Monotype Room Voice

What's New

The voice rank is transitioning to a "recognition" rank that distinguishes tournament/event winners during their reign as champion in addition to the model users approved by the room staff.

How it is Awarded

Winners of the room events listed below receive a nomination for voice where the staff assess factors like maturity, level-headedness, and ability of the user to contribute positively to chat, but does not consider contributions to the room itself nor chat activity. The primary goal of this nomination is to filter out users that don't demonstrate a certain level of civility and decency toward staff and other users–we don't want a voice that reflects poorly on the rest of the room auth. Users on our ZT list are unable to receive this award.

Duration of Award

Unlike receiving voice for room contributions, which is only removed for inactivity or poor chat presence, this promotion will expire, and the user will go back to a room regular. The duration of each award is listed with the event below. A user may win the same award multiple times. Winning multiple events doesn't "stack" to increase the duration of the promotion. e.g. someone that wins MMC and Achievements in the same month only gets voice for 2 months.

Users that do an exemplary job while holding voice for winning an event may keep the rank. e.g. this is a great way to get noticed and show you have what it takes to be a great voice!

Events (length of award)

  1. Monotype Monthly Championship (1 month)
  2. Monotype OM Monthly Championship (1 month)
  3. Lower-Tier Ladder Contest (1 month)
  4. Room-sponsored tours in the OM forum. (2 months)
  5. Ladder Achievements (2 months)
  6. Monotype Ladder Tour (3 months)
  7. Monotype Premier League MVP from winning team, voted on by teammates (3 months)
  8. Monotype Premier League MVP from remaining teams, voted on by the managers (3 months)
  9. More events will be added in the future!

Past Events

format: event, time, winner, voice duration