SoCal Water Babies Lesson Guidelines
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SoCal Water Babies Lesson Guidelines

Thank you enrolling your child in SoCal Water Babies swim school. The following guidelines have been outlined and created to allow you to provide your child with the best and safest experience during his or her participation in our lessons. These guidelines have been established based on 10 years of experience and they exist to protect the health and wellbeing of your child. Please review the following list carefully and address all questions to your instructor. THANK YOU!

General Guidelines:

Please be on time for your lesson! Arrive early enough to allow time to change your child before their lesson time. If you are late you will be able to choose between a shorter lesson that day or you are welcome to wait for the next open time spot.

All children who are not completely potty trained MUST wear a non-disposable swim diaper. “Huggies” disposable swim diapers are not a substitute. This helps to eliminate fecal and urine contamination of the swimming pool. Please limit bathroom use for emergencies only.

Please keep all children, not currently participating in lessons, seated quietly next to you. Do not allow them in or near the water. It is distracting and unsafe to the instructor and student in the water if other children are running around or trying to play in the water.



Payment is due on Monday. If you are a grant recipient, payment is handled by First5 directly with your instructor. Please make payment to SoCal Water Babies. We accept Check, Cash and Credit Card

Food Rules:

Diet is an important aspect of your child’s lesson experience. Your child should not consume any dairy within 2 hours of their lesson time slot. In addition, infants and toddlers should food for at least 1-hour of activity time. Please take this into consideration when determining a lesson time with your instructor.


Illness, Vacations and Make up lessons

Consistency is important when learning these skills. Bringing your child every day will increase the rate of progress and retention. Please give your instructor a two-week notice before any planned vacations and contact your instructor directly if your child has a prolonged illness.

Illness: Children can safely take swim class if they have a runny nose or low-grade temperature (under 100 degrees). For your child’s health, we require every parent to bring two towels to each lesson. The use of two towels on the pool deck helps to reduce the risk of spreading communicable disease. If you are unsure as to your child’s ability to safely participate in lessons, call your instructor for verification of your child’s readiness to swim.

Weather: When in doubt as to whether class is being held with regards to weather, call or text your instructor a half-hour before your class time to confirm. Do not assume class is cancelled as weather may

differ at your instructor’s pool location.

Make Up Lessons: will be offered only in the case of pre-announced family vacations, prolonged illness, weather cancellation, or instructor cancellation. These lessons should be arranged between the instructor and you, the Parent.

Pictures and Videotaping:

Videotaping of Lessons is allowed once a week on Thursday. It is distracting to your instructor to have cameras out all day so please limit your photos as much as you are comfortable with.


Please park as close to the residence / facility as possible to avoid disruption to the neighbors. Please go directly around back to the pool. RIVERSIDE LOCATION: STREET SWEEPING IS TUESDAY MORNING. IF YOUR LESSON IS BEFORE 9:00AM, PLEASE PARK IN THE DRIVEWAY!

Cathryn Van Der Linden

So Cal Water Babies

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