websites, LinkedIn profile and email signature.

Informing your clients about AppPack is as simple as saying:

"John, I want to make it easy for you to keep tabs on me. I use a tool called "AppPack" that allows you to enter my special code and have my information and materials on your phone in seconds. There's no fee or registration required, your privacy is important to me, which is why I use this tool for my clients. Just so I can be sure you have my information correctly, could you please download "AppPack" from your app store so you can enter my code: "ABC123". Now that you have it on your phone, all my information is there, plus my network of people I work with. Everything stays up to date, and it's easy for you to share this information with your spouse. I always appreciate referrals if I do a good job for you, and using the share icon in the upper right, you can share my AppPack profile with anyone privately so they can contact me directly whenever they have a question. Also, you can get the same information on your computer from the link in my email signature."

Consumer benefits of AppPack

Collect information, privately.

AppPack allows you to collect information in a private and convenient way using your smartphone.

Have everything about a person in seconds.

You can type a short 6 character code and instantly have that person's name, email, photo, office address, website, facebook, twitter, linkedin, and google plus information a click away. You can also meet this person from a recorded video, and have access to their company information too so that you can do your own background research more conveniently, and all from one place.

Convenient access to information and materials whenever and wherever

AppPack means never having to remember who you met and when. Just enter a search term, and the people you do business with, show up. You can connect directly with them by phone, email, or even their social sites.

One simple app to handle business information better.

The AppPack app is free in iOS and Android app stores. There is no registration required to use the app. It allows for unlimited collecting of profiles. The app has no pop-up advertisements or in-app purchases either. AppPack is a free tool that lets you quickly keep others people profiles and business information on your phone, while letting the person update their profile and business information if it changes.

Simple way to share with multiple people.

When you want to refer a professional who has a great product or service, you can do so in seconds. Use the share icon and send the entire profile including product information to a friend who needs it. Since all the information is on their phone, your friend can look at it first hand.

Efficient and paperless.

If you attend trade events or business conferences, use the AppPack app to quickly take away speaker and exhibitor information on your phone so you don't have to collect heavy bags of paper. Being able to keep that information close makes it efficient to search and connect back with exhibitors even months later.

Association benefits of AppPack

AppPack is a robust professional profile tool that can address multiple facets of a typical association or business network. From member retention to new revenue opportunities, AppPack covers many needs.

Member satisfaction.

Revenue opportunities.

PR & marketing benefits.

AppPack Member Directory - Revenue Options

AppPack allows you to generate revenue from your member directory through:

  1. Charging for Keywords, categories and locations
  2. Displaying a sponsored logo at all times, for specific members, or randomly with results.

All revenue is 100% to your association, and can be recurring revenue source.





AppPack Member Directory - Setup Steps

As we begin setting up the Member directory and Member profiles, it's a good idea to know the steps that are coming and what is needed, and who is taking each step.


We will pause in between steps to ensure everything is done successfully.

  1. (ASSOCIATION) Export your Regions with containing cities and send to ubersimple
  2. (ASSOCIATION) Export your Categories (also known as "keywords") and send to ubersimple
  3. (ASSOCIATION) Export your Member Profile data and send to ubersimple
  1. Or have members complete an online form to store their most current details
  1. (UBERSIMPLE) Ubersimple will scrub the data for bad formatting and upload the cleaned data
  2. (UBERSIMPLE) A report and CSV file of the uploaded data will be emailed to your staff confirming the initial import success.
  3. (UBERSIMPLE) A link to your Member directory will be provided to your staff for review, along with code to embed into your website. Remote assistance from Ubersimple is provided to embed this within your website as part of setup. All changes should be addressed at this step.
  4. (UBERSIMPLE) A Welcome email will be created by Ubersimple and sent to your staff for review to announce the new system to your members.
  5. (ASSOCIATION) Your staff will send the welcome email to members. PDF collateral will also be available for you to mail to members.
  6. (UBERSIMPLE) Ubersimple servers will email each member their password for online and mobile editing. Including training materials and support information.

AppPack Member Directory - Preparation Email

Here is a sample introductory template that can be sent to members to alert them to the new directory being put in place.


Dear Members,

As part of our initiative to move our technology forward, we are going to be implementing a new online and mobile directory that will include personal profiles for each of you.

Take a sneak peek at it here: (directory url)

We are excited to offer you this valuable tool to help you get more referrals and more money!

It is IMPORTANT that we have your most accurate contact information please send us your:

cell phone

work email

office address

Check your email and expect more exciting news and details in the coming weeks.

AppPack Member Directory - Announcement Email

Here is a sample welcome email  template that can be sent to members to provide them information about your new Member directory.


Dear Members,

Our excitement can not be contained as our new Member Directory is almost complete!

All that needs to be done now is input the final and most important part…


Thanks to those of you who have sent us your up to date information already, if you are unsure if your information is up to date please check by using our new directory.

Be on the look out for an email with the subject “NHHBA Member Directory Login” this will contain your new login information so you can take control of your own profile and include things like:

Thank you, for your continued cooperation in this exciting progression of our association!


