Anthology Project

An anthology is a published collection of writings or works of art or music.  You’ve been through four semesters of high school English and now is the time to show that you can do all of this on your own.  You will demonstrate your mastery of reading comprehension, critical analysis, and communication through the Anthology Project.  Your final senior English anthology, worth 25% of your quarter grade, is to design, complete and present a thematic reading and writing unit.  The project involves three major parts: Reading, Writing, and Presentation.



The Structure:

The Preface:

The Project:


Senior Anthology Project Timeline

The Final Product:

The English 4 Anthology Rubric


For this part of the Anthology Project you will read three types of literature of your choice.  Materials read or used in previous English classes are unacceptable.  Please avoid books that have been adapted into movies as well.  Finally, please be sure that your material is appropriate for the school setting.  You need to choose:

  1. A book length work (the centerpiece of your reading/study)
  2. One poetry OR lyrical selection (i.e. song)
  3. One short visual selection (e.g. a piece of professional artwork, TV episode, music video, graffiti, tattoo, YouTube video, movie scene, etc.)  You must include a neat, legible copy of the poem and visual.
  4. *One non-fiction selection (e.g. a newspaper or magazine article or otherwise informative text)


Once you’ve read your pieces, you will write several pieces thematically tying together the pieces that you’ve read for class.

The Structure:

  1. A creative and relevant title for your anthology.
  2. Separate pages for each section.
  3. Illustrations and creative elements throughout the final product to enhance your project’s presentation (illustrations, images, colors, design, quotations, motifs, etc.)

The Preface:  

A preface (equivalent of 2-3 pages) that introduces your theme and your personal connection to the theme.  It should explain how you determined the theme, how the anthology title reflects that theme, and how the three texts connect to that theme.  This should be written in first person and should reflect your personal philosophy regarding topic at hand explained with specific support from each text.

The Project:

  1. An analysis of the poem (or lyrical piece), including a TP-CASTT rough draft and final essay
  2. A literary analysis of your visual piece discussing critical elements (angle, lighting, perspective, shading, color, or whathaveyou)
  3. *An analysis of the non-fiction piece
  4. *Creative Piece - reflective of anthology theme or subject
  5. A critical review of your book (expository essay: intro, thesis, body paragraphs that discuss relevant literary elements and provide necessary plot, conclusion, recommendations, etc.)
  6. The Epilogue:  A reflection of the project itself explaining what you’ve learned about yourself via this entire process.


After you’ve finished your independent reading and you’ve wrapped up the writing, you’re going to  present your anthology.  Your presentation should enhance your research and show how this theme that exists in literature also exists in our lives.  Your classmates will complete a peer review of each presentation.   Presentations will take place in May and they will last 5-10 minutes.

Oral presentations should provide an overview of your theme and what you learned as well as teach us something new or how to do a thing.  Use a Prezi or PowerPoint and prepare with note cards.  Be sure technology is compatible with our school’s resources.

Presentations should include interaction with the class, perhaps a game, activity, role play, quiz, etc.

Senior Anthology Project Timeline

Receive the anthology assignment


28 August 2017

Find a major text


6 September

Title of major text due

8 September

Have major text read, Critical Review Draft Due


5 October

Find two short works


12 October

Two short works and anthology analysis due in class

2 November

*Non-fiction analysis due in class

Work on preface and epilogue


9 November

Tidy up


23 November

Final Product Due

30 November


14 - 21 December

The Final Product:

The Preface (Titled: Anthology Project) Page

Introduces the theme and connects it to the rest of the texts.  Reflects your theme in design, font, and color.  This should be creatively titled.

Include a quote that you feel encapsulates the theme of the anthology.  Be sure to include who said the quotation and to remember punctuation regarding quotes.

The Poetry Analysis Page (Titled: Poetry Analysis)

Clean/Neat Copy (link to copy) of the poem you analyzed.

The poetry analysis

The Visual Analysis Page (Titled: Visual Analysis)

Clean/Neat Copy of the visual piece (link to copy)

Visual Analysis

*The Non-Fiction Analysis Page

Clean/Neat copy of the non-fiction piece

Analysis of text

The Critical Review (Titled: Critical Review)

Clean and neat copy or visual of the cover of the book you read

The critical review/analysis of the text

The Epilogue (Titled: Epilogue or Self-Reflection)

A self reflection


The English 4 Anthology Rubric

Points Available

Points Earned


Title page, including quotation with source documentation


Overall style, flavor, & individuality



Short Works

Poem/Song (5)

Visual Selection (5)



Ties personal experience to anthology theme (5)

Effectively attaches each work to theme (5)


Critical Review

Introduction includes title and author; thesis stating opinion of work (5)

Two reasons with two specific examples each (dealing with literary or persuasive elements) – (20)

Conclusion effectively dealing with theme and opinion of work (5)


Poetry/Lyrical Analysis

Thesis statement/position of the analysis (5)

Two literary techniques with explanation and/or quotes (10)


Visual Analysis

Thesis stating techniques used in visual selection (5)

Two techniques with explanation and/or specifics (10)


* Non-Fiction Analysis

Thesis discussing non-fiction text (5)

Discusses real world implications of fiction/novel subject (10)



Reflects on the process of the project, both good and bad (5)

Reflects on self revelations/growth throughout the semester (5)





Works Cited and Parenthetical Documentation



In Correct Order/Legible/Neat Copies



(10 Points/Day)