Dear Jonathan Arkush,

We are writing as British Jews concerned with the article, purportedly in our name, that you wrote for the Jewish Chronicle in the wake of the London Bridge attacks.

We are deeply saddened by the recent loss of life in London and Manchester, and send our love and support to the families of the victims of these attacks. As a senior representative of our community, you have a responsibility to display Jewish values of compassion, healing, and community in response to these horrible events ‒ not contribute to the atmosphere of anti-Muslim sentiment in the UK. It is not the time to be fanning the flames of inter-community hatred, as Donald Trump has in attacking Sadiq Khan based on his ethnicity. We reject your using our names to do so.

It is deeply troubling to see a leader of the British Jewish community calling for the universal scrutiny of a religious group based on the actions of a tiny minority. We particularly reject the assertion that members of a religious or ethnic group must quickly and publicly denounce any members of that group who act repugnantly. We hope you will remember that this has been used to persecute Jews in living memory. Just as we as Jews have no responsibility for the actions of Jewish terrorist groups, Muslims are not personally responsible for the actions of groups such as ISIS.

Finally, we are deeply troubled with your presuming to enforce a mandatory public reaction on the entire Muslim community in the wake of these attacks. We commend the Muslim community leaders who have spoken out against the terrorists, but it is not for us to dictate how people in grieving communities should respond. We stand with all our Muslim sisters and brothers, and all people of faith and no faith, in love and healing from these atrocities - together.


Kerry Lambeth, North Western Reform Synagogue (Alyth), member

Nina Grant

Jake Cohen, RSY-Netzer Boger and Finchley Reform Synagogue member

Geoffrey Cohen

Josh Newmark, Yachad Youth

Hannah Radley, RSY-Netzer Bogeret

Kate Cohen, New North London Synagogue Member

Gabriel Webber, BoD Executive Committee

Alex Goldhill

Ben Reiff, RSY-Netzer Boger

Joshua Alston, Kingston Liberal Synagogue member and LJY Netzer Boger

Joanna Phillips, BBYO Bogeret and Mosaic Reform member

Miriam Thorpe, Durham and North East Liberal Jewish Community

Martyn Thorpe, Durham and North East Liberal Jewish Community

Robin Thorpe, Durham and North East Liberal Jewish Community

Sam Thorpe, Durham and North East Liberal Jewish Community

Joe Thorpe, Durham and North East Liberal Jewish Community

Alex Thorpe, Durham and North East Liberal Jewish Community

Esther Thorpe, Durham and North East Liberal Jewish Community

Cerys Thorpe, Durham and North East Liberal Jewish Community

Anna Thorpe, Durham and North East Liberal Jewish Community

Ella Taylor-Fagan, Yachad Youth

Isabel Bard, Noam Bogeret and Birmingham University student

Sue Rubenstein, New North London Synagogue Member

Rob Cohen, New North London Synagogue Member

Sally Patterson, RSY-Netzer Bogeret, Yachad Youth and UJS National Council

Jonathan Bensusan Bash, RSY-Netzer Boger

Emily Hilton, JLM NEC Member

Louise Garfield, RSY-Netzer Bogeret

Julia Bard

Amitai Landau-Pope, RSY Netzer Boger

Tommer Spence, NIF

Jessica Weiss, Yachad Youth

Esther Raffell, RSY-Netzer Bogeret

Jess Barker, Birmingham Progressive Synagogue and LJY-Netzer

Annie Cohen, North Western Reform Synagogue

Hannah Goreing

Fenya Fischler

Emma Brand, RSY-Netzer

Nicholas Jones, New North London Synagogue

Anna Bluston

Ben Young

Isobel Coutinho

Miriam Franklin, North London Progressive Kehillah

Jess Carter-Dickins, North London Progressive Kehillah

Louise Baker, RSY-Netzer

Jonty Liebowitz, Yachad Youth and LJY-Netzer Boger

Gabriel Gendler, Noam Boger and Yachad Youth

Rachel Vogler, RSY-Netzer Bogeret

Adam Goodkin

Hannah Wood, Beit Klal Yisrael

Charley Katan, RSY-Netzer Bogeret

Theo Anton, RSY-Netzer

Anya Metzer

Carly Minsky
Charlie Phillips

Ella Grodzinski, RSY-Netzer Bogeret, Yachad Youth

Alex Brown, Brondesbury Park United Synagogue

Imogen Resnick, Yachad Youth

Jessica Pinnick

Joel Fenster

Benjamin Hilsenrath

Helena Ross, Newcastle Reform Synagogue

Joseph Hamilton

Dani Jacobson

Sophie Ross, New North London Synagogue Deputy

Isabel Schmidt, LJY-Netzer Bogeret and former deputy and Liberal Jewish Synagogue member

Sam de Kare-Silver, Stanmore and Canons Park Synagogue

Noa Lessof Gendler

Manuella Kanter

Maya Schkolne

William Cohen

Jojo Moss, Noam

Sasha Miller, Noam

Annie Levy, RSY-Netzer Bogeret

Manya Eversley, Finchley Reform Synagogue

Mikha’el Wade

Abby King

Dan Ozarow

Lianna Etkind, South London Liberal Synagogue

Natasha Basarab

Josh Hulbert

Tommy Francies

Xavier Cohen

Graham Carpenter, Trustee for Liberal Judaism

Emma Segar

Tania Shew

Miriam Kunin, Etz Chaim Synagogue

Joe Millis

Livia Kestenbaum, NIF

Anna Roiser, NIF
Joseph Finlay

Justin Brett

Yasmin Rei, RSY-Netzer

Emily Carp, Menorah Synagogue Member

Katy Fox-Hodess, Independent Jewish Voices

Josh Goldstein

Ellen Segalov

Daniel Löwe

Diana Neslen, Ilford United Synagogue

Adam Fagan

Daniel Vulkan, New North London Synagogue

Richard Kuper

Josh Hulbert

Noah Libson, Noam

Daisy Bogod, Finchley Reform Synagogue and Crouch End Chavurah

Miriam Yagud

Ann Jungman

Reuben Jacobs

Dan Heller, Sutton & District United Synagogue

David Rosenberg

Liam Rahamim Davidson, Manchester Liberal Jewish Community

David Shulman

Ben Levett, RSY-Netzer Boger

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