The investigation of Barbie.avi mystery


Our investigation thread on russian anonymous imageboard 2ch 

Firstly, we found out that the original video “Barbie.avi” was available for downloading in Megaupload 7 years ago. It’s called Tammy RAE, you can find a link here:

Unfortunately, the link isn’t working anymore. So we’ve tried to contact the guy who has a full version of the video, but he’s not available right now.

However, we had a conversation with some users from this Amputee forum. They told us that Tammy definitely  wasn’t an Ampix model, because Ampix used to gave different numbers for their models, not names.



 Also, they gave us a few photos of Tammy:


After that we have contacted Mike Rounds from AMPIX (the creator of Ampix) and he told us that he had an original VHS tape with Tammy/Sharon, but Tammy/Sharon wasn’t a model in Ampix

Moreover, he told us her story:

“If I remember correctly, her name is Sharon and at the time that video was taken, she was about 22 years old.


When she was about 16-17, she was working with an old style washing machine that did not have any safety features installed on it.


She was rearranging a sheet while the washer was operating. (Remember that the old machines did NOT have a safety interlock that turned off the machine when the lid was opened).


The machine went into a spin cycle, wrapped her arm in the sheet, and literally twisted it off.


At the time the video interview was conducted, she had recovered physically but was a bitter person emotionally.


She wasn’t too bright and I don’t think she was on her way to any kind of a professional career when the accident occurred.


At the time of the interview, she had no marketable skills, spoke like a poorly educated teenager and was bitter about only being able to find a job as a caretaker/companion at minimum wage.


She was never any kind of maniac’s victim and was definitely not a movie actress.


I don’t think that she ever got involved with any devotees or devotee organizations and simply dropped out of sight.


I hope this helps clear up the mystery.”

After that, we’ve tried to ask him about any details of this VHS-tape. So, his answer seems really rude. We do not know the reason why he answered in this way

We contacted Jama from ASCOT and she replied by this message

We’ve realized that Sharon/Tammy is more likely to be a “Fascination” model. The video “Barbie.avi” was recorded in 1989 and Fascination was created in 1983.  But there is a problem, the creator of Fascination Bette Hagglund  has died in 2007.

However, we found out the old address of  Fascination

This dude now owns old Fascination mailbox

Also, there was a newsletter for amputees in Chicago called CHIT CHAT. Tammy/Sharon mentioned something like that in her interview.



What is our aim? We are trying to find out the source of “barbie.avi” and clear up the mystery. We still have to find out if  she was a model of “Fascination” or not? What is her exact name - Sharon or Tammy? Is she still alive?

That’s why we need your help to finish this investigation.