T3P3 Kossel Mini Kit Release 3

Assembly Instructions -

Chapter 18 - Tidying Up

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1801 Spiral-wrap wiring

Parts needed

Cable wrap - 2m length supplied


Starting at the effector end, wrap the hot-end cables, removing the zipties as you go.

Some of the cables may prove to be shorter/tighter than others, and need adjusting by cutting zipties further down the route.

When you reach the extruder, leave the PTFE Bowden tube, adding the Z-endstop cable at the same time, and the extruder motor cables a little lower down

The cables will probably pull tight at the bottom, so cut all the zipties off and pull extra cable out from around the Duet board.

Wrap the cable past the bottom of the Z-tower and into the gap between the extrusions, tidy up the routing and ziptie again.

1802 Fit Spool holder

Parts Needed

Printed Parts: Base x 1, Brackets x 3, Turntable x 1, printed washer x 1

Fasteners and Hardware

M3 x 12 socket capscrews - 3

M3 full nuts - 3

M3 flat washers - 6

M4 x 8 dome head socket screws - 6

M4 T-nuts - 6

M8 x 30 hex bolt - 1

M8 full nut - 1

M8 flat washer - 1

M8 star washer - 1

608ZZ bearing - 1


Attach the 3 brackets to the legs of the base with M3x12 socket capscrews using a washer under the head of the screw on top and under the nut on the bottom.

Pull the legs out as far as they will go. Do not fully tighten the bolts yet

Insert the 608ZZ bearing into the underside of the turntable.


Fit the M8 bolt through the bearing from the top of the turntable, without any washer.


Fit the printed washer to the bolt……..

…. and fit the turntable to the base, securing it underneath with M8 flat washer, star washer and nut.

Fit 2 M4 x 8 dome-head socket screws through each bracket, add M4 T-nuts underneath and fit the spool holder assembly to the top of the printer frame. Once fitted, tighten the M3 x 12 capscrews through the slotted holes in the brackets.

1803 Fit Filament guide

Parts needed

Printed Parts

Filament guide mount

Fasteners (not shown)

M4 x 8 dome head socket screws x 2

M4 T-nuts x 2



Traxxas rod-end with M4x20 socket setscrew fitted


Install the filament guide on top of the YZ axis using two M3 nuts fitted to the extrusion assembly. Place it close to the left hand end of the extrusion. Screw the TRAXXAS rod end into the plastic part.

Mount a standard 1kg spool of filament on the spool holder, feed the filaments through the eye of the Traxxas rod end fitted to the filament stop, and then through the off-cut of 4mm x 2mm PTFE tube left over from the Bowden tube and into the extruder. The PTFE tube will probably need to be shortened to run in a smooth curve. This should then draw the filament smoothly from the reel into the extruder.

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