The dismantling of the white fox was finished,

 and we obtained the tail, fur and【magic stone of refrigeration +1】.

 We went to the third floor.

 When we arrived at the third floor, the cool feeling has disappeared,

 and there is strange creepy feeling that somewhat makes the body itch.

 What is this feeling?

「Somehow, my body feels itchy.~」

 Apparently, it's not only me.

 When I checked the map―

 What! There's a goblin reaction!

 So the third floor has goblins.

 Furthermore, there are hobgoblins and generals.

 Then, there are also unidentified enemies here and there.

「Act carefully, Aya.」


 When Aya walked into the room―

「Ah, goblin.」

 There were three goblins in the room;

 Aya shortened the distance between her and them cautiously.

 The three goblins were―

 killed instantly.

 Well, the opponents are goblins, it's only natural, isn't it?~

「I've fought carefully.」

 Umu, does she want to be praised?

「Well, there may be strong goblins who are pretending to be common goblins,

 it's better to be careful.」


 Ah, but,

 they might be slightly stronger than the goblins outside.」

 I see, even if it's the same monster, the monster in the dungeon are slightly stronger, huh.

 It seems common for some reason.

 We waited for Hilda to cut the goblins ears off and went to the next.


 When we entered the next room, there were also three goblins.

 Aya carefully shortened the distance between her and them cautiously in the same way as earlier......

 but it didn't went like so.

 Aya suddenly accelerated,

 killing one of the goblins instantaneously.

 The remaining two monsters were defeated normally.

「Did you find out that the first goblin wasn't a common goblin, Aya?」

「Oniichan knew from the beginning, huh.

 That goblin was trying to use magic.」

「I see.」

 The three of them appeared the same,

 but actually, the first one was the type called『Goblin magician』.

 I was planning to make a move if they didn't notice but

 it seems Aya acted carefully.

 But when it has become like so,

 it has left the others with nothing to do~.

「Aya, when the next enemy appears, let Lela fight as well.」

「Un, I understand.」

「Seiji. F-, For my sake......」

 Lela was fidgeting for some reason.

 Is something wrong?

 Hilda brought the【Magic stone of refrigeration】that was taken out by dismantling.

 Does a monster, who possessed a【Magic stone of refrigeration】, has come to be able to use magic?


 When we entered the next room,

 there was only one goblin this time.

「That goblin is probably a magic user too.」

「Alright, I understand. I'll go!」

 Hearing it was a goblin magician,

 to substitute for Aya, Lela stepped forward.


 Lela purposely took a distance and lay in wait.

 Does she has some kind of plan?

 Sure enough, the goblin magician attacked using magic.

 It was Ice magic.



 Lela repelled the Ice magic that came flying with her shield.

 The Ice magic had been repelled by the shield and shattered but,

 Lela's shield had also been slightly frozen.

「Next, come!」

 It seems she's practicing her shield to block magic somehow or another.

 It had been repeated three times,

 and Lela was able to completely block the magic with her shield.

 It seems pouring magic power into her shield at the moment she blocks, enables her to repel magic.


 Lela boldly approached the goblin magician

 and finished it off with a single hit of her rapier.


 We continued to explore for a while after that,

 it was probably about 10 rooms.

 I had a bad feeling before entering the room.

 Although I know the position of the enemy in the map,

 the enemy inside the room is something we haven't encountered yet.

「What's that!?」

 Aya, who entered the room, raised a rough voice.

 We, who entered the room following Aya, saw......

 a strange monster we haven't seen until now.