AppPack Member Directory - Welcome Email

Here is a sample of the welcome email Ubersimple sends out with login info.



Login info: New Hampshire Home Builders Association Member Directory



Your profile has been added to the NHHBA Member Directory and is ready to be edited in 3 steps:


Login email:                 [MEMBER_EMAIL or PLACEGHOLDER_EMAIL]

Password:                 [RANDOM_PASSWORD]

Link to directory:         http://www.hbranh.com/en/member-resources/find-a-member

Once you like your new profile hit the "Save" button at the top and then "Logout"

Additional Online Help can be found at:  http://ubersimple.com/products/directory/how-to 

Ubersimple is proud to be a technology provider to your association's member directory.


Team Ubersimple




AppPack Member Directory - Reminder Email

Here is a sample of a reminder email  template that can be sent to members to provide them information about your new Member directory.


Dear Members,

Our new member directory is here to help you grow your business!

Several of you have added the necessary details and there are a few of you who are getting around to it.

The good news is that we have scheduled four dates where you can come into the office and have your profile completed in 15 min. The cost of this service will be $50 a person and will include your:

You can use any of the pictures and videos for your own use.

RSVP here (link) for your time slot or just stop in on  Date 1, Date 2, Date 3, Date 4 (2 weeks before show)

Whether you attend the 15 minute sessions to get your profile completed or do it yourself at home, it is important that all members have their profile completed as soon as possible as they will play a big part in our upcoming event the (HOMESSHOW LINK) in March

Once again we thank you for your continued support as we move forward with our new member directory.


AppPack Member Directory - Data Requirements (1 of 3)


Below are the initial export data requirements for creating your member directory.

Your current system should allow for either an export or report.  All information should be public business information only as the Member directory will allow consumers to reach your members.  

"When in doubt - leave it out." - It can always be added by the member themself.

*Optionally, you can email an online form to your members and your members can enter their most current details and we can use this as the base for the import as well as provide you an exact copy of the data to update your records. To use this option, please let us know and we will email you the link to the form with instructions.


The initial import needs a .CSV (Comma Separated Value) file. If you are unable to provide a .CSV formatted file, please contact our Tech Team (Team@Ubersimple.com or 267-777-8237) for an alternative format.

Exporting the columns with the name shown and in the order shown is ideal.

The Member Directory and AppPack profile system allows for storing company information in addition to their individual information. When exporting the data, use the "Member" columns for Member information and "Company" columns for Company information. Doing so will give the member an opportunity to fill in missing information easier. Data can be used in multiple places if needed (i.e. the same address for the Member's office is the same as the company office)

The CSV export should be emailed to Team@ubersimple.com or you may email us a link to your server or even use a DropBox share to the same email.

AppPack Member Directory - Data Requirements (2 of 3)


Below are the various details we can import for your members' profiles.

The MemberID (or MemberCode), MemberName and MemberEmail are required fields, everything else is optional, but encouraged to be loaded upfront. Members can remove/edit information easily themself after they see their profile for the first time.  All columns should be exported as "Text" (also known as "String" format).

Name column as:

The column should contain:


A unique NUMBER identifier for your member.


A unique set of characters for your member.


Member Full Name (as First Name Last Name)

or two columns with First Name and another for Last Name


Member Email address


Member Work Phone number (direct dial # only)


Member Office Address


Member's Website for themself at their company


Member's LinkedIn public profile website


Member's Facebook website


Member's Twitter website


Member's Google plus website


Member's Video Introduction as a YouTube link


Member's Photo as a link (can be a link from their website, facebook, LinkedIn, etc)


Member's Bio as a paragraph (no formatting)


Company Name


Company Email address


Company Work Phone number


Company Office Address


Company's Website for themself at their company


Company's LinkedIn public profile website


Company's Facebook website


Company's Twitter website


Company's Google plus website


Company's Video Introduction as a YouTube link


Company's Photo as a link (can be a link from their website, facebook, LinkedIn, etc)


Company's Bio as a paragraph (no formatting)


All the region names the member should be listed in


All the categories the member can be searched by

AppPack Member Directory - Data Requirements (3 of 3)


Below is a sample of what data should look like. Please provide the data in the format shown. Some fields can accept the data more than one way and show "OR" indicating you can use either format.

Column Name

Sample of the data we expect


30    (Note: At least MemberID or MemberCode are needed, both are preferred)


NH0030  (Note: At least MemberID or MemberCode are needed, both are preferred)


Brad Durbin




615-746-7531  OR 6157467531  OR (615) 746-7531


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https://plus.google.com/+BradDurbin OR +BradDurbin


http://youtu.be/jFl9skxawnA OR jFl9skxawnA




Business and technology are two of my passions. I love to find new ways to make my work life simpler using technology so that I can help others.

AppPack is a creation of mine to help people share who they are quickly and easily. Like any great technology, it does so much more too, but there is time to learn that.


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Everything we do removes extra steps in an otherwise complex or mundane chore to make computers and mobile phones fun, fast, and efficient.


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