As United Citizens of Earth...

(which is the “Think” project of the foundation Think and Act . Earth)

we promote:

Technical efficiency (&) restorative sustainability (for) integral wellness

by way of the propagation of:

global free-access

 to fundamental needs and sustainable wants.


Statement of Intention - T&A.E / #UCE / FS.C

~Quae Frei~


What we propose, advocate, and enact as ThinkandAct.Earth | United Citizens of Earth / #UCE | Freeing Systems Co. :
         Is a
specific- Freedom based value shift, along with provided processes and systems that can potentially render outdated societal constructs obsolete by negating the negative systemic effects of them, such as : forced scarcity, needless famine, unnecessary poverty, and other forms of structural violence, some of the effects of anthropogenic climate change, as well as an attempt to oppose any form of oppression, Effectively.

That process beginning individually and/or collectively, by way of a foundational value shift from the ideals and values of capitalism and religion to that of :
               ~ Technical Efficiency & Restorative Sustainability for Integral Wellness ~

We provide some of the necessary Universally & Immediately Applicable steps to begin this process of Thrival & Negation, through such actions as "Homesteading" - (applying systems of symbiotic, regenerative, and self sustaining resource production) : thus co-creating freedom access for the individual and the societal, the micro/macro of individual /community, and the global context through thriving from ecologically symbiotic technical abundance.
This would be resulting from local, self reliant / sustaining individuals and communities working within this proposed process towards an Open Source, Free Access, Technically Optimized society in the form of maximizing renewable/regenerative economic/ecological abundance that is building back the earth's natural resources through the act of proper symbiotic production, distribution, and allocation of said resources; while also basing the 'economy' (household management - global resource management) on a natural law, realistic resource based economy mindset, that is constantly maximizing efficient, sustainable, and wellness oriented resource production, distribution and allocation from programming specifically made for creating and implementing systems of efficiency, sustainability and wellness on all levels and aspects.                                   

        Also tackles many variations of subjects and topics of discourse, such as human fallibility ( fallacy and bias, paradox etc.), and the STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics) fields, also the currently viable upgraded means of production, distribution, allocation, etc.  
We delve into, reference and utilize, to the best of our ability, solely Objectively Verifiable Information / Factual Data.

We also try and use mainly Physically Referential terminology / vernacular,  with Rationale and Logical, Critical Thinking and Science Literacy, or Any Effective based processes, methods, tools and Actions.

Furthermore, we proactively engage proven tactics and meticulous implementation of Effective communicative processes, such as general semantics,  sociolinguistics, and science communication tools (such as graphical data), to easefully and better communicate, clarify, and explain the processes and systems touched upon within our foundation.

This takes a fundamental individual shift of "value" occurring, this ‘value’  being simply, that of :  Survival through Ease of Access to Nourishment.

What was already stated was that this Value Shift be towards:

            ~ Technical Efficiency & Restorative Sustainability for Integral Wellness ~

This “value shift”, process / method / application is what can be called a “Myriad Access Juxtaposition”.

‘Myriad - Many
‘Access - Integratable
‘Juxtaposition - Symbiosis Between Opposites

The process allows for symbiosis between micro and macro and many aspects of a myriad variation for applicative ability.

We also give a ‘basics orientation’ ( We give more complex orientation within the confines and context of our Act project - Freeing Systems Co.*™* ) of Thrival & Negation processes / systems, within a variation of application for many aspects, taking into account the: geographical - rural / suburban / urban | Location - Climate. | Current resource ability within capitalism - individual situation, by current classification of class alignment (arbitrary descriptives) : of Ability - poverty / middle / upper | & Systems Platforms : DIY / product / potential.

An example being”
                                    A Optimized Food Cultivation method :

"PPMAAS" - ‘Perennial Polyculture Multistrata Agroforestry, Aquaculture, Silvopasture’.
Otherwise known as variations of: Permaculture  / Carbon Farming / Edible landscaping / Food Forestry / Harmful GHG (Greenhouse Gas) Sequestration.

All of this and much more we go into within our website in further detail.

We would assert that the current socio-economic model of capitalism has bred an environment that requires, creates, and is ripe for, many forms of "negative" behaviours that have been long since propagated and perpetuated for optimal systems function.

As such, we now - as a species, seemingly choose blind conformity to oppression, ignorance and an illusion of comfortability to justify to ourselves the sad reality of submitting to forced participation.
This is with wage/debt slavery and exploitation/extortion for access to means of survival in our current reality.

Capitalism | `Illusion' of “capital”/ “property”/ “ownership”:

Is a societal economic growth system based upon constant competition to maximize profit gains, utilizing infinite growth on a finite planet, that inherently only semi benefits one percent of the human populace, to the direct detriment of the entire ecosystem as a global societal operating construct.

