Ms. Kirsch

Social Studies


The object is a perfect circle, almost like a disc. It is about the size of the palm of my hand, smooth, flat and thin, with a small hole in the center. It seems like I could break it in half if I tried. One side of the object is printed with letters, possibly a name or identification mark. On the other side the object is reflective, shiny and almost like a mirror. It has no smell, and was probably not meant to be eaten. The object makes no sound.

Because the object was discovered inside a rectangular case, where it sat very securely, I believe it is meant to be carried between locations. Due to its reflective surface and small size, I wonder if it might be a traveling mirror of some sort. Its disc-like shape also makes me wonder if the object was used for recreation, maybe a throwing game. Finally, because of the small hole in the center of the disc, I suspect it might have been a piece of jewelry to be worn, like a pendant.