September 25, 2013 MOC Meeting Minutes


Trip Reports

·      Paddling Executive Amandine went kayaking this past weekend with a big awesome group of people.

·      Climbing Executive Elodie successfully completed her first exec trip! Intro to Rock Climbing was a success and no one complained despite the rain. There was lots of yummy cake.

·      Another group went rock climbing the same weekend. Luckily for them it didn’t rain!

·      Recreation Executive Anna completed her trip with the Mohawks and had a blast!

·      Trails Executive Sarah had an epic weekend. She tried to take her dog biking with comical results. She also attempted to go climbing on Mont Royal on the 5m cliffs. Another adventure was teaching an ‘Outdoor Education’ class to Dawson College Cegep kids, a.k.a. unhappily trudging through the rain.

·      Publicity Executive Robyn went surfing in New Hampshire!


Trip Announcements

·      Irah is planning on a fun-filled weekend including bikes, adventure, a tent and a poor sense of direction. Contact information unknown…

·      This weekend, September 28th-29th New Member’s Weekend is happening! There will be an email from Anna with all the info you need about the epic weekend to come!

·      Leith will be leading a bike group to the house. Will leave at around 9am Saturday at SSMU to go to the house. Email with details will follow on the listserv. Leith will also be going mountain biking at the house over the weekend.

·      October 5th-6th. Leith will lead a bike ride up to Oka to camp and pick apples. Following this, there will be an apple party involving cooking and eating all things derived of apples! $10 deposit.

·      October 19th -20th Sarah will be mapping the MOC Trails! Adventures include a GPS and getting lost. Perks include free house stay!

·      October 27th the first Horseback trip will occur. For intermediate riders only – people who have been on a couple of trips or taken a lesson before. Cowboy themed for pre-Halloween! $50 deposit, $120 total.

·      Anna will be running another trip in the future, no signups yet. She will be taking you biking to a biodynamic farm over thanksgiving weekend (October 12th-14th).

·      Hiking Executive and Comedian Hossein - Fall and colors are beautiful. Good News: Fall is coming. Bad News: We are in Canada…  Therefore, Thanksgiving. He will be planning a Canadian Thanksgiving MOC Classic Trip. There will be a Thanksgiving feast and a big party, followed by camping on top of Mont Gorille. $25 deposit and limited spots!