Capitalism is the socio-economic system that evolved as an alternative to feudalism, and yes, It worked for awhile and brought about lots of great things, as well as lots of horrible things.

We are currently globally under a societal operating model of one form of capitalism or another.

There are a few variations, such as crony, corporate, state, etc, of capitalism.

Additionally, including the factor of the requirement and operation in this system that propogates and perpetuates an intentional pushing of misinformation / disinformation / propaganda, which is in part just another aspect of “government” (old world corporation's) function and operations.
        Mainly being to the effect of keeping the “Citizens” (native or naturalized person who owes allegiance to a government and is entitled to protection from it), the people indebted to the state, by keeping the majority populace unable to think for themselves further than productivity application (labour ability), all to propagate and perpetuate the required hierarchical structures of this system, as to keep the 1% of corporations (entities) that do semi-benefit from this system, keeping on with the semi-benefiting.
While the rest of Us (99% human populace) inevitably, mostly, suffer to allow that self-perpetuated oppression based current tide of societal reality to be accepted as the predominant "norm" of our life values and life worth.

And usually only in return for the bread and circus based entertainment diversions / distractions, and the over-consumerism of spectacularized-individualism that is overly pushed in and by the majority of various cultures and societies worldwide today.

All of the current readily available social system ideologies in theory have little relevance in any  actualized form today, for little more than as a reference for historical and academic - information integration and application purposes.

Most of the mainstream and alternative rhetoric and conjecture upon the discourse of the nonexistent forms of socioeconomic theory in ideology are made up largely of quite absurd and/or misinformed opinions, seemingly mostly based upon regurgitated and/or intentionally pushed ignorance. Usually for a corporate agenda.

In the face of what is currently happening, which is any form of a variation of capitalism, all of the hypothetical discussions and debate about which form is the ‘problem’ usually tend to become counterproductive to effectively opposing and rendering obsolete the actual problem/s at its root foundations.

The Problem is simply capitalism (& religion [we go into this part of the topic of oppressive societal operating constructs more on the website]) in any form, it is a long outdated and detrimental societal operating construct that is now, as proven time and again, to be a danger to the entire ecosystem, thus ourselves.

There is No ability for Ethical Consumption under the paradigm of capitalism.

Capitalism uses oppressive systems to maintain optimal control and function.

One example of these oppressive systems is the :
        "Monetary System" - a tool of measurement for a system of trade based upon usually indebtitude - mainly labour for access, and/or resource ability - “Capital” / “Private Property” (Difference between Personal and Private Property is also touched upon on in the website).
The “money” is anyway usually made up as a loan (mostly digital; numbers saved on a computer); and since the debt for any given loan can never be paid off due to the incurred interest, it is just a form of debt slavery that keeps the people inculcated into self-perpetuated, near perpetual - wage slavery for access to basic means of survival.

We use this system for our everyday life interaction and resource acquisition.

We Worship, Bleed, Labour, Harm, Cry, Hurt, Exploit, Extort, Manipulate, Coerce, Abuse, Steal, Use, Fight and Kill for it.
We would do almost, no, we will Do Anything to obtain those little pieces of fancy looking paper.

In an easy to understand dialogue :
        This is : Debt / Wage Slavery.

           This is : Oppression.


      This is : Capitalism in Action, Fuck what it is “supposed to be”.

There are many variations of capitalism that have been enacted and attempted throughout the past 300+ years.

There are also some other social system ideologies in theory that have never been enacted, although stigmatized as if they were ever more than being just barely being fully  realized, let alone actualized, and not just, as it were, largely misconstrued and misrepresented.

The socio-economic ideology in theory that is "Communism" - a socioeconomic order structured upon the common “ownership” of the means of production and the absence of social classes, money and the state;
Which is just an advanced form of "Socialism" - a range of economic and social systems characterized by social “ownership” and democratic control of the means of production; as well as the political ideologies, theories, and movements that aim to establish them. [which is a stepping stone for socioeconomic evolution out of capitalism towards ‘communism’] would not be able to be enacted without eradicating the monetary system, as it is hierarchical and "owned", and therefore either has yet to ever be enacted.

Also, "Communism" in theory would Not be sufficient for implementation today directly due to this, as well as a few other misconceptions and understandable ignorance presented in part, by the social systems theorists who published these works that culminate this ideology in theory.

"Human Nature" is mentioned a few times in those texts, and even still is a largely held and prevalent misconception going around till today.
Although today we as humans have found, understand, and now have a scientific consensus on the Fact that there is No Such Thing as "human nature", but we have in fact, human behaviour and genetics/epigenetics, which is dictated by the environment/s inhabited by any given individual.
The current fields of Behavioural and Social Science as well as others such as behavioural neuroscience, etc, examine these natural human thought processes and actions in great detail.
We have a large amount of resources on this topic in the resource section of the website.

