Properties of Water  8E1.1

Water is a __________ molecule: A water molecule is composed of two  ____________ atoms and one ___________ atom.


 Notice that one side of the molecule has a __________ (+) charge and the other side has a ___________ (-) charge.  The molecule has poles.

Because water molecules are __________, they are attracted to each other like tiny magnets.  This gives water special properties.

Special Properties:  Cohesion, Adhesion, Surface Tension, Capillary Action, Specific Heat

_______________:  The ___________ between 2 of the ___________ substances.


___________________:    The _____________ between 2 _____________substances.

Draw your own illustration:  (Picture)

___________  ___________:  The “____________” across the surface of water that is caused by polar molecules ____________ on each other.   Causes water droplets to bead up on certain materials

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_____________  _________________:  The movement of water through ____________ material

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___________  _________:  Water has a high specific heat index— it ____________ a lot of heat before it begins to get hot.

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