“Human nature” is largely based from the idea that there is something other than actual “nature” (natural processes of existence on earth that existence abides) that is “guiding” your actions; technically speaking, the idea of “spirit” (idea that there is a “separate” entity that exists within oneself, that is also paradoxically still supposedly part of the self that is unmeasurable and unidentifiable by any measurable process whatsoever, that when the death of an individual comes about, this separate being supposedly leaves the physical body as ectoplasm and then supposedly goes to a place based from a fictional storybook description of human imagination on this topic) - which is also considered a delusion of separation in the field of psychology, this disorder of which is not particularly effective towards the analysis of the pro-actively engaged ever-emergence of objectively verifiable physical reality.

The social systems theorists of that time also did not know much about Genetics or Epigenetics, as this data was not widely available nor largely researched upon at this time due to the tools of that era not being developed enough to have such ability as to receive such microscopic observations, and since this data could not be perceived then, quite understandably they could not realize the significance of such of information/data as pertaining to the predisposition of genetic character trait propensities in correlation with environment, specifically social environment..

Another understandable ignorance on the part of people who lived a hundred years ago, is that they did not understand the scope of, nor ability of our current technologies and knowledge, therefore could Not have envisioned what is called for in our current liminal time of existence.

Either way, the foundations of these ideologies in theory is part of what we are talking about when we say cooperative and symbiotic based socioeconomic growth.

Now also communism as it is written was still based upon forms of governing human labour, and we are opposed to any sort of governance as well as any sort of human "obligation" and/or indebtitude for access to survival / resource access / acquisition means.

We are about Authentic-Freedom. Which means No human labour or any form of indebtitude necessary, unless so desired; Meaning All Labour can be Automated, and symbiotically with the environment.

There is speak of “seizing the means of production” often as well, and this is another outdated method of reform, and a folly regardless.
The current means of PDA (Production, Distribution, Allocation) were created within the paradigm of capitalism, as such inherently was built / operated with intrinsic and planned obsolescence, and as such, is shit.
We have much better commercially available and/or even DIY means of ‘PDA’ available today.
Just One example is 3d printing.

One more qualm being addressed is the issue of Societal Decision making and communicative processes.
That being on the topic of : “Democracy & Republic”
        Democracy being, in simple terminology, a system based upon ‘Majority Rule’ with “elected” minority to the full body representation based upon the ‘Rule of Law. |
        Republic being, in simple terminology, a system based upon “Elected” minority to the full body representation, based upon the ‘Rule of Law.

Both of these social linguistics & decision making models are absolute shit for today, completely outdated to the point of potential detriment from unhindered continuance.

Majority rule can be potentially harmful if the majority is misinformed and/or insane;
(just because 51% of a collective claims it is OK to rape people, does Not make it OK).

Elected individual representation is largely affected by the many forms of human fallibility and manipulation / corruptive factors inherent within any application done under hierarchical rulership, which is one of many requirements of capitalism, therefore cannot be trusted as a reliable source of representation.

The “Rule of law” is referring to Corporate Rulership.
This process has no care or application for Life wellbeing, only the maximization of profit gains.

Slavery, Exploitation, Extortion, Manipulation, Coercion, Theft, or Any Form of Indebtitude for Survival is Absurd, and nothing more than acted-out oppression based tactics of control forcibly enacted upon the people en masse.
This is a sad tide of reality, especially when considering a fraction of our current technological ability and know how that we have culminated throughout history; and even just a glimpse of our individual and collective potential is an amazing and astounding show of possibility currently available to this species on earth today.

And then not to mention the current means of information integration in and for community consensus and polling, is horrendously outdated and ineffective, as well as extremely vulnerable to many forms of agenda backed corruption, manipulation and/or counterintelligence, sabotage, Etc - Tactics.

“CCC” - *Cyber-Integrated Constructive Consensus* - Is just one example of a much better viable social communication / decision making model that is proven much more effective and efficient within even minor application.

In 2017 we have societal communicative and decision making processes that are provably Much Better than these outdated forms of social operations such as “Democracy” and “Republic”.

One example of a better system is “CCC” - Cyber-integrated Constructive Consensus.

Consensus decision-making is a group decision-making process in which group members develop, and agree to support a decision in the best interest of the whole. Consensus may be defined professionally as an acceptable resolution, one that can be supported, even if not the "favourite" of each individual. Consensus is defined by Merriam-Webster as, first, general agreement, and second, group solidarity of belief or sentiment. It has its origin in the Latin word cōnsēnsus (agreement), which is from cōnsentiō meaning literally feel together. It is used to describe both the decision and the process of reaching a decision. Consensus decision-making is thus concerned with the process of deliberating and finalizing a decision, and the social, economic, legal, environmental and political effects of using this process.

Constructive is "helping to develop or improve something; helpful to someone, instead of upsetting and negative," as in the phrase "constructive criticism,"

Cyber-integrated is the act of integrating something into the cyber / virtual realm, i.e. The Internet.

        Now add all of that together and you have “CCC” Cyber-integrated Constructive Consensus, a universally viable system of communication and decision making.

(For more information about the statements touched upon briefly in this paragraph, please view the PDF section of this website and/or Subscribe to receive any further publications as they are released!!!)

And to also take into account the obvious and rampant miscommunication / misunderstanding, that is inherent within the english language; different meanings for different words; the tyranny of words; the manipulation of wording for agenda backed coercion, Etc.
An example is the Legalese being used in the murican injustice system.
We have tactics in communication that work to become aware of and avoid such miscommunications and misunderstandings,  or those that are within our ability, Such as ‘General Semantics’ or ‘Sociolinguistics’.
Within a societal operating system based upon full, or near full automation of labour and means of ‘PDA” (Production,Distribution,Allocation), One could still engage with Any aspects of Life so willed and/or desired, and even much more freely and easefully in this type of societal operating system; There will still Of Course be Many Things for humans to do outside of the perpetual lifestyles of submittal to Slavery & Oppression for Access to Survival Resources,  that could be quite Productive in the realization and co-creation of an actual Civilization and Advancement for this species.

But we are not going to hypothesize about all this here, there are sources that we provide open source that explain these details in depth.

And although we do not align with any specific source, we promote, advocate and enact the ideology presented which would be an upgraded and completed form of “Communism / NLRBE Natural Law Resource Based Economy”, ideologies in theory but   “2.0”’ - and Minus the ideas and/or exudation / enactment of ‘Egoism, Fatalism, Elitism, Exploitation or any other form of “ownership” ~ We have no need to claim ownership of anything if we co-create a societal operating system based upon the rational application of systems of Technical Efficiency & Restorative Sustainability for Integral Wellness for the means of production, distribution and allocation;
But still even more, our foundation ThinkandAct.Earth, goes a few steps further, and we explain in detail about a variety of effective micro/macro processes of Knowledge Integration and Implementation | Action Orientation, Realization and Actualization.

What we ( TAE | UCE | FSC ) advocate, promote and enact is : "homesteading" (a lifestyle of self-sufficiency) within not just an individual and/or collective, but a global context.
Enacted and Actualized, through and from, natural and technical - abundance by local, self reliant / sustaining individuals and/or communities working alone and/or together within a free access, open source, technically advanced, ever-emergent maximization of efficiency and sustainability operations based foundation of the individual and/or collective society / culture.
The operation of which being in the form of cooperative based maximizing of renewable economic and “Natural Abundance” - that is building back the earth
( ‘rewilding’ with optimized systems of of Technical Efficiency & Restorative Sustainability for Integral Wellness such as “PPMAAS”  or the equivalent in terms of food production. | Usage of Sustainable Energy Eco-Friendly technologies - Solar / Wind / Hydro / Thermal. | Social System Constructs of Communicative & Consensus / “CCC”, Action Application & System Implementation. | While also co-creating the foundations for survival which are the systems of Regenerative and Self-Propagating and perpetuating, natural / systematic Abundance | Eco-Friendly Mobility access, methods and tools | Art & Play | Etc, etc ),
        To a more symbiotic relationship between All Life & Non-Life On & Around this Planet.

By Implementing systems of symbiosis with the ecosystem that are nourishing for humans and all life surrounding our species, and Basing the “economy” (household management) on a Free Access, Open Source, Natural Law, Realistic Resource Based mindset operated Without any form of Indebtitude, of any kind, for survival;
        We as a species currently have the potential to advance our civilization to a process of evolution that can allow for our species a continued symbiotic and thriving life on earth, as well as give us an authentic and symbiotic form of advancement for life on this and possibly other planets as well.

We (Team Members) put forth time, effort and alignment towards the Realization & Actualization of a societal operating system that is constantly maximizing Efficient, Sustainable, and Wellness oriented resource production, distribution and allocation, from applications of “technology” (whether it be a advanced, primitive or hybrid system/s) and integrating programming specifically made for creating and maintaining the systems of efficiency, sustainability and wellness, on all levels and aspects of operation that are required for optimal micro/macro self-functionality, this process allows for the potential of Authentic individual Freedom as well as a cooperative societal advancement construct.

This Potential Stemming from an Individual And Collective Value shift, diverting from the forced and inculcated / indoctrinated values and ideals of capitalism and religion, to that of our Proposition, Advocative, and Enacted examples of Self-Application of Individual / Community Actualization of :

Technical Efficiency & Restorative Sustainability for Integral Wellness